RE: The hypocricy of the mass media

Media was just as heinous back in LBJ daze..
..( albeit w/ $ubtlity and Scienter.)
If people are going to be punished for
Medical Mysinformation... let's also punish Time/ Warner, $0ny, al...for Medical malpractice
Die by the drop / the dead weather
Attack on memory / cloud nothings
Red Medicine / Fugazi
Medicine / bring me the Horizon
Corona / minutemen
Malpractice suit / 4 out of 5 Doctors
Infectious hospital waste / Dem Hammer
Cause of Death / Obituary
...$ynthesis.) full communism / downtown boys.
... A R. ] Chinatown / destroyer.
Bonus.) What did you expect from the Vaccines ? / Vaccines.

I'd like to build the world a meat locker...

6. Do not direct Question to viewers.

6. ) Addenda....if you're grammar & rhetorical skills

.are that lame., Starfleet recommends more TV.

RE: Showtime to Launch Anti-White People Docu-Series

The mega $hell company BLACKROCK
owns CNN... Pfizer... ExxonMobil... Amazon..
And probably $howtime...+ Many more

They can afford a "loss leader" ..every day of the week.

Thank you for reminding me of dark history month.

I'd like to build the world a meat locker...

Tonight's featured movie
S O Y L E N T . G R E E N. [ 1973.
..time is fun when you eat flies.- Kermit

B T W. ) Soylent green is set in
2022...$et in 2022....

McBob.) The trailer tells the story quite well.

RE: Give or take a hundred years ago

At your convenience..
Discover the late Dave McGowan.
Author of...the Strange but mostly True Story
.of Laurel Canyon and the birth of the Hippie Generation.
@ center for An Informed America.
..the book which came from that story is
Weird Scenes in the Canyon.
Dave was bound to discover what eYe did...namely the charting of the popular $core.
Up on the sun / meat puppets
Staring at the $un./* TV on the Radio
Corona / minutemen.) Coronal mass Execution.
* Read the scrolls & know ..sun worship is ritual number One.

RE: Give or take a hundred years ago

Part 2...thanx for the Rockefeller meme.'s my private opinion ..that is why it's
Called....ROCK MU$IC.

RE: Give or take a hundred years ago

Fresno Library
Sunny side branch. NOW reported by the eYe witness [ McBob
The children's section is a celebration of
Mush, magic, Hokum, $0rcery & divination.

Fresno Library
Politi branch | 3 weeks ago..
..your reporter dared to walk in UN masked !
.. within seconds 2 mask police approach &
Extend a "free paper mask" ..eYe tell that I'm not
Playing new world order...) They tell me to leave..
eYe say; NO ! YOU LEAVE....wink
..they waddle back to their desks like good commies
..while I continue mocking them to the amusement of the other patrons.
Time of the season / Zombies
Don't think. OBEY ! / Stormbringer
No hope / the Vaccines.

RE: Five ‘Conspiracy Theories’ that Were Validated in 2021 & 2022

...L A = crazy town.
Santa Monica, Brentwood, Laurel Canyon,
N. Hollywood, Hollywood , Beverly hills
Holmby hills....all infested with psycho babbling
New age $0rcerers....
..and that's what eYe mean by "circumstantial".
..the Hollywood work product, including Disney
Just screams criminal p*dophile all day long to
It's mostly Zombie audience.

RE: Five ‘Conspiracy Theories’ that Were Validated in 2021 & 2022

Here's one I'm currently albeit mildly looking at..

Is there { or not
A large underground city beneath Los Angeles ?

McBob.) ..thus far Evidence is circumstantial
With a medley of testimony.
Doubleduck is the search tool now in use.

Part 2. ) Along this line, is the above ground symbolism @ Getty Museum ( on Santa Monica Mtn.)
A clue to what the place is hiding ?


This is an Ad for um...Logic*
Making Time / the Creation
5,4,3,2,1./ Mann
Y h w h / U2.) Who is & was & is to come.

* And eYe am the alpha Logician.


Once again, critics take note.
...what the Lady just experienced is known
As ENTROPY. The system is trending toward
Dis order, dys Function, disease...) Ka peach ?

Super markets, churches, business meetings
..that's where the Action is. Amerika, going to a bar / saloon is an exercise in
Delusional stupor & advanced ENTROPY.
( THE more alcohol...the faster the brain cells die.)

pH [ potential hydrogen

Over time, several of the Coed's have responded in my favor.
Of course, I freely admit to being an odd duck.

