RE: I had told myself not to spend any more money..

Wing Services | Inflatable Influence Inflation

The term came into use by the Banksters themselves. Hence I N F L A T I O N 1$ an
INCREASE in the money supply that bids up pricing
On account of the now diminished value of the
Currency in Total.
$um ballplayers are making over $20,000 per plate appearance - regardless of performance. Can you say inflated ego ? How about higher parking & ticket prices ?
Don't be fooled by that perfumed, non- Load bearing creature reporting network news. That animal is controlled outright by Banking interests.
For sum Time now, the Central Bank has taken a keen interest in population control ( read, reduction
And full Control of everything under the Sun...
.... standby..

RE: Watch the Water

This just in ( more accidental history
...bird Flu @ cat0strophic levels in 23 states..

McBob ) ..hnmm where have eYe heard that before ?

Bird Flu } M I A
5th Dimension } byrds
Come with US / Chemical Brothers.

NATO confidential...
US + UK = Usuk. ) A thorough presentation of suction.

RE: Watch the Water

Now then, coffee number 10,989...retro Active to Waco & Uncle Bill...
I'm closer to the Edge ..I'm afraid..
It's either the water , the Air or both..[ ?
...event 201..) subset of Event 9/10*
..Wuhan military games..
...3/11 lockdown [ fema fully Engaged
AstroWorld....( Problems in Houston.
...naval Blockade { by regs. In CA.
$ystematic school shooters...
Ukraine...) Prelude to the big One.
..enter McBob..) * Event 9/10/01 was in Madison Square Garden f. The King of Pop M Jay & the
Blood on the dancefloor LP. Just breezy choreograph of impending collapse in Manhattan. $€€ album cover for the LP- all ye doubtful.
..and all these EVENTS are going down accidentally at an Accelerated rate...inviting Entropy
Said Events are also happening despite government leaders & offices & NGO$ by the kiloton.
..truth & more Truuf...) Not really looking forward to cup number 10,990
Isolation drills / guided by Voices
Empty baseball park / whiskey Town.
Money in the grave / Drake. f. Democrats
..also ran.) ..F E M A ! ) Jim, Ron, & Don.

RE: Pray without ceasing....



He is just such a groovy guy, Mr. Bob. a prayer / Madonna
For the first time / the Script
Disappear / Bebo Norman*

* Ironically one of- if not- the BEST songs you will

RE: Blind girls do cry...

He was ] a Lucky Man...

Guess what ? eYe have yet more spice from afar...
Memory Field--you Tube.

..a tour de Force of the Laurel Canyon music scene.

( I won't tell you which Episode, but the host- who reminds me of a close friend- solves the black Dahlia murder--!!-- while in the middle of showing the old Neil Young property.)

RE: How benign is it to believe in conspiracy theories?

Just for that thriller of policy proNouns
The Communist manifesto.
But only Chapter 2... anymore would not be fun..blues
Then maybe ask your little did Central
Banking, progressive { read, backward
Legislation & aggressive Taxation & free public
Edumacations all come together to accidentally
Accommodate the 10 planks outlined in Cp.2 ?

Part 2. ) Now let's pretend you actually want to know about Conspiracy- in general.
Start with the paperback classic | None dare call it Conspiracy / Gary Allen, 1971ish.

RE: Watch the Water

eYe- eYe ..Dedo...U R a heavyweight- like McBob
Maximum respect.

RE: Watch the Water

Ted...your little boy there is a lightweight.
Here is where Pitchfork..devil *
Was on 3/11/20
Pandemic / Comethazine
Covert contracts / Control Top
Hope downs / rolling blackouts Coastal Fever.

* A website featuring "pop hits"
..there were of course MANY MORE
Chinatown / destroyer
Red medicine / Fugazi
No hope / the Vaccines
..ergo, what would happen to your little boy
In a real interview w/ McBob ? ..He would be
Exposed as an Useless double speak unit.

RE: Watch the Water

UP date part 6000
...then there is FREQUENCY...
A S T R O W O R L D ??!!??

