Heh, not the snarky thing I posted, Kal!

Here's an update to avoid confusion.


Hiya Kal! All's well that ends well. The botched painting became a tourist attraction! grin


Yep, it's Mad magazine cover boy Alfred E. Neuman and I'm sorry if I sometimes assume WAY too much when it comes to people's awareness of American pop culture.

Molly, that's pretty much how I remember it. I thought it was sad because she meant well, but that didn't stop me from smiling. I mean, who really knows what Jesus looked like?


RE: Don't let the old man in. Not today.

Clint is doing ok aside from talking to furniture on occasion...but when reporters found themselves on Edward Snowden's scheduled flight with nothing but an empty seat to interview, I said Clint was obviously the man for the job!

Eh... I try to keep the old coot out but he's got the keys!


I'll keep an eye out for torches and pitchforks!


Not bad, right? I mean, it probably won't be hung on a wall at the Louvre or Guggenheim but...

RE: I don’t believe


RE: Is there a place for Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca in today's world.

The most honest answer I have is I don't know. It's really that simple and requires no god of the gaps "logic".

RE: Is there a place for Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca in today's world.

A leap into the supernatural is the most logical? That's news to me. Alert the media!

RE: Is there a place for Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca in today's world.

A Yeti? I just thought you were Persian.dunno

RE: Is there a place for Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca in today's world.

"Is there a place for Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca in today's world."

Sure, it's called Salem Massachusetts. Witches are quite welcome these days.

It's non-believers like myself who are in danger of being burned (hanged) by the modern-day puritans.

RE: But what if you’re wrong!

My generation *$#@ed it's mother and then ordered dessert.sigh

I want Louie back

Biff, if you'd seen his standup, you'd know to expect exactly that. Look

Jac, I really don't think anyone's getting back to feeling like nothing's happened, especially Louis. So, should he remain an outcast?dunno

Blog Prophecy

Would CS mods do that? I mean, wouldn't they check it out before deleting it based on hearsay?

Then again, I suppose that people believe God exists because someone said so. dunno

RE: Talking to ourselves

I thought this was going to be about people here who continually comment on their own blogs instead of the letting the poor think enjoy the death it so rightly deserves.

Blog Prophecy

Hi Biff! bouquet

I had taken that scenario into consideration but didn't mention it because I wanted to keep the mood light.

Also, in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter. It's not like I'm pouring my heart and soul into blogs here.

Blog Prophecy

I don't take much seriously except Silly Putty. Besides, where I lack in size, I make up for in good manners.

Blog Prophecy

Ouch! I should have left well-enough alone!

Blog Prophecy

Usha, did you mean to put emphasis on the TINY in destiny?

Blog Prophecy

Stop! You won't be saying that when I get those 4 inches!

Blog Prophecy

Jac, LAX is the airport and I was there with a friend retrieving some misplaced luggage, but airport doesn't rhyme with specs. You didn't miss much.

Blog Prophecy

Still, thanks for bringing that to my attention!
thumbs up

Jac, 4 inches? That's gargantuan! I didn't say quadruple but I like the way you think!

Please excuse typos....I'm at LAX a d without my reading specs.

RE: My opinion on opinions

Opinions are not facts but that doesn't mean that opinions are worthless...in my opinion.

All opinions are not created equal. Some are formed during the course of research and experience and some are formed as a result of conditioning and propaganda. Again, this is how I see it and I could be very wrong. These are not facts and I wouldn't defend as though they were.

When opinions are stereotypical they don't hold my interest but there are people who offer a unique and refreshing perspective. Thank Buddha!

I don't often offer my opinion. Sometimes it's because mine is similar to someone else's and I don't see the need for repetition. Sometimes I just don't know enough about a topic to form an educated opinion. Sometimes though, I don't think it's all that important. Crazy, right?

Anyway, here's a video I was watching (It's not a Rick Roll, I promise). I'm posting it here because it wouldn't, in my opinion, be adequate as a stand-alone "blog".


RE: My opinion on opinions

Harbal it is!

RE: My opinion on opinions

Mr Harbal, thank you for posting this original and thought-provoking piece of literary art. There are only a few things I've read that have dragged me through such a range of emotions and levels of ponderance.

This blog is right up there on the same plateau with The Magna Carta, War And Peace, and Green Eggs And Ham.

I salute you, Sir Habal.

RE: My opinion on opinions

Much appreciated Dev but I'm very humble about my occasional and random flashes of brilliance and awe-inspiring wit.

RE: My opinion on opinions

Eh...just my opinion, of course.

RE: My opinion on opinions

I agree, Mr. Harbal. I also think that if people wanted news, they wouldn't seek it on a singles dating site blog page.

I get what you're getting at though, and at times the lack of accountability borders on irresponsible as well as being lazy.

RE: My opinion on opinions

I rarely offer my opinion since I rarely seek others'. On another site, I started posting videos and such as a mild form of protest.

The politics, religion, lazy cut & pastes and recycled slanted and often fake news posts made taking time to write something (usually satire) feel like painting a mural in a monkey house.

But as it pertains to opinion, one can only give it so many times before my eyes glaze over and I start to automatically dismiss it as boring and predictable.

I don't know squat about the people here but I can accurately predict what some will say about certain topics because they make it a point to make their opinion known time and time again, ad nauseam.

RE: Friday

I dreaded a situation so much that I had a psychsomatic reaction that included dizziness, cold clammy skin, excessive sweating and loss of motor control.

I'll never attend another Ronald Reagan film festival!

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