RE: Bombshell documents leak exposing Fauci and Daszak further

If only you 12 year old K I A $ *
.. would take a few minutes to read Chpt. 2 com. Manifesto.... DEMOCRACY IS THE 1$T STEP INTO COMMUNISM.
Cause of Death / Obituary
Left hand path / Entombed
..$ynthesis. } FULL COMMUNISM / Downtown boys
* know it all..
.. meanwhile.. CStepford Moderator update policy COVID blogs..yada yada...reach out & feel something...teddybear ...blah blah..
Jim & all like him. ) Yipee ! It's about time.
McBob. ) Please kill your TV tonight... similar to the way Brad Pitt killed the Manson chick in that Tarantino flick.

RE: Tiger incident

Good writing Ken. Check out my film of the year selection..2022 Year of the Tiger..
F. Charlie Sheen..Don Trump... OBAMA !
.Dr. Fauci...doc. Brown..
Marty McFly...many more... including
A Tiger...& Porky Pig.
Channel | shaking my head productions.

RE: One Wish for 2022

eYe have to look into may be that you are blocked from the super Truuf of Nich1968. He's been going on about cloning & the 3rd temple for about 20 years. If I might advise. ) ..check out this 1.. before going on to more recent vids.
Deepest story ever told through moving pictures.
A rush of blood to the TOP it 1$.
..for me, CStepford is just another stop on the radio dial, YouTube is radio, Strong Concordance is radio, TV is not's cult religion programming with $cienter. Every 6 daze eYe recommend you clean the phone - radio as follows...
...aka R A D I O .) . B L A C K O U T...} ..
can't change that / raydio
Show & Tell / Wilson
W o W /* earth. Wind..McFire.
.A R ] Joy / Ronnie Laws.
* Way of the World...) .. currently the way is broad & $tupifying. I will be briefing station KXEX, Fresno CA
..on radio blackout & bumper tunes ..this month.
Note. ) Good luck finding any stations that play these tunes in current rotation. Mchint. ) Classic Negro performance $...blacked out -- but why ?
..there is also white Out...
Stronger Every day / Chicago
Disappear / Norman
Anything by Phil Keaggy or Keith Green.
.... nothing cleans a phone faster than this $€ T...
..but that doesn't mean eYe won't look further...

RE: One Wish for 2022

Part 2. ) The beat goes on...
The LP [ blood on the Dance floor ( 1997
Artist | mike jackson..king of pop.
Cover Art... Jackson has arms @ 9 & 11
..with Manhattan crumbling behind him.
Live Performance | 09 / 10 / 01
Where. } Madison Square garden NY
Stage..} f. Um...2 Towers...) Which eventually come down.
... airplanes / b o b*
The timing / jets Overhead
NY NY / Adams..) number 119. Strong's. To show blood.
..A R ] singing in the wreckage / blk box recorder
* Very secret club...bOb = brotherhood of bell.

RE: One Wish for 2022

Attn. All Marines...sea faring Types & Longshoremen.

My tongue is flat & stable when eYe type.
Ergo non cheeko. If you are not going to watch my recommended Therapy films, how will our Naval fellowship prosper ? You think you found sum thing non grooovy about Clones ? See my associate Nicholson 1968. Note his inventory. Note down the date Stamps... really. How in the starry Fudge do you think eYe rattle off the charts ..McDaily ? It's not a's a live real time.
Trump was selected when..11/09...) 16
..what was the number of the fake plane ride out of GAFMANISTAN ?....1109
..when is 5g going actual ? ...01/19/22
Note down the numbers in Trump's $ERTA sheep going to sleep commercial.
Finally, note this REAL Thread...
1 Sam. 9:11 the seer here ? Gen. 9:11.. rainbow covenant...deut. 9:11 ..2 table covenant
Enoch 9: 11..Yah ] sees Everything.
Job 9:11...look , he passes by and eYe see him not .
Psalm 119...dead Center of real Reckoning.
..standby.. ) ...see the tiger...

RE: One Wish for 2022

Nice that you brought up 20 years, product line & profit margin...
Now consider the most successful Zombie / clone film of Century 20... INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS..{ 1958 ?
This film is the exception, as most Zombie films do not return a profit to the studio. And since my friend Dan counted 664 in this genre-- dating back to Bela Lugosi-- most of them unwatchable by Family standards, it follows $um one sum where has an Agenda w/ Carte Blanche.
Consider film 665- not on Dan's list as it was made in Italy circa 1962. The film is OMICRON.. OMICRON.. OMICRON... Featuring ZOMBIE NON ACTION.
Anthem of the sun / grateful dead
6 feet under / gravediggas
She's not there / Zombies....standby.) ..).

RE: Where am I really from?

Ditto on that wrenching poverty..
120 years ago, the average life span of a North American was 42 years...
Little known factoid* the year 1999, the average life span of an AMERIKAN DOCTOR was 52.

* From dead Doctors Don't of the most widely circulated cassette recordings ever made.

