RE: There are one hundred and forty four contradictions in the bible, What do YOU think of that?

John 3:16
King James Version
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

If this was the only scripture we had it would be enough to get saved

The Globalist no longer hide their intentions

Linsay some people think this is a joke and that is the problem as someday they will have to wake up to reality. Only by that time, it is too late.....................

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

This world is not my home
I'm just a-passing through
My treasures are laid up
Somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me
From heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home
In this world anymore
Oh Lord, you know
I have no friend like you
If heaven's not my home
Then Lord, what will I do?
The angels beckon me
From heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home
In this world anymore
I have a loving mother
Just up in Gloryland
And I don't expect to stop
Until I shake her hand
She's waiting now for me
In heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home
In this world anymore
Oh Lord, you know
I have no friend like you
If heaven's not my home
Then Lord, what will I do?
The angels beckon me
From heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home
In this world anymore
Just over in Gloryland
We'll live eternally
The saints on every hand
Are shouting victory
Their songs of sweetest praise
Drift back from heaven's shore
And I can't feel at home
In this world anymore
Oh Lord, you know
I have no friend like you
If heaven's not my home
Then Lord, what will I do?
The angels beckon me
From heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home In this world any more

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

The Best Day of My Life
by Gregory M. Lousig-Nont, Ph.D.


I suddenly realized that this is the best day of my life, ever!
There were times when I wondered if I would make it to
today, but I did! And because I did I'm going to celebrate!

Today, I'm going to celebrate what an unbelievable life I
have had so far: the accomplishments, the many blessings,
and, yes, even the hardships because they have served to
make me stronger.

I will go through this day with my head held high, and a
happy heart.

I will marvel at God's seemingly simple gifts: the morning
dew, the sun, the clouds, the trees, the flowers, the birds.
Today, none of these miraculous creations will escape my

Today, I will share my excitement for life with other
people. I'll make someone smile.

I'll go out of my way to perform an unexpected act of
kindness for someone I don't even know.

Today, I'll give a sincere compliment to someone who
seems down. I'll tell a child how special he is, and I'll
tell someone I love just how deeply I care for her/him
and how much she/he means to me.

Today is the day I quit worrying about what I don't have
and start being grateful for all the wonderful things God
has already given me. I'll remember that to worry is just
a waste of time because my faith in the Divine Plan
ensures everything will be just fine.

And tonight, before I go to bed,
I'll go outside and raise my eyes to the heavens.

I will stand in awe at the beauty of the stars and the
moon, and I will give thanks for these magnificent

As the day ends and I lay my head down on my pillow,
I will thank the Almighty for the best day of my life.

And I will sleep the sleep of a contented child,
excited with expectation because I know
tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life, ever!


The Globalist no longer hide their intentions

Well you may get that chance, Biden needs helpers..............
I may thankfully be dead by that time...........cheering for me ha ha

The Globalist no longer hide their intentions

It never ceases to amaze me, how someone can focus on one thing while in this message are facts that should be concentrated on and taken seriously

The Globalist no longer hide their intentions

Says you ......................... wave

The Globalist no longer hide their intentions


What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

An Oklahoma woman named Keri was pregnant with a baby girl, whom she had named Eva. Unfortunately at her 19-week ultrasound, Keri learned that her daughter did not have a brain. Approximately around this same time, Keri's husband Royce went to New Orleans for NBA All-Star Weekend and met an inspiring young kid, Jarrius, who was in need of a liver transplant. That interaction quickly sparked an selfless idea in Keri. She would continue to carry her baby girl full term and donate her organs to another family who needs their own miracle. Royce wrote in a Facebook post, "It hit me that not only am I married to my very best friend, but to a truly remarkable, special human being."

Neighborly Love
In the predawn hours of a Saturday morning in January, an arsonist set fire to the Victoria Islamic Center, a mosque in Victoria, Texas. The fire gutted the building, but the shocked community immediately responded with love. The Jewish and Christian communities of Victoria quickly stepped up, offering their churches and a synagogue for worship to a congregation of fewer than 150 people. And within days, a GoFundMe account set up to raise funds for rebuilding the uninsured structure surpassed the goal of $850,000, raising more than $1 million from people of all beliefs.

