RE: Concert @ Astroworld so far 17dead......5G and Graphine Oxide needed vaxxed ppl

@ sea..| small pox confidential

.... Giving you this for future reference. Smallpox & Marburg will soon supplement the covert infection... probably just in time for mid Term $elections., my least favorite topic : SCIENTER.
..start point. } Incident at Red River Station.
Featuring Inspector Ramrod Rowdy Eastwood. Everyone knows that in 1868, the big discussion among Cowboys during a Cattle drive was
Vaccines & Vaccine safety & Quarantine..[ roll eyes
Said incident is from the RAWHIDE series & contains Fat Crackling Eggs. Your reporter cannot link & therefore no One tends to believe my musings.

RE: Athlete after athlete. Jabbed, then crippled or dying. Is just lies.

COVID is boring.

RE: Jordan Peterson - No Science behind Canada's Covid Restrictions

Merci boo Koo nebelwerfer

5.4 e.Q...{ f. Black smoke

"It's looking Apocalyptic.." - Bushcraft Bear

5.4 e.Q...{ f. Black smoke

Standby. } The beat goes on.
... switching to Glide

Goodbye blue sky / p Floyd
Sulphur English / Inter Arma
..good morning $tarshine, the Earth says...
sad flower

RE: Jordan Peterson - No Science behind Canada's Covid Restrictions

China....part 06
.... understand, eYe heard / saw this in 2019
But am unable to link source s....anyhoo the PCR
Test & particular Chinese paper masks are both being used to spread the covert Infectious hospital.
..If interested see Rense, Right column.
Your Reporter recently went through another bout of Sars-cov2--? a head cold, but w/ chunky vomit.
Elderberry & zinc & Tequila helped keep the ordeal under 55 hours.... Standby. ) .

RE: Sandmann thinks Rittenhouse should sue Luegenpresse for defamation

He's a made man.

The Potato Advisory.

Rate your sense of Humor with the Afternoon Matinee..
Another film by Alex Kansas...

McBob.} Obviously mine is UP there. As eYe dun just advised you CStepford's accordingly....conversing

RE: Antarctica

Agentbob is German / Irish.....the preferred blood line of panzer Landser & Abwehr drinking types.
..spent quality time @ Baumholder, Bad Kreuznach, Bertchasgaden, Grafenwohr, K town, Nelligen, Cetera
8th I D. ) Pathfinders !..77 - 78.

RE: Antarctica

Got the definitive book on Donovan & the 0SS..
The Last Hero... Not even close to finishing it..
Zombie events locally keep me tied up & perplexed.

The preface to the Last Hero is a very informative read & Far beyond the Jethro Bodine school of CStepford trolls.

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

eYe see....wink
...carry on.... working on a hot potato...wink

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

What eYe still don't get is..
..what kind of a teenager goes to an event [ ?*
.with an A R 15 & ammo clip .!!??!!

* Can sum One provide context ? I killed my TV
Ages ago. YA'LL should too.

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

Affirmative Crypto..
..that move said
( and I love me sum Television.)

RE: Antarctica

You sir, Are a scholar. We both have read the same material.
The Jesuits & Catholics were crucial to the Nazis before & after the war.( Secret history of the Jesuits, Edmund Paris.
Antarctica is the great barrier often clumsily referenced in flat Earth model presentation s. Clumsy because actionable knowledge to this place is compartment Est, with an entire wing called
Carry On...full salute.

RE: Jordan Peterson - No Science behind Canada's Covid Restrictions

I hear you Dedo...
...McLegion x Google Plex is the raw Number of sheople who do not know that F B I informant S-179 tried to save JFK with a phone call- or series thereof.
Aka Lee Oswald -- or anyone else- including BATMAN!
..could not fire the Mannlicher Carbine
Sans stripper clip.
Needless to say, a real sniper doesn't use surplus rifles from world war one.
...when Gerald Ford implemented the WIN campaign circa '75. ( Whip inflation Now was anything but Collegiate English. It was an UN answered call to Action. ) Beat the living FUCH out of The Federal Reserve & all it's sociopath Enablers.
...Nixon was the great modern Democrat. Check the bona Fides..
Created Environment Protection Agency
Opened China Door ) closed Formosa door
Ended Vietnam Fustercluckme
Instituted wage & price Control
Weaponized the I R S
... sorry..

I'm ranting...blues

The Potato Advisory.