RE: One Wish for 2022

That is interesting..eYe will give you that..
But as Abe Lincoln said...there is not nearly enough time to assimalate, correlate & vet...
All the information available on the web machine..
..this is why eYe promoted that Year of Tiger film to your readers. It will up & blow delusion right off the most jaded eYe...) Except Fargo...of course....wink

RE: Yes ! Free annual State Park pass to all NJ residents, who are vaccinated

Jim would not re Animate with
Bob + boom. Just sayin.

Enjoy this move..N O W..
2022 Year of the Tiger
@ shaking my head productions.

RE: One Wish for 2022

Attn Op...see..dun told ya this before..
Doppelganger is foreign to many Democrats here.
They could look it up...but they are Democrats..
...ka peace ?..standby...
Personally eYe don't believe you are on Terra Firma with the clone doppe Theory. McBob isn't into trolling.

RE: DeSantis: January 6 is media's 'Christmas'

Brain check | wing Services....
If you are yet UN aware of the RNC Email s to "Patriots" on their manifest..pre Jan. 2021
..and you haven't heard what Lindsay Graham was doing...when the Invaders broke thru..
It boils down to one thing*
Actually 2...) You've been out FOXED
& you are not using the skynet web machine to its full potential.
* Btw..there is no joy in pointing it out..) Graham was telling-- that is yelling- at police to shoot the Invaders.
McBob.) Not shot because they were mostly paid crisis actors. Please kill your TV tonight.

RE: One Wish for 2022

Now then, per your premise..
McBob has warned ; don't believe everything you read on the skynet web machine.
Wanna know how our Government rolls...?
See this book
DOG COMPANY: A True Story of American Soldiers Abandoned by their High Command.
..Just when you thought things couldn't get $tupider..
The Government UP & delivers warp speed INSANITY.
.. Example } ..a pattern evolves where a platoon of soldiers goes out into the deep woods to "have Tea with goat ( family ) Taliban miscreants." Night falls..
Soldiers get in vehicle s...go back from whence they came...and are Ambushed over & over & over & over & over.& Oh, never mind...
Guess what happens when Tban prisoners are taken into custody ? Mchint.) Released back into the wild like stray cats...then guess what happens ? It rhymes with Blackwater Carlyle group Fustercluckme.

RE: One Wish for 2022

McBob here..providing Wing services available NO where else... then, the essential reason the Clone cannot last Long is very simple..
It got NO SOUL...NO SOUL..NO SOUL..KA peach ?
..the repetition is in case the Democrat is near .
Have a free movie...
2022 Year of the Tiger { McBob; 400 Stars .
Including... Charlie Sheen, Don Trump, Barry $0etoro
..and a big TIGER.
CHANNEL | shaking my head productions.

RE: Truth, Science, and Censorship in the Time of a Pandemic (video)

Extra $pecial $cientiferous Film Premier...NOW !

Charlie Sheen
Don Trump
Dr. Fauci
Barry $0€T0R0 aka Prez. Obama ( bbuh*
A Tiger. ) Seriously
Channel | shaking my head productions
* . blessings be upon him.

..standby..) ..

RE: 3 1/2 Minutes Of Omicron Common Sense: Prepare Now - Y'all WILL Be Exposed.

Note my own Quinine quickness.. detractors have NO Ammo..
they are dark clouds with acid rain..
..all the live long day...they pretend that hollyweird isn't a seeding factor in the collective delusion
Omicron.... Zombie film
Body snatchers..( 58 )*... Zombie film
World war Z.... Zombie film
Omega Man*..... Zombie film
The Crazies.... Zombie film
The 100...TV series f. Zombie cameos.
Slasher filmz....see Rob Zombie.
..* and out of 664 ? In the genre, 2 or 3 returned even 1 dollar to the producing $tudio. This proves $cienter on behalf of a FUNDING AGENCY HAVING A $PECIFIC AGENDA. NOW THEN, GUE$$ WHICH AGENCY ?
HE ] Blinded me w/ science / Dolby
Doctor, my eYes / Browne
20 / 20 } the Graveyard
..A R ] she's not there / the Zombies

RE: 3 1/2 Minutes Of Omicron Common Sense: Prepare Now - Y'all WILL Be Exposed.

Vaccines are worse than useless..let me Explain.
Omicron // moronic = Corona virus
Corona virus = common cold
Vaccine = immune system Trigger
...better is immune system UP gradient..
Ginger + Garlic + honey ,,+ bee pollen + cinnamon + Elderberry = 101% effective immune response..

McNote.) It does not make you invincible...just makes you look & feel & move QUICKER.

THE Reason Doc Fauci et al. No likey no speaky..
Cause there is NO money to be made in building up natural immunity..

RE: Djokovic Visa cancelled

I'm not writing for little girls like you.


