RE: Covid is such a f*cking pain in the a** when it comes to the job market and customer service

Consider these as land mines for your inner most Commie. - ripper the Empath.

Now a more specific situation
Pistol in my hand. ) Sparky & deadbillies
Bales of Cocaine. } .Rev. Heat.
Frog went to court. ) .flat duo jets
Frog in throat .) Jones & orange plan
...synTax.) .is this the Life we want ? ) .waters.

RE: Covid is such a f*cking pain in the a** when it comes to the job market and customer service

Future situation

Empty baseball park. ) . whiskey Town
Food & Liquor .) . Fiasco
Let's eat Grandma. ) I'm all ears
..a. r. ) .did you hear me ? ) .red light district

RE: Covid is such a f*cking pain in the a** when it comes to the job market and customer service

Current situation | ...

Time to think. ) Torment
.right o.n. Time .} . Bros Johnson
C... Every body. [ .Logic.
. policy of Time. ) . minutemen.
0. . ZERO hour. } .King.
..a. r. ] .past present future.) . brain ticket.

McNote. | .frustrated .it's only rock n roll.


And if anyone can help...
What is a prat | Pratt ? . [ .new to my ear.


Anyway. ) Excellent blog & Title

It is hoped that Aliens or men in Black read it
.and maybe offer me a spy Position w/ benefits.


This is the thing about me, UK, Scotland, Germany, Australia..etc. I will not have the time to even venture an opinion of fields of which
I am not invited to participate... owing to my splendid life in Fresno, Chinafornia.


This is why eYe like having you around...
..this place is too ghost townish since they
Booted my favorite Marine.

Irony alert. ) .Alex Jones also covered sum of that Icke material...but with Witchy hand signals, a large frog in his throat, and a deep desire to sell you Brain Force male Supplements.

McBob. ) Electron Joe probably consumes 5-10 brain force pills daily.

RE: Covid is such a f*cking pain in the a** when it comes to the job market and customer service

Amazing how it works. | .the great 911 irony

The whole narrative explodes & burns to the ground if any production company did 2 things.
Pro cure several hand puppets
Now have these "puppets" speak the official story
Into a camera... paying attention therewith that the official Pentagon story changed dramatically in 30 minutes of real time.
..and the Coroner Corona report is my spectiferous gift to CStepford...just 1 band.
Politicks of Time ) minutemen
C O R O N A . ) Minutemen
Ballot Results* ) . minutemen
The result was... Electroshock president ) Braniac

RE: Biden regime in full desperation mode

Back to the Future w/ a tricky duck.

R M Nixon make s his baby step into the world of
Real Politicks by answering an Ad in Variety magazine 1946 ish ?
The Ad said they were looking for
This is how Californian R. Nixon met bonesman
Prescott Bush.... Prescott Bush, Co Financial wiz. To Hitler's Germany.

RE: Biden regime in full desperation mode

No. Mr. Bond, I expect you to die..- Au Finger.

McNote | the Queen has stopped eating.
Sub Ordinate ( .queen boy New Sum has put
.the windbreaker on.) .. Official majek act..
$22 per hour, $22 per hour for McDonald.
Official meaning .) .the hamburglar is here & the hamburger is going to disappear per the singular prophecy of Frederick.
Relationship of Command ) @ the drive inn
.brain salad surgery. ) E L P.
What made my hamburger disappear ? ) Fred.


Woe x woa.

Note. (.the Queen has stopped eating. Simultaneously with that, - queen boy new $um
Out in CA...has put the windbreaker on. ) McMeaning: he's going to work magic & make McDonald $22 per hour, $22 per hour, $ 22 per hour...which will make the hamburger disappear per the prophecy of Frederick.
..part 2. Icke video, curiously intro duced by Mk ultra style advert. Prominent color. Red.
Icke video. PC, purple.
McBob. ) . another curious thing. Royals dating to at least 1860 ..have more power to influence Amerikan thought & Life than Prez. Or Congress.


.bad again. * Grateful dead = Zombie

Zombies are in the crime wave mix & spin cycle at an Ever alarming rate per Dr. Parkinson paradox.
( Sub Ordinates increase @ fixed rate. )
McBob. ) .who fixed it. ?


.eYe haven't watched it yet . I'm a bad boy. With no tattoo show it. So I'm looking forward...

Meanwhile for the sake of synthetic syntax
...the header .I think - is RAINBOWS.

RED. } .king Crimson
. .clock work orange. | .film,Kubrick
..( .hint . Mk ultra & seizure of the moral high ground.
.. yellow submarine. } .fab 4.
..$pirit in the sky. } . greenbaum.
..blues for Allah. ) . grateful dead*
Listen, learn, read On. ) Deep purple
............synTax. } .white rabbit. ) Jeff Airplane

WWII Allied battle plan [ . Rainbow


RE: Yes walking on grass kills it

Welcome to CStepford. You'll fit right in.
.I am Wing Commander ..heart wings

RE: Biden regime in full desperation mode

Find it hard to believe that eYe almost forgot his ultra bonafide. ( .as a $upreme Democractic operative.
IKE response. ) ..its not yet time for that Mr. Nixon.

For those of you who don't read much...that's right out of Com. Manifesto & psychopoliticks. Whatever a BUREAUCRACY eventually DESTROYS.