Hey hey we are [ not ] the Monkees
..& we have sum thing to say..
..per the 1st potato...the Bobster meant
A LARGE RUSSET the course of these musings, my artificial
Goo goo friend now regularly gives me a DAVOS
$tyle food court manifestation of peculiar potato philosophy...
professor ...a potato a day keeps trolls in sick bay.- McCoy, ) the country doctor.

RE: Jordan Peterson - No Science behind Canada's Covid Restrictions

And after 10 years ( ?
Of formal ..{ read expensive
The M D ..path segues violently into SUPERSTITION
..with 4 words..
I $WEAR BY APOLLO...( ..the Oath

Dictionary of Names..
Apollo = destroyer. ) Cognate w/ abbadon.

McBob. } Finding out why a mission to the moon was named APOLLO..constitutes real bona fide excavation of Truuf. Mchint: Apollo is Nimrod is Osiris is Gilgamesh is Adonis is Mithra.

Hence. E pluribus Unum.

The Potato Advisory.

Midnight Creature Feature...{ YouTube.


channel : Alex Kansas.

Music interlude....
..taxes on Farms feeds US../ Cooder
Truth / Washington
That's how heartache is made / baby Washington.
..A R ] Government Plates / Death Grip.
Amerika the Bytch / various....blues

The Potato Advisory.

Now then, guess what super simple breakfast dish goes Gooder with cowboy coffee?

A. } McBob's custom Cinnamon Marble rye toast.
Or Sun- maid raisin toast.
....olive oil & butter*
Cinnamon...+ drizzle of honey & dash of phs.) Pink Himalayan salt.
.*sold together in the big F.

RE: EVENT 201 and Captain Kirk's "Coming Catastrophic Event."

"it's 4th & 15...and you're looking at a full court press."- Lt. Frank Drebin.

...standby for hot potato Pi...

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

Not following any of this psychodrama on TV..
..was therefore not the least $urprised to be informed by Buck & Hannity of how the M$M went after this guy....
Just like they did to Goldwater in '64
And McCarthy even earlier.

I am on Record here : the 2 institutions wrecking the most havoc- most of the Time- since Uncle Abe
Are Yale & Harvard Law. Dishonorable mention to Columbia & Georgetown.

RE: Biden Admin Looking to Dump Kamala Harris?

Syntax review | re; Uncle Joe
I am the Democratic Caucus.
I am the husband of Joe Biden
....this just in...
I am the U S Olympic Delegation....

... McBob. } . May have missed a few..
But you can't make this up, cuz porn Cop
Is also POTUS / 46. & A knight of Malta.

RE: ‘People Would Go Crazy’: Meadows Says Trump Should Be Next House Speaker

Thinking outside the box
...the Triangle & the Pentagon.

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

Woo hoo. ! .....angel

RE: President Kamala Harris

You & your buddy Banger the Arthritic
..have medical issues... beginning with Myopia.

RE: Are Democrats really Zombies ?

Good find.

Let's see if any Dems. Here can name one - just one Republican- who began political life as a Goldwater Republican...then transited to a CFR / Democrat.

Mchint.} I've given you 2 time sensitive clues.

RE: 10 heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked

It also means 3 score & six...but only within a certain Fraternity.

RE: Seems like there are more women participating in the Blogs than in the International forum.

Hmmm. Captain's log | supplemental

First line of Star Trek, pilot episode..
" Check the Circuit." - Spock / Nimoy

McBob. } Check this. ) Considered by the Few
To be Roddenberry's [ better ] work..
The Lieutenant. One episode in particular is shamefully stupid : instant Marriage.

RE: luckily for CS, or not

The great missed opportunity in Blazing Saddles ?

McBob.} 2 or more talking [ snarky ] horses.

The Potato Advisory.

You liked it-- did you !?...hold my potato..
...( By the Numbers. )
And you know .| 1695..) Jewish gematria
I have told you before..) 1695.
Its a love story.. ).." "
The policy : WORK. } ..
Numbered Word of Torah*
Seven Leaves Heal... | 60/p...80/ r... 50./o.... 600/j...5/e....w./900. = 1695
. Original search Term..) . POTATO ADVISORY / 1695.
4872. Moshe. ) from water
3091..yod- hay- wa- sh- ayin. ) Just sayin.
7963. P & Q. } .peace and Quiet.

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