RE: Watch the Water

UP date { with big Emphasis on UP.

My few regular readers- dating back to the burn ward- will perhaps recall this observation by the Bobster..
...Here in the largest food producing Valley in N. Amerika, KC 135 traffic 1$ E N O R M O U $ !!!
and they begin Ops at around 0330 standard bat Time.
..And what does my Scientiferous associate from Hong Kong have to add ? Simply this, absent a big furry dust jacket-- THE FLU / COVID HAS NO PRAYER AGAINST SUNSHINE- THE ULTRA DISINFECTANT.
Airplanes / B o B
B52's / B52's
A T E ) airborne toxic event/ sum Time round midnight.

RE: Watch the Water

The $impson's are a controlled asset...of & by the
Same people giving us Artichoke, Monarch,
Mk Ultra, Naomi & $earch...
Anyhoo, per tap Water... having just consumed my
10,988th cup o Joe retro Active to Bill the serial killer & does one account for McBob's quickness, his punctuality, his multi-plex in depth style, his old fashioned animal health ? is a clue from my neighbor, Abe Lincoln..


I suspect there is a way to link on my Nokia
Android phone...but the owners manual does
Not mention it.

RE: Brief Recap

Flashbang flashback...1966..
..your 9 year old wolf grade cub scout
Would watch Wonderful world of Disney
With total Enjoyment...but at first there was remorse.
..Due to my location, Dallas, TX, eYe figured not to be going to Disneyland-- like ever.blues

Time passed...4.6 years to be punctual...And now
Paper boy McBob lived 6 freeway minutes from
1313 Harbor Blvd.[ Magic Kingdom
And her neighbor Anaheim Stadium...known locally as the big A.
It required but 6 or 7 visits to Disneyland to become
Astonishingly, Irreparably BORED..yawn
I found several flaws on Main St...I'll mention just one.
The old Exhibit "Great moments with Lincoln"...
..was missing it's counterpart...NOT hot moments with Jeff Davis.


Do tell....what do you know about Free Masonry ?

Here's one...frustrated ..head On) direct to skull.


Look around part 2..

Point of Order. It's not like there has been or will be a "connection" here on the CStepford Institute blog page. PM is where that's at. And 3 is the number of times I'VE ACTUALLY DATED A COED from this & another cite.
I just do not see a reward or incentive to mess my own blogs up with keeping a score board on that-- because, that is, a high school mentality... having potential to hurt someone.

R a n g e ....} IX.

( & parenthetically..} the Byrd is not going to change.)
..hint.) the general Formula of ball point physics..
Z. Strong arm of the Law / Saxon
....y. S T R O N G./ G. Campell
X.....stronger Everyday. / Chicago

..even the curious whimzee of Strong's IMPOSSIBLE
Skip method*..yields food for forward thought..
217. Uwr / ur.
......5565. . support of Yah.
5782..uwr.) open eYes.[ Wake up.
...* No One is able to render a Reason for Dr. Strong's meandering skip method. He skipped 5,565 spaces in the above example. There R at least 100 other examples to be found. Furthermore, he makes one other mistake besides the 2 eYe have found, than the teaching aspect of my discovery falls apart like a Climate Conference featuring keyNote babbler, Jen Psaki.

R a n g e ....} IX.

Dr. Strong & staff did the heavy lifting...
.... people pretending they don't know what it is
I'm going on about are just being foolish..
Entropy will be UN kind to them. The 2nd law became a blunt force trauma event for me DECADES Ago.
..And in pool service, Entropy is what DRIVES the business model.
...yet there is ONE thing Entropy is afraid of-- in that
This 'alchemical thing' NEVER cries, "enough already."
074. Father of Light
143. Adar*( !..| 12th moon, Heb. Calendar
217. Uwr..( 4...see story above**
* And one r shy of radar.
** also oft times cited as just Ur.... visible in the
World of language as...UR gent... Uranium..
Carb UR aetor...urban...and 1 wandering star..
Viz., Ma' ur | Mars ) big Fire.) Home of a Volcano
That is the Largest in the System.