Fresno [ next exit

One more Time...
Move over Orange County, take a seat Vegas, goodbye Dallas Texas...
....and now, the Inquisition....
Bob. ) Does that $0UND right to you ?
McBob. ) Thanks for asking. It sounds like a Barker in a Carnival of Fakery.
Notbob.) Incoherent, please get sum Medicine.
..bob.) the question is...
McBob.) Who in the Family commission Ed such "a $tudy ?
Notbob.) And Y is F town featured as a mic- drop in hundreds of Films.?
.. McBob.) Yes, there are worse places. But the study is bent...but not nearly as bent as $tudies on the Covert Infectious Flu.

RE: Djokovic Visa cancelled

If you want to go from your smug ignorance into
Thoughtful uncertainty..) there remains the Manifesto of Com. Chapter 2 & 10 planks of method.
..if you prefer TV / film ..there is Mr. Needles*
And obviously, if you have NO time for either, eYe return you to your happy Delusion...
Chinatown / destroyer..) nee Apollo
No hope / the Vaccines
Your silent face / New Order
Heres to $hutting Up / Superchunk
Infectious hospital waste / Dem Hammer} FULL COMMUNISM / downtown boys

* Now on the Tube @ Enterthestars.

Hey Gals..

Had a dream in which the raindrops on my head theme just kept repeating in my mind.
Before that, had a dream where I got 2 Vaccines at the same time-- like in the Army
And on the left deltoid they placed 2 white stripes with coding on it.
Checkpoints & passports cometh
..sound of Silence / S & G
Your silent face / New Order
Heres to shutting up / Superchunk.

RE: Give or take a hundred years ago

Per this ritual of mass delusion
2 great things came my way in 14 months..
A.) I got the covert infection in July 2020
[ And it passed suspiciously like the Flu in 4 daze ]
B. Missed delta, got Omicrok... which passed in 2 daze just like the common cold - a Corona virus.
C. Meanwhile, everywhere I go, Zombies are running amok-- apparently influenced by TV simulations and / or network Liars.
... according to a local DOC on the radio..all this incessant hand washing & masking is counter productive-- just as eYe suspected from the start.

Hey Gals..

This page is not inspirational like b c Jenny, which I just went through.
But this, for me, is a benchmark of sorts..
Typed out sans notes on a phone...
..all by memory. Not bad for a geezer.

RE: Give or take a hundred years ago

Don't sweat the Lightweights...while keeping this in mind...maybe 1 % of members will read ANY blog, let alone THINK about it...
Meanwhile CStepford members compose 0.00000000000000001% of any web traffic.

Tonight's. Creature Feature
Mr. [email protected] Enterthestars.

RE: Give or take a hundred years ago

You neglected to Mention that J Rockefeller- prior to petroleum & railroad shipping, got his $tart

Hey Gals..

Damn you straight $hooter....
..the Leslie Nielsen Advisor...
B I G . S T O R Y.
..the W E B.
DANGER [ ! ....all made before 12/21/1958

It's 4th & Fifteen and you're looking at a full court press. - Lt. Frank Drebin.

Hey Gals..

More Elaborate presentation for those about to die..
See | Center for An Informed America
..look for this Title; the $trange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon & the birth of the Hippie Generation.
... author: the late Dave McGowan.

This on line free Expose segued into many radio appearances in Southern California...and was then UP graded into a book...WEIRD SCENES IN THE CANYON.
..the Author then died of Lung cancer in the Amerikan tradition. His Estate made about $5,000 from said book...which itself was 50 plus years in the making.
It remains the definitive word on what is required to make music POPULAR...irony is, the theme of many musicians these daze is..DE Population.
Cause of Death / Obituary
Mental Funeral / Autopsy
Left hand path / Entombed
..A R ] malpractice suit / 4 out of 5 Doctors

Accidental Research

Have YA'LL seen the Caitlyn Jenner ad ?

wink ...if so, eYewash available @ this site..

RE: 3 1/2 Minutes Of Omicron Common Sense: Prepare Now - Y'all WILL Be Exposed.

For the record..these channels kick A$$..
Nicholson 1968
A Call for an Uprising
Shaking my Head
Logic before Authority..

And the only reason Enterthestars is able to exist..
He has out smarted the AL Gore Rhythm. It is an acquired taste... newbies may not likey-- YOU must use both sides of your 3 pounds of Noodle.

RE: Omicron variant appears to be ‘super mild‘ mutation with Covid death rate not jumping

No one has died from "Omicron // moronic"
Because it's a common, symptoms & duration are identical.
The best defense against Omicron is also the best defense against COVID...$HIFT LOCK

RE: 3 1/2 Minutes Of Omicron Common Sense: Prepare Now - Y'all WILL Be Exposed.

Tonight's feature creature
OMICRON [ 1962...) For reals...

Or check out the Easter egg hunt
@ Enterthestars for said movie.

Google has disabled my ability to surf...crying
...they did this 48 hours ago by overloading my phone with unwanted apps. Two techies I showed my phone to were unable to diagnose or correct.
..not that anyone was excited about my fave channels-- but Google obviously does not want me viewing them in 2022.
I have a plethora of things coming into my phone that I do not want...any tips appreciated.

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