The Globalist no longer hide their intentions

This is serious..............teddybear

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Pure love
On March 25, 2010, Kate Ogg gave birth to premature twins. The fraternal twins were just 27 weeks old. Emily managed to survive the birth, but her brother Jamie was not breathing. Doctors tried to resuscitate Jamie for 20 minutes but were unsuccessful. Jamie was placed on his mother’s chest so that Kate and her husband David could say goodbye to their son. Five minutes into the agonizing process of biding a final farewell to their child, the parents saw their son start moving. The doctor claimed that such movements were merely reflex actions, not signs of life, but Kate and David asked for a few more minutes with their dying son. A few minutes turned into two hours, and Jamie opened his eyes.

The doctor took some convincing to believe that there was actually a tiny Lazarus in the room and not just a pair of grieving parents desperate to deny the painful reality. When the doctor put a stethoscope on Jamie’s chest, however, he realized that Jamie had somehow fought his way back to life. The boy made a full recovery and has not had a single medical problem since.

Evidence that Scripture is Divine

Strangely for all the years that I studied the scriptures, I never, ever read that Jesus had short curly hair, no hair, long hair, a beard, or clean shaven. It must not have been important to not have been written in the Bible, I never read it.
Jesus being a Jew and if it was their custom at the time, yes He too would have worn a beard.......wave

Evidence that Scripture is Divine

Celtic many scriptures do not stand on their own.
If you look to the side you see a reference to more of the same scriptures at times on another page.
It confirms what you read in the first place, and is then explained or repeated..........
Hope this helped if not?...............ask again okay?...................wave

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............


Revelation 6:1-2 tells us about the first seal, the first rider:

Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, "Come and see." And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

Many, including me, believe these verses refer to the antichrist bringing the world together under his rule. The absence of an arrow in the bow points to that absence of force, although he will gather an impressive arsenal of weapons during his campaign.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 assures us that the Rapture will happen before this "man of lawlessness" makes his presence known on the world scene. However, we already see the formation of this coming New World Order through the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Without firing a shot, they have gained the allegiance of most world leaders for their Marxist plans to enslave the people of the world.

The globalists no longer hide their intentions. President Biden recently asserted his allegiance to the New World Order. Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, recently asked the 2,600 delegates to his annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, to work aggressively to bring about the communistic, totalitarian agenda advocated by him as well as those in attendance.

He opened the meeting by saying that "the future is not just happening; the future is built by us, by a powerful community, as you here in this room."

In other words, the globalists believe they have the means to reshape the world according to their agenda via the influence they have gained over the global leaders of our day. Can you hear the sound of the first horse getting ready to ride?


The second rider is that of war as John describes in Revelation 6:4-5:

When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, "Come and see." Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.

I'm old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960's. I did not fully understand what was happening at the time, but I sensed the fear. At school, we had drills in which we would hide under our desks (as if that would help in a nuclear conflict).

I believe the threat today is at least equal to that time if not far greater, but the mainstream media is diverting our attention away from the current and present danger to matters such as pride month and the January 6 hearings.

Those who are truly awake today clearly see these looming threats to world peace:

Russia repeatedly warns the west, and the U.S. of a nuclear attack if they keep supporting Ukraine. However, the Biden administration seems to be doing all it can to provoke Putin into just such an attack by increasing the flow of weapons to Ukraine.

Iran is on the brink of developing its first nuclear weapon with many believing that Israel will attack Iran before that happens.

China appears intent on attacking Taiwan and is threatening all-out war against anyone who interferes. President Biden says he will defend Taiwan, which would mean a war with China.

North Korea has stepped up its testing of missiles during the past year and a half demonstrating that it can hit North America with a nuclear bomb.

When we put these threats together with the words of Revelation 6:8 that tell us war will play a part in killing a fourth of the world's population, it seems likely that perhaps one or more of these threats will happen.

Evidence that Scripture is Divine

Yes, the Bible has a lot to say about Iraq and its impact on world events in the last days. In fact, the only city mentioned more times in the Bible than Babylon is Jerusalem.