R a n g e ....} IX.

Enoch...} There was an Opening & a 2nd house
. which is greater than the former. Therein
Everything was built of Tongues of Fire...'s floor was flames...& Above, Lightning and the
* .* Path of stars...*.
216. Owr { light or lightning
217..( 4...uwr | flame, East, open eYes x awaken.
433. Eloah. / .the ] Almighty.
...As above..
....$0 below......1740. washing
......................... 5892. Town
Pax Roma........ 7632. .(2... tongue of fire | flaming ruin.
.. government is not Eloquent , it's not Reason
IT$ FIRE ! .A DANGEROUS SERVANT & FEARFUL MASTER. - Gen. G. Washington, - yesterday...

Heavens on Fire ) the Radio Department
Neon Bible / arcade fire.
Flame / R. Laws.

RE: Project Looking Glass (PLG)

Btw. ) For the many of you who probably missed it
..the "Fall of the $oviet Union" was only 13 pints bloodier than that horror $how - Insurrection at the Capitol of Amerika.
Back in the USSR / the Beatles
Like a G 6 / Far East Movement
Full Communism / downtown boys
..also ran.) Chinatown / destroyer.

RE: Project Looking Glass (PLG)

Anitoly Golitsyn ( former KGB officer his book 'the Perestroika deception'
.. essentially warned that the "fall of Communism" in the Soviet Union was itself a false Flag.
You may notice that Wing Command hasn't offered a lot of personal opinion on the Ukraine situation...
Mainly because eYe know my audience.
The audience wants propaganda & it craves $einfeld least 24 years ago the Ukraine , RISK Episode gave us the heads 3 acts...
Kramer..) visually removes the NY Times
Newman..) . Lights out.
Risk board.) Destroyed by a Ukrainian on the bus.

R a n g e ....} IX.

Thus, when $cience is fully declared, per the law of heat / work equivalency..) law One argues STRONG for intelligence
.by making rubbish of all non sensical " theory".
Making time / the Creation
5,4,3,2,1 / Mann
Yhwh / U 2.
...( The name here is a function of Time..
....who is & was & is to come.)
1902. ..a music notation
1166. To have Dominion
3068. Yhwh.
- 2952. .a ] trip.
0116. .the Time ) is now.

R a n g e ....} IX.

As usual, the Google payload had sum weighty
Addenda to my mCphysics...
@ Kathy loves physics & history..
... notice the 15 minutes of rhetoric + science
It takes a bona fide physicist to explain the
Physical definition of law 2. ) Entropy

Notice the shorter version.. pop Code
A legal matter / the Who [ ?
2nd law ) muse.
Time keeper / Laws.

RE: Wish-list is a bad word...

All my paper towels are provided courtesy of
Taco Bell & other fine establishments.
They fit real nice in a back pocket or paper bag if
Quantity is desired...along with fine condiments.

RE: American KGB

Speaking of absurd comparisons....
Anyone who has access to the web machine
Can view the Autopsy photo of Sharon Tate.
In doing so, you should note 3 falsifiable things..
Smile on the face of "the deceased"
Rosy flesh tone ( NO rigor mortis
Perfectly UN punctured abdomen..
..meaning, among other fine pointers, the LAPD
Officer claiming to be a witness to the horror
Of the "grisly slayings" & who testified to the fetus
Being torn out of Sharon-- was just another LIAR in the pocket of higher Ups.
Per the Capitol thingy...$0 obviously a crisis Acted*
Stupifying stunt.
* Dew the math | one dead Female Republican is not
Evidence of "an Insurrection."

RE: Pray without ceasing....

Re; prayer..
No doubt you are familiar with the passage
" If my people who are called by MY NAME
.humble themselves & pray.."
Well, just consider how much TIME HAS PASSED
IN YOUR LIFE...and then ask yourself...
Did anyone point out to you the Obvious ?
The people called by his Name are the Yahudim* [ not Jews, not Catholics, not CStepford s.