A recent book I read was rather alarming..
Turns out the over the rainbow song was not liked
Or wanted by the MGM executives. [ !
..kinda crazy. That song was $0 FRIKKN popular- it requires no further input from me.
..with respect to a certain Bible Concordance, we think the logic speaks well of itself. If people don't like logic, Entropy will be unkind to them.
8123. Samson. / Sunlight
........7592. inquiry..) check it out { deduction
0531. Strong ) radio net..1890 Madison NJ.
........ Per the 1st law of thermodynamics..
8122. The Sun. ) Which is a um, big S T A R.
.....o1. ( 3 ) ...father | founder | intelligence
8123. Sunlight .) Samson option.

Thus if one claims to not get "the science". You are either role playing as a dunce...or just confused about how it ..heat / work...are play..
Here comes the sun / Beatles
Spinning around the sun / Gilmore
Sunshine / Edwards
..also ran. ) Sundown / Lightfoot.

When is a plane .} not a Plane.[ ?

The growth of the Com. Word as rated by the author of 'The Day the Dollar Died.' 1972ish.
Regardless of the speed or accuracy @ 44 sq.miles..
The whole earth has embraced $0cialism as meted out by the CROWN & VATICAN.
..At this point, differences of terms & $uch is moot.
Red / $ W I F T
Red Medicine / Fugazi
FULL Communism / downtown boys
..A R ] did you hear me ? / Red light district.
Listen,learn,read ON / deep Purple.

pH [ potential hydrogen

Here's my take on all my critics...but first a hint. If you are reading my material on a phone- horizontal is the prime- vertical is the confusion conference.

That said, my critics like to pretend there is no such thing as a ALPHA NUMERIC dictionary of the Hebrew language.
And B. ) They also want to feign ignorance of pop music, rolling Stone, pop charts, album covers, lyrics & tours of musicians in 50,000 seat venues.

You may notice, upon review of this instrument, at NO time is my notion of an idea ever presented. It's science all the time...viz.
5375. Nasa ( 2 ) to lift up..| to deceive
.....o1 .....c. Intel.
5376. NSA.) From 5375, to make insurrection

.. insurrection is a way of policy here in Amerika.

RE: How to detox from the vial (s)

eYe maintain my customized straight face & independent contractor status with respect to the covert Infectious thingy.
My great advantage in all this is $0 simple..
I came into the knowledge of SAUNA via James Bond
And the U S Army circa 1975.
..if the science of 120F° & Elderberry / Quinine / tequila does not appeal to Logic-- upstairs. It reduces to a single point...the TV / fluoride package has worked a spell on you.

pH [ potential hydrogen

To sum degree I do get your not "getting it."
If you were not of Age by 1976, and not Edumacated in Amerika, and not afforded the benefit of our great --but late...late show/ radio smorgasboard...the subject under discussion is ALIEN to you.

pH [ potential hydrogen

Stay baffled but there really is an Amerika
..which has a NASA..) whose real history has
Just been illuminated.
..their B I G . PLAY ...*
blue lines / massive Attack
$pace program / tribe called Quest
ATE } airborne toxic event / sum time round midnight

* Read; fake ] ALIEN INVASION.

A R ] BLACKSTAR / Bowie.

P $ ...eYe was the first Californian to submit- with a plethora of Evidence- that Hollywood is the 4th & most important [ for the sheep- that is ] branch of government. And pop music is just a sub set of the greater Entertainment package.

pH [ potential hydrogen

I do not presume. eYe look for X perts...and keep my mouth mcShut- my good eYe open... is another Enigma. long before Amerikan Normies
.quit using the internet web machine
To augment the thick TV delusion ?
Man o O Jay once said..
Here's a film miraculously appearing for
[email protected] YouTube & sans the context bar !
..[ the True history & purpose of nasa.]
Compare his $yntax to mine--anytime..
A Columbian Enterprise Endeavoring the
..Di$covery of Atlantis. All challengers will answer to Apollo as Mercury & Gemini affirm.
... Last call from Apollo One...