The History Of Babylon Is Intertwined With That Of Israel.

1. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq (Genesis 2:10-14).

2. Adam and Eve were created in Iraq (Genesis 2: 10-14).

3. Satan made his first recorded appearance in Iraq (Genesis 3: 1).

4. Sin originated in Iraq (Genesis 3:1-6).

5. The first murder occurred in Iraq (Genesis 4:1-16).

6. Noah built the ark in Iraq (Genesis 6:1-24).

7. While living in Iraq, Nimrod, developed false religious systems that today circle the globe (Genesis 11:1-10).

8. The tower of Babel, which instigated the development of the many languages throughout the earth, was in Iraq (11:7-9).

9. The actual nation of Babylon, which destroyed Jerusalem and took many Jews into captivity in 603–586 BC is present day Iraq (Daniel 1:1-2).

10. The wise men were from Iraq (Matthew 2:1-2).

11. St. Peter most likely preached in Iraq (1 Peter 5:13).

12. Jonah preached to the lost people of Nineveh, that was located in Iraq (Jonah 1:1–4-11).

13. What started in Babylon (sin) will end in Babylon (destructive judgment).

Revelation 18:8-10: Therefore in one day her (Babylon’s) plagues will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her. “When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her.

Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry: “‘Woe! Woe, O great city, O Babylon, city of power! In one hour your doom has come!’

According to biblical prophecy, Babylon is destroyed just before the return of Christ.

Evidence that Scripture is Divine

Jesus being a Jew most certainly had a beard...........
See how easy it is for Satan to make us doubt?
Let common sense be your guide at times..................teddybear

Evidence that Scripture is Divine

Hi Celtic, Stringman is very happy with you and is keeping an eye on you.
There are two forces at work at all times.
God/satan both never give here below it shows that satan likes to attack when you are most vulnerable like in this scripture, Jesus is very hungry..............
Matthew 4:1-11
At that time Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. He fasted for forty days and forty nights and afterwards was hungry. The tempter approached and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become loaves of bread. He said in reply, “It is written: One does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.” Then the devil took him to the holy city and made him stand on the parapet of the temple and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down. For it is written: He will command his angels concerning you and with their hands they will support you lest you dash your foot against a stone.” Jesus answered him, “Again it is written, you shall not put the Lord, your God to the test.” Then the devil took him up to a very high mountain and he showed him all the kingdoms of the world in their magnificence and he said to him, “All these I shall give to you if you will prostrate yourself and worship me.” At this, Jesus said to him, “Get away Satan! It is written: The Lord, your God, shall you worship and him alone shall you serve.” Then the devil left him, and behold angels came and ministered to him.

In the OT satan said to God; "I will exalt myself above Your throne"
That is the devil's goal to become larger than God..........but he won't succeed that we know

Evidence that Scripture is Divine

Grand you always succeed to make me smile.
Oh yes those sins we all commit at times and we all do because we are still human.
The ONLY sinless one was nailed to a cross............
The apostle Paul says it so well when he laments the things he must do he does not and the things he must not do, he does..............

At the beginning of the book of Revelations, this scripture tells like non-other about the Lord's humbleness.
"Behold I stand at the door and I knock, if anyone opens the door, I will come in and dine with him"
I call this scripture His last call to sinners to come...............

Evidence that Scripture is Divine

Yes Sea the Bible is still the world's best seller.
It tells your past, present, and future............................jennycheering

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Voice of an Angel
In March 2015, 25 year old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck ran off the road into the Spanish Fork River in Utah. Groesbeck’s 18 month old daughter, Lily, was in the backseat. More than 12 hours after the original accident, first responders heard a voice calling for help from the inside of the car. The voice did not sound like a child and could not have belonged to Groesbeck as she was already dead at the time and likely had been since the impact. Still, the first responders investigated. What they found was Lily suspended upside down inches above the freezing water. She was still alive. The water was so cold that rescuers had to work in shifts as each person could only stay in the river for short periods of time. Eventually, however, a firefighter managed to cut the infant free. Lily was passed through a human relay back to shore where she was given treatment. No one can explain what happened, but Lily has since made a full recovery and is living with her family.