* The action word means, those who ] worship Yah.
And, reality check here, the Scribe Picture s....are all of a yahudite, set apart language- in the original.

RE: Pray without ceasing....

Welcome to CStepford Institute for the Corona clusterfam set. This is Wing Command & official welcome wagon host.
..eYes only.) Note the Hebrew Name..aka ha Shem,
Is a function of Time..[ among other things.
Everywhere at Once / the Plimsouls
Who came first ? / Townsend
Yhwh./ U 2..) who is and was & is to come.
.. this is just simple pop music reference-- but many CStepford savages feign ignorance thereof .
.. again...A function of Time....
Who knows where time goes? / Fairport Conv.
2nd law* / muse.
Time keeper / Laws.

* Aka Entropy.} The arrow of Time.

RE: HOW CRAZY CAN WOKE GET? | Using The Babylon Bee Skit As A Starting Point -

Literally..) just in from Fresno Action News...

With their local situation being vacant properties, grafitti & filth & howlers* on the corner, the News man said; " we may be headed for A RECESSION."

* The proNoun bob uses to describe the typical homeless, drug addict.
I have to deal with an assortment of howlers when visiting the Commercial account on Sunday.

RE: Is it me, or now that politics here.....

Wing Command | supplemental
....eYe recently discovered my No. 2 pencil notes
Per the big ritual among the [ illuminated $et.
...the Energy flow & ritual number One*
161. United.
215. . illuminate
216. Lightning or light.
217. ( 4....flame, East, sunrise x open eYes{ awaken.
221. Fiery....[ .. entries from the Strong Dictionary| 1030. House of the Sun.
* Obviously the Roma Mass & sun worship.
Part 2. Newton breaks it up & down.....
" Radii [ or radio ] drawn to the Sun de- $cribe an Area
. proportional to the Time." in.....101. house of the rising sun / Animals
..............50. postcard from Italy / beirut
..............51. Sunday bloody Sunday / U 2.
The beat goes on & on....
Anthem of the sun / Grateful dead
A L I V E ! / Empire of the sun.
Staring at the sun. / TV on the radio.
Epilogue by de Luxe......} 800. F I R E.[ .y.
CORONA / minutemen....230. firm.
Psionic Psunspot./ Dukes of stratosphere
Sunburst finish / be bop Deluxe.

RE: HOW CRAZY CAN WOKE GET? | Using The Babylon Bee Skit As A Starting Point -

Checking in.....4:40 standard bat Time..

Speaking of jail...let me tell ya bout the largest Female prison in Amerika-- if not, the Earf.
In 2000, I had a pen pal just up the road in Chowchilla. She mailed me the forms to get on the Visitor list & told me what day & time..etc. for outsiders to visit. Also enclosed were instructions for clothing-- not to wear denim blue jeans or anything else- BLUE.
ALL went oki- doki for sum 5-6 visits. Then one day, with out giving it a 2nd thought, I showed up in my new fave T shirt-- which was 101% Turquoise.
Then it happened. A female guard noticed me ! And there arose a great debate as to whether or not my turquoise shirt was blue-- or green. When informed it was turquoise-- it was like talking to a mule-- who had just recently been run over by a large truck-- and was therefore dead to logic.
I had to go to a dressing room & change into another color-- as my BLUE shirt was a danger to everyone in the neighborhood.
...oooooo, eYe hates Crats.- Yosemite Sam...

RE: Frequency Dimensions, Multi-Universes

eYe know what it's DO NOT..
INFRARED..( ) .). ) Micro Wave..
X Ray.... gamma Ray...
....note.) without the S U N !
.. your dimensional physicks is NIL..the Null set.
Set Controls for heart of the sun / p Floyd
Headed for tomorrow ) gamma Ray
CORONA / minutemen
...hint.) Coronal mass Ejection.... fortunately for US,
..the FREQUENCY is not daily.

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