RE: California "Looks Like A 3rd World Country", Sez Guv Newsom.

I got here in July, 1970...Viva la diff.
..just took a tour of my old neighborhood on Google maps...For sum reason our address is blocked out on a direct search...but using the neighbors address, then spinning it, I caught a glimpse of the Nixon daze, when your Reporter was a 14 year old paperboy & the landscape was awash in Schwinn bicycles & VW s. was also the waning moment of the Afternoon newspaper...the Sat. Evening post had expired the previous year.

RE: News - Prosecution of Jan 6 rioters shifts to more serious

The point is..} buffalo man $CREAMED..
..CRISI$ ACTOR / Antifa.
... Too obvious.

RE: News - Prosecution of Jan 6 rioters shifts to more serious

Where is Buffalo man ?
..does anyone know ( eYe mean besides moi...wink
Y he WAS NOT detained and / or prosecuted ?

For what it's worth / buffalo Springfield
Positive friction / Donna the buffalo
Buffalo gals.) Springsteen

RE: It's not about health care. Never has been.

That damn Hitler card getting played everyday.
...( Made this in Fresno a facility using machinery that also processes majek stickers)..

®...As was his custom on the sabbath, Rabbi Hitler
Arrived early in his black VW to open the synagogue.

P S...eYe would like to see Keith O. Make an educational film for Negroes in the dark about the DMV & identification.

RE: News - Prosecution of Jan 6 rioters shifts to more serious

Using the bob word is clever - eYe will give you that.
But, Mr. Boom, that is where the cleverness stops.
...the Controlled media is $0 essential to all the
Magic unfolding in your face, Jim.
The yellow Journalism is not as potent as the TV...the alpha waves more addictive & painless. A 2 hour scrum of bad Crisis Acting...had 2 objectives.
To posit more fear porn in prep for the $cripted & false Inauguration ceremony to come.
To so disgrace Trumpenstein with yet another impeachment charade-- that a 2024 comeback is nullified.
There was a 3rd objective-- covered extensively @ Enterthestars.
Anyhoo, for the love of CSTEPFORD
NO COVID blogs ! ..NO policy blogs.
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RE: Pfizer CEO Acknowledges The Two Jabs Provide "Very Limited Protection, IF ANY"...

Pfizer was the lone vendor for Israel.
They went warp $peed before it took on
Coin of the Realm $tatus in Amerika..
..with over 90% of the population hit 4x with
The jabs....the covert infection has surged
9,000 % reported cases ( I rounded down..
... actual number higher, quoting from the Bongino
Report this morning..)

RE: The Last Days of the Covidian Cult

P $...eYe noticed the jaded but studious look on
...your new thumbnail.

RE: The Last Days of the Covidian Cult

Joe killed every conceivable $train of it yesterday.
..who knew that putting a retarded p*dophile on the air for too long ...would eliminate COVID ?
..they should claim credit & move ON...
Who knew we spent 52 $ TRILLION last year in
GAFMANISTAN ? [ Joe did.
Who thinks Blacks don't know about the DMV ?*
..[ Joe again & his magic D. ]
..*..that's Dept. Of motor Vehicularage for you TV headed $hoplifters.
...stop making sense / talking heads
$hake me down / cage the Elephant
Chinatown / destroyer

RE: Ol' Joe's Scheduled A Press Conference For Tomorrow (1/19/22)

Putting this guy on the air is killing the COVID virus.

The world is changing....blah, blah requires leadership...glerg...

A trillion dollars a week in GAFMANISTAN ?..
( PLEASE ! ) ....COVID 1$ DEAD !

RE: Ol' Joe's Scheduled A Press Conference For Tomorrow (1/19/22)

Get your booster..
..I am the U S Olympic Delegation..
Leave the record player on...
..why didn't Biden push the John Lewis bill..[? um...not communicating as much as I should...a b c or d....

McBob. ) This guy is so retarded...blues

RE: the vaxed vs the unvaxed

If you need someone else to put air in your "Tyre".. you are either disabled or a DEMOCRAT.
..and if you have yet to notice the 99.987% survival rate among COVID cases-- you may need to kill your Television.
Over at enterthestars, yet another film with a Trump Cameo [ from UK ] ..made in 2016 & demonstrating Scienter .. Plandemic & virus & Vaccine as being the cure is the disease.

RE: 1/17/22 - U. S. Martin Luther King Day.

The CIA & FBI had a different dream.

RE: One Wish for 2022

My recommended film today *
... currently has 911 likes....0 likes.

.* Great red dragon re Loaded.
@ shaking my head.
..Rh negative blood expose...& Much more.