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Most people think of miracles as incredible events that took place long ago. They assume that miracles no longer happen today. This, however, is incorrect. Miracles continue to happen today. Part of the reason modern miracles are overlooked, however, has to do with what most people think of when they hear the word “miracle.” For most people, a miracle is something big and flashy. It is flowing lava that mysteriously parts around a home and then converges on the other side of the house. It is a lightning strike that hits a would-be murderer and saves a parent and child. Such events are undoubtedly miraculous, but they are not the only sorts of miracles that occur today. Some miracles are small and quiet. There are also a number of miracles that made use of human intervention. These are the sort of miracles like when a sinking boat does not suddenly empty of water but another boat appears out of nowhere to rescue the passengers. Such events tend to make up the bulk of modern miracles but the human element of them often leaves third party observers unaware that they have just witnessed a miracle. As a result, miracles sometimes get overlooked such as these four modern miracles.
Voice of an Angel

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Cash took a chance on Sherley when many people wouldn’t have. Cash knew grace and forgiveness were God’s commands and didn’t take them lightly. He was able to look at his own life, recognizing that he was a sinner and a recipient of grace and mercy from God. So taking a chance on Sherley was not just an act of kindness but a powerful reflection of his faith.

Another huge influence on Cash was evangelist Billy Graham who sought out Cash in the early ’70 when he heard of his commitment to God. Cash quickly became a welcome figure at Billy Graham Crusades.

“He and I spent a lot of time talking issues over and we determined that I wasn’t called to be an evangelist…” Cash recalled of his first face-to-face conversations with Graham. “He had advised me to keep singing ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘A Boy Named Sue’ and all those other outlaw songs if that’s what people wanted to hear and then when t came time to do a gospel song, give it everything I had. Put my heart and soul into all my music.”

Cash may have battled his demons, and his sins magnified by the media, but one thing few could deny was his faith. Observers were continually amazed at the grace Cash exuded despite the legions of forces working against him.

In his final days, despite moment-by-moment battles with diabetes, glaucoma, asthma and a progressive, debilitating case of autonomic nephropathy which pretty much confined Cash to a wheelchair during his waking hours, the Man in Black was anything but in a black mood. In fact, he was celebrating his life and his redeemer while he could.

“I’m thrilled to death with life,” Cash told Larry King. “Life is – the way God has given it to me – was just a platter. A golden platter of life laid out there for me. It’s been beautiful.”

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

On January 13, 1968, Johnny Cash, considered by many one of the 20th century’s most influential musicians, performed two shows inside California’s Folsom Prison. It was an appropriate choice for a performer known as a bit of an outlaw, recognized with a fondness for dark clothing that earned him the nickname “The Man in Black.” The performances and resulting album, At Folsom Prison, helped revitalize Cash’s previously lagging career. “That’s where things really started for me again,” he told Rolling Stone magazine in a 1973 article.

But Cash who died in September 2003 at 71, wasn’t just seeking personal gain when he decided to play behind bars. He was also thinking of those for whom he was performing. Raised in Dyess, Ark., Johnny Cash became a Christian when he was only 12. Throughout his life, he showed an eager desire to live according to the Gospel of Jesus. Despite his Baptist/Pentecostal upbringing, Cash was never terribly concerned about denominations. He also trusted wholeheartedly in the Word of God.

“Telling others is part of our faith all right,” Cash said. “The Gospel of Christ must always be an open door with a welcome sign for all.”

But stardom, the peaks of fame, and the demands of his profession presented him with countless temptations and struggles. He would see the dark valleys of his drug and alcohol addiction. Cash saw himself in the eyes of the men behind bars. Several brushes with the law only made his situation worse. Cash believed in redemption and argued prisoners could be rehabilitated.

“He had an affinity for the common man, the downtrodden the people who lived on the margins, said Michael Streissguth, author of Johnny Cash: The Biography. “To quote Merle Haggard, ‘Wealthy men don’t go to prison in this country.’” Cash knew that. He realized he could have easily been in prison himself.