RE: How to detox from the vial (s)

You may call me Bob..
..or Ripper the Empath.
I hear ya...but often I'm reminded here
Of the importance of simplicity...virus is not a 90 dollar word..
( Pre COVID, virus bout 10 & sum change.)
Meaning; not on everyone's radar ) thought
Post Omicrok, virus is now a billion dollar word-- if drifting you be getting..) ka peach ?
.. bacterium might be truufier...but think how CStepford associates & Democrats in general are confounded herewith...if you demand or require they THINK !
..Set Controls for heart of sun./ P Floyd.
...ride with the sun / fairy land.
Staring at the sun / TV on the radio
.A R ] C O R O N A / minutemen

Hint. } Coronal mass Execution.

RE: How to detox from the vial (s)

Think I'm just um...} Wingin it ?...
See if you can get a YouTube trailer vid.
Of the film...} THE CRAZIES.
( not there as a happy accident.)
Note Airplane shot in DONNIE DARKO.

RE: How to detox from the vial (s)

Please...done covered this with muy & $undry airport Confidential$..
The Barium & Aluminum dust jacket is essential to the covert flu in the summer...
Headed for nowhere } jets Overhead
Heathens / 21 pilots
Airborne toxic event / sum time round midnight
A R ] jet propelled photograph./ Soft machine

RE: How to detox from the vial (s)

Part 3. my case, when the Omicrok or Neptune variant comes in contact with the Bob. The fever is not trying to kill it...SHIFT LOCK...
HE ] blinded me w/ science / Dolby
Dr. My eYes / Browne
20 / 20 ) the Graveyard.*

* Hint.) 20-20 vision by Dee jay deluxe.

RE: How to detox from the vial (s)

Part 2.
Kinda mind blowing that if Mcgoogle does not
Certify it [ fever ] must not be trusty ..[ !?!?!?

RE: How to detox from the vial (s)

Ok. I'll be more $pecific for the Zombie & the fathomless.
When I got the covert infection circa 07/2020...
The FEVER killed the, it didn't hurt that the ambient temp. Outside was 110 F°.

Fever may not work for you. Ask your TV what kind of heat is right for you...wink

RE: The Last Days of the Covidian Cult

$peaking of single family homes.. in the middle of CA, the standard
Mortgage payment is around $1,500 per month.
But I know several people, living in absolute luxury @ $400 per month mortgage - not rent. They bought homes way back in Poppy Bush daze.

RE: Does vitamin D protect against Covid after all?

It follows per my usual route of logic
..that the absorption of Vita D is
HINDERED the aforementioned X.

RE: Does vitamin D protect against Covid after all?

It's not just one thing...
..but natural Vita D is a product of sunshine.'s been 2 years...and then $um.
And no One in Amerika [ save the Bobster
Is finding it scientifically worth mentioning
That absent a metallic dust jacket [ XxXxX*
the virus dies upon contact with hot UV light...
It does even faster @ 120 F° [ mcSauna.

* Look up, see X marks the pattern..
The 2 pre dominant ingredients in the chem Trail
Are Aluminum & Barium.

pH [ potential hydrogen

And for Amerikan$...there is NO excuse..
..5375. nasa..) an Egyptian word that flew out of
Egypt with Moshe & the Israelites @ the 1st Passover.
The word has a 2 fold meaning: to lift up to the sky
And also to deceive. The perfect 4 letter word for
Amerikan $pace objectives.
Not a Sane Adventure.
And in case Google is your friend, note that an Egyptian *was the person responsible for targeting Tranquility base in the 1969 "moon Landing."
* Dr. Farouk El baz.
...then there is the original acronym..NASA.
( field guide to the Egyptian pantheon.)
N ephtys. | is the sister of Isis.
A usir. | .is Osiris.
S et .= brother of Osiris
Aset..} Isis.

pH [ potential hydrogen

Turing would have recognized much sooner
..than myself ( 40 years after initial exposure
What Scientiferous types call..
Pattern recognition ). aka maths.
It's alpha Numeric with a set of only 8,674 entries
1. Ab | father, founder, Intel.
3. Green | tender
4. Fruit...
...this next one is a favorite...
3147. Yah is perfect
......01. ab.
3148. Redundant then, Alan Turing had NO exposure to Dr. Strong's work. We gathered this by standard deduction of his suicide & chosen lifestyle. Left out of most discussion $ of the strange case of NON ENIGMATIC ENCRYPTION IN THE ORIGINAL - OR confiscated, a/1...b/ 2...c/ 3

pH [ potential hydrogen

Let's just skip to my earlier comment..
..eYe told you -- before the E V E N T
That a permanent MASKING MANDATE*

* IN the old world, slaves were muzzled
And free speech was a distant dream.

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