RE: Biden regime in full desperation mode

Years ago ..when I was a young thing of 44...
I opined that the new Improved Democrat party
Logo should feature Full Nixonpeace
On a donkey. Here is the brute Force data...
Ended Vietnam War [ . albeit badly.
( .repeated for the sake of all current demos. )
Opened the God Forsaken China door
Kensyian Economic policy ( briefly causing ABC's Howard K Smith to see stars. )
Called Bohemian Grove ..the God damndest Faggoty thing. ( .which, when he said it, was not a controversy- owing to the fact the papers & Walt Cronkite chose to ignore it. )
Enlisted the King, Elvis Presley, in the hokey war on drugs campaign.
Even before Watergate, INCREASED major Newspaper Circulation due to the Cartoon perfect Nature of his face.
There is More....) ..but that'll do for now...

RE: Jesus and Mary Magdellan

This is getting boring.


As wing Commander eYe hereby order
All CStepford thespians - esp. the black hats
To become less boring & more Logical.

RE: Here's my list so far...

You watch TV pretty good. Get factual briefing on WW3 by people other than TV heads
@ Rense Radio every Monday night.

Or if you just prefer TV...check out [ free !
Seinfeld | Risk Episode ( featuring UKRAINE
& " Lights out."...) From almost 25 years ago.
Available on YouTube as a short trailer.
View Blog
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O N I. ) . Hebrew for Navy. Amerika, office of Naval Intelligence

Is this think too much for you pop eYe ?
One band. One pattern.
Politics of time ) minutemen
C O R O N A . | Minutemen
ballot results.* ) Minutemen

* The result was...
Electroshock president. ) Braniac.
A full spectrum, full service Zombie Official.


He talks in maths, he buzzes like a fridge, he's like a de Tuned radio...- Radio head

..he has early warning, he got jew Jew eyeball. - JL.

McBob. ) .I wonder who "he" is .? ..


.eYes only | Longshoreman.

Looks like the other blog was "poofed."

Pop Quiz | guess what happens to the brain after
A mere 30 seconds of viewing TV ? A deep irony, the
Left alert part of the brain goes sleep ...and if you think the Programmers have been ignorant of this
Think again -- if possible.


Hint .( It's just so damn Obvious
Actual ( not mythical
Gold / on the End of the Rainbow
( .provided your um, Rainbow song charts at
500,000 units sold....can you say, G O L D ? )

It's not really You. The TV has trained people not to think & the blogosphere is prima facie Evidence thereof.

Part 2 was a color representation of 6 colors segueing into a white Light. Apparently only me & the late Walt Disney understand...blues


Part 2. . ) Interference
.red medicine. ) . Fugazi
Yellow. ) . Coldplay
Amerikan Idiot. ) Green day
Blue sky mining. ) Midnight Oil
Burn. ) .deep Purple
...SynTax. ) .7 nation Army.) White stripes.


Goody. Let's see if we can go 2 for 2..
..may not be related to the video...but the Rainbow is the original item $hopLifted from the
Woke Ware wolf & street savvy Oligarchs
IN Rainbows. ) .radio head
..out of blue. ) . system F.
. 2. . Rainbow in the dark. ) DIO
1....$um ] where over the Rainbow* ) Garland

* Studio execs. Had to be Coerced into putting that song in the film, wiz. Of Oz. Apparently Lawyers & moguls were so RETARDED IN 1939, They had to be shown by some one else that there 1$ GOLD .at the end of the bow... Standby.

RE: Biden regime in full desperation mode

Speaking of Contracts..
Let's entertain the Notion that my intelligence is
Simple again. Then it would be just a matter of Time
Until Orange man has a fatal Airplane accident.

Patterns. ) Just give me .50 cents for all the mar A Lago references by the media since Jan06 pearl harbor Watergate remember the Alamo day...
With $10 for every Trump reference & 90 daze later I can buy Catalina Island and the San Diego Chargers.

RE: Biden regime in full desperation mode

Trumpenstein is the deep state ...but don't look for me to connect the reality dot by dot...
.. since most of you won't believe...just ask yourself
Circa 3/11/20 to 1/06/21....(.and beyond
What demographic has suffered the most death & depression ? ..very obvious from Chinafornia
The senior white Republican.
..part 2. Sum thing simple Hannity, FOX, o Really
Will not tell you. I mean, super simple...the RNC
Logo...white Elephant in a RED field moving LEFT.
..WHAT other pictures do you need.?
Corona ) minutemen
Ballot results ) minutemen
Social Q. ) .cage the Elephant...) . Standby.


Live exercise | heaven ?
..25, o Clock. ) .dukes of stratosphere
.make this go on forever. ) .snow patrol
C. . Too much heaven. ) .bee gees.
.2. .stwy to hvn. } .L . Z.
1. Made in heaven. } . Queen.
..a. r. ) .play at your own risk. ) Planet patrol.


RE: To Ubud.

Deeeply moooved. ! !

You think, type, write..better than 100% of Washington & 97% of Amerika. Carry On.

heart wings ...wink ...teddybear ...

RE: What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Found it ! ..| eYeball Earth model.

Channel } . Enterthestars
Click, playlist...look for eYeball { 27 videos

Note. } .He is a bona fide believer.

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