Cash saw the Folsom concert as an opportunity to redeem himself. In the fall 1967, he vowed to give up drugs and went through rehab. He struggled for years to hold true to his promise. He later admitted taking a large number of pills the morning of the concert – but the vow was necessary to prevent June Carter from leaving him. She labored heroically to keep him off amphetamines.

Cash agreed to perform two shows at Folsom and was particular about the songs in the set lists. On the eve of the concert, he met with his friend, Rev. Floyd Gressett, who ministered for state prisoners. Gressett gave Cash a tape of “Greystone Chapel,” a song written and recorded by Folsom prisoner Glen Sherley. After listening to the song, Cash agreed to perform the song the next day.

The lyrics along with Sherley’s life story inspired hope. Arrested for armed robbery, he was serving a sentence of five years to life. His song described the Folsom chapel as a refuge for some prisoners and even in some of the toughest of circumstances; they could see God’s grace: “Inside the walls of the prison, my body may be, but the Lord has set my soul free.”

Cash was so captivated by Sherley’s story and songwriting skills that he later made requests to public officials to grant him parole. Cash even arranged a small record company to make a recording of Sherley’s own prison concert in 1971 which made it easier for officials to believe Cash when he said he would give him a job if paroled. After Sherley’s release, he stayed true to his promise and invited him on tour. But Sherley was erratic during the tour, even threatening a key member of Cash’s band. When Cash learned of this, he fired Sherley who returned to California and fell back into drug abuse. On May 11, 1978, Sherley committed suicide. The news really took a toll on Cash. Some faulted him for poor judgment and rumors spread that he didn’t even write “Greystone Chapel.”

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Gospel music has always been close to Lynn’s heart, reaching back to her youth in eastern Kentucky.
“My daddy’s first cousin was a preacher, Elzie Banks, who I wrote a song about. All of us kids would sing in Sunday school as long as we could carry a tune. Gospel music and church are what I knew. We knew Sunday school, and the preacher, Elzie Banks. We had church in a little one-room schoolhouse that my great-grandfather built.” (The song she wrote about Banks, “Elzie Banks,” appeared on her 1988 album Who Was That Stranger?)

Lynn has made three gospel albums during her career, including Hymns in 1965 and Who Says God Is Dead! in 1968. Both albums allowed Lynn to include her son, Ernest Ray — with “When I Hear My Children Pray” on the first and “Mama, Why” on the latter.

“I wrote ‘Mama, Why’ after my daddy had passed away. I lost him when I was 27. He was only 51,” Lynn says.

Fans of the Coal Miner’s Daughter will be glad to know that she has quite a bit of unreleased music in the can. “I’ve got about 90 songs cut right now,” she said, confessing that she still gets excited about creating music. “I still love it. It’s a way to find out if you can still sing or not.” .

RE: If the Bible is correct...

Johnny the Lord knows what you need and want but He wants you to ask Him
Is it not mind blowing that the great I Am, wants you to talk to Him?
Yes, you have a right as the child of God to have your prayers answered.
"You have not because you asked not" so ask...............Johnny.......wave

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Loretta Lynn Shares The Heartbreaking Journey That Led Her To Jesus Christ

Loretta Lynn is arguably one of country music’s greatest legends of all time. But there are a few things about the talented singer many Americans don’t know.

I’ve always loved Loretta Lynn, but after learning a bit more about her life, I must admit that my admiration for this incredible woman has grown all the more.

In honor of Loretta Lynn’s 84th birthday last month (April 14), we’re taking a look back on the humble and challenging beginnings of this remarkable woman’s life.\

Born on April 14, 1932, Loretta Lynn is an American country music singer-songwriter whose work spans over more than 50 years. But the “Queen of Country Music” hasn’t always had it easy.

Loretta was the second of eight children born to a poor coal miner named Theodore Melvin “Ted” Webb and his wife, Clara Marie “Clary,” in a small cabin in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky.
Loretta told Country Living, “My mommy and daddy had 8 kids, so there were 10 of us living in a small cabin in the mountains (pictured below). The winters were cold, so my mommy glued newspapers and pages from old Sears Roebuck catalogs to the wall to help keep the cold out. We didn’t have money for wallpaper, but my mommy made that old house stay warm and beautiful.”

To this day, you can visit Loretta Lynn’s humble childhood home, which is now maintained and preserved by Loretta’s younger brother, Herman.

Loretta was just shy of 16-years-old when she married 21-year-old Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn (aka “Mooney”) on January 10, 1948.
Their whirlwind romance was the definition of love at first sight. The young couple tied the knot just one month after they first met. Loretta’s life with Doolittle helped inspire the music she wrote.

One year into marriage the Lynns left Kentucky and moved to the logging community of Custer, Washington, while Lynn was seven months pregnant with the first of their six children.

Lynn’s hubby bought her a $17 Harmony guitar from Sears & Roebuck when she was 18. Over the course of the next three years, Lynn taught herself to play that little guitar.

Lynn began singing in local clubs in the late 1950s with the help, insistence, and support from Doolittle. Eventually, the talented singer started her own band, “Loretta and the Trailblazers.”

But despite Loretta’s undeniable talent, she wasn’t always successful.
Even when Loretta had her debut in Nashville, she and her husband stayed in their car the night before because they couldn’t afford a hotel.
After years of traveling the road and chasing her dreams, Loretta finally made it big. On February 2, 1960, 28-year-old Loretta Lynn signed her first contract and released a single entitled “Honky Tonk Girl.”
Sadly, Lynn’s beloved father wouldn’t live to see his daughter become famous; he died the year before her big break.

When she wasn’t writing music, Loretta had her hands full raising her six beautiful children.
The Lynns had three children by the time Loretta was 19; and by the age of 20 she gave birth to their fourth child, Clara “Cissy.”
Loretta’s first song was written while she with her beautiful little family. Loretta shared, “One day we went fishing. I don’t know why I just sat down and wrote a song. But I remember being shocked that those lyrics just came pourin’ out of me.

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

"When God lifted my obsession for alcohol it was as if he raised the curtain on a whole new life. He changed me in ways I never could have changed myself, and that is the key.

"Today I truly have a peace 'which passeth all understanding.' I really don't understand it. But I thank the Lord all the time. I am a man richly blessed, despite myself."

Although many of Campbell's biggest hits weren't explicitly Christian, Campbell did record an album of his favourite hymns. And in the Cross Rythms interview, Campbell remarked:

"I love singing gospel music and hymns. Being a Christian I love to tell people about Christ and what he's done for me and can do for them."

Speaking of the Baptist Church he attended in Phoenix, Campbell also told Cross Rhythms: "It's got an orchestra with strings and a 300-piece choir. It really satisfies my desire to sing with a big's a great thrill getting to do that about once a month."

The story of Campbell's baptism as told in the Guideposts interview is especially heartwarming:

"I grew up in a Christian home back in Delight, Ark. Even though Daddy and Mama got us to church regularly, I had never been baptized. So in December of 1981, about a year before Kim and I were married, we flew to Arkansas, where I asked my brother Lindell, a Church of Christ preacher, to baptize us.

"It was freezing cold, four days before Christmas, but I wanted to be baptized like the Christians of old—fully immersed. I stripped down to my blue jeans and waded into Saline Creek, my childhood swimming hole.

"Once, when I was two, I fell into a slough and nearly drowned. It was Lindell who resuscitated me on the muddy red bank.

"When the baptism was over, Kim and I sat in Lindell’s truck, shivering under a mound of blankets as I sang 'Oh Happy Day'. I couldn’t help thinking back to when Lindell had saved my life as a little boy. Now, so many years later, I was hoping to be saved again."

In 1994 he said: "I was never happier than when I was with my daddy. Daddy’s been dead a while now, but I feel as if I’ve found a Father again. He is in heaven and I am his boy."

Although we mourn the loss of this talented singer, we can also be grateful that Campbell is now at peace and has gone to be with his heavenly father. In the words of one of the star's favourite hymns 'What a friend we have in Jesus':

Soon in glory bright, unclouded,
There will be no need for prayer—
Rapture, praise, and endless worship
Will be our sweet portion there.

RE: Nothing happens by accident.

When Biden set the date for planes being allowed out of Afghanistan, many of those having worked with Americans and Canadians were left behind. Today they are hiding and living in fear of being discovered by
the Taliban, The send a letter to Canada, pleading not to be left behind.
Canada should give them a Visa so they could at least try to make it into Pakistan, Canada is not even doing that.
Canada is allowing many from the Ukraine's into the country and that is fine but please don't forget those in Afghanistan who have helped Canadians and Americans they really need our prayers!

RE: If the Bible is correct...

Johny perhaps because I was not raised in a church, perhaps because I had to find it all on my own, when I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, I found it a bit amazing that I now was a believer.
So being a "baby Christian" One evening I sat with my back against a wall and said; "Lord I am not leaving here until You show me that I am now your child"
Several hours went by and then I saw a large lake and many people sitting there all dressed in white.
And then? I saw myself among all the others..........God had given me my answer.

John if you are sincere you can also ask like; "Lord help me with my unbelief"
Or whatever question you have and need an answer for...

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

More about Elvis.................
“I believe in the Bible,” he once said. “I believe that all good things come from God. I don’t believe I’d sing the way I do if God hadn’t wanted me to.”

For Elvis, Christianity and music were intimately entwined from the very beginning of his life. His mother, Gladys, says (in a story repeated by that even as a toddler, Elvis would wriggle out of her lap during services, dash to the front of the church and watch the choir sing, sometimes imitating the choir’s moves.

Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ daughter, says that gospel was “no question” his favorite genre. “He seemed to be at his most passionate and at peace while singing gospel,” she wrote in the liner notes for No One Stands Alone, an album of Elvis’ gospel recordings released earlier this month. And in the 1972 documentary Elvis On Tour, Elvis says that even then — in his career’s latter stages — gospel was a constant source of solace. “We do two shows a night for five weeks [in Las Vegas],” he said. “A lotta times we’ll go upstairs and sing until daylight — gospel songs. We grew up with it. It more or less puts your mind at ease. It does mine.”

Macias says that he grew up loving Elvis, and that his gospel songs formed part of the soundtrack of his childhood. “There’s a famous story about Elvis recording a gospel album,” Macias says. “When it was over, he was in tears and everyone in the room was moved. Elvis later told everyone he could feel God directly when he performed those gospel songs for God.”

But while gospel music was a huge, enduring part of Elvis’ life, the Gospel message sometimes got lost in the shuffle.

“All I want is to know the truth, to know and experience God,” he once said according to Christian Today. “I’m a searcher, that’s what I’m all about.”

But even the most sincere searches can get sidetracked. Fame and fortune can be a detriment to faith. Elvis, who was born in a two-room house in Tupelo, was given access to countless temptations during his oversize career. We know, sadly, where those temptations led: By the time he died, he was grossly overweight and abusing an array of drugs.

“Isolation brings on drug abuse,” says the late Tom Petty in HBO’s two-part biography, Elvis Presley: The Searcher. “It had to be very lonely, we know that. There’s a point when you have success and you get really wealthy, and there’s the day the letter comes that says none of this will make you happy. He knew he had to find something, but I think he gave up.”

But Macias speculates that, in his last hours, Elvis returned to faith — a return chronicled in his play (which will begin a limited preview run at The Producers Club Theatre Oct. 17).

“I think in Elvis Presley’s final hours he asked God to forgive him,” he says. “He knew he made mistakes in life and regretted some of the choices he made. During his final hours, we do know that Elvis went to his piano and played gospel songs. I doubt he played gospel songs on his piano every night, so does that act give us any indication that Elvis was calling out to God? I believe it does.”

“Most artists are sensitive,” Macias continues. “It’s how we create. We go deep inside ourselves and feel. Elvis was a great artist and singer because he knew how to go deep into his spirit and connect with a higher power. Personally, I think he learned that in church as a boy and it never left him.”

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