RE: Djokovic Visa cancelled

And after 33 minutes in the Dragon film, a grand Tour of Rh negative & the John Lackland Plantagenet
Bush...IKE....Nixon... Clinton...OBAMA !
Orange man Trump...all cousins !
...all Triple Fact Checked.

RE: Djokovic Visa cancelled

Kelvin is minus 273 C° ..( or F
...aka absolute Zero.
...$0 if you're keeping score...
No Intel. Zero G. - 273 = $ing U Lar ity. periodic Table...

Essential ingredients for star banging & salt water production....blushing

RE: Djokovic Visa cancelled

Hmmm. you really have an agent bob basket...?
We know you respect & respond to TV / film
..hence today$ 2 hour Matinee
@ shaking my head productions Dragon re Load.
McNote. ) As many of you have never seen
.a Coronation, we recommend this film. The scene comes up early...but try to make it to the 33 min. Mark before pausing...whole lot of $ymbolism in the seal of Wales...the RED dragon leads the way....devil

RE: CDC Director Acknowledges "Overwhelming Majority Of Covid Deaths - Over 75% ...

Being morbidly bored with flu & cold
eYe present this Lil Geo. Your for your Edumacation
Near Antarctica, you will find
Coronation Island
Delta Island
Omicron Island
Rothschild Island
... recently reported @ all news pipeline
$ um thing odd. ) A FULLY VAXXED Research station
..had a COVID [ covert Infectious disease*] outbreak.

* Although it's actually .C ertificate of V accination
I. D. ) ..eYe prefer my definition.

Extra credit. ) See DIVOC, @ logic before authority.

RE: Booster shot aquired!

Go get your booster airhead.

RE: Booster shot aquired!

Hey fun dum..
Wasn't talking to you
The aloe et Cetera is for o*al health.
Don't need any COVID B's...dun got it
Did in fact-- kick it-- just like Tom Hanks.

RE: Booster shot aquired!

We are all different in our health protocol $
..I got COV ID..[ not knowing it was COVID
& Beat the shit out of if by Fasting & distilled water & lemon. Had to work outside @ 110 F ..every day I had it...4 daze.
It was either that or lose customers as my pools turned green.
Btw.) All manner of great tutorial s on YouTube pertaining to teeth, gums & o*al hygiene..
1st step, get sum food grade hydrogen peroxide
Next step, aloe vera Juice
Baking soda...these are the makings of a great mouth wash...standby..). )..

RE: Listen min 15-min-17

Good is what eYe noticed in 5 secs.

His health & his English are better than
..88% of Amerika.

Dem. $peak...

We highly recommend the 2 volume set..
The naked capitalist...the naked Communist.
By former F B I ..guy, Cleon Skousen.

These two go along way in helping the airmchair quarterbacks to the $cienter & meat of Com. Manifesto chapter 2.

RE: Listen min 15-min-17

Indeed ..said pop eYe the sailor man.

Co Morbidity is all the rage in CA 93727...
...death, depression, disease...just missing one
Thing..) cosmic ) or COSMETIC
Disaster from $pace / above.
The space program / tribe called Quest
In the Air Tonight / Collins
Blue lines / massive Attack
A R ] A.T.E. airborne toxic event } sum time round midnight.

P $ Laguna Beach agent has informed me that
CA is under an Administrative / regulatory..
NAVAL, an act of WAR.

Dem. $peak...

eYe ask you to remember that your
... Lodge Brother Johnson [ and my eYe
Washington / Truth
$nake Farm / Cooder
That's how heartache is made / baby Washington

* AND your share of it's burden GREAT. ..1964.

RE: Feds Finally Admit to Running Secretive DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests

$0 ...what am eYe missing ? A 2 or 3 hour riot which 4 "republicans" were um..executed.

Your Reporter remembers the riots of 1968...
And many of the riots of 2020.
The Jan. O6 'riot' ..was $0 obviously's just that many of you are UN able to see the whole picture...for that eYe recommend Enterthestars.
You need to see the $cienter, the RNC Email s to their "Patriot" client state & several other peculiar things.
Covert contracts / Control Top
.45 ,/ gaslight Anthem
I predict a riot / Kaiser chiefs.
..A R ] $0cial cues / cage the Elephant

P $ ...a genuine riot would have seen the absolute slaughterhouse of the ANTIFA brigade + many by standers .
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RE: Listen min 15-min-17

No problemO...
The Congress & Executive + all their employees are exempt from the Vaccine mandate. Seaworthy pointed it out.
Exempto sum maga..( maga = magic.

RE: Listen min 15-min-17

doh holy Homer $impson
..doh did eYe neglect to mention that ?

You're 101% right...
.. magically exempt...
Exemption sum maga. ) ( Magic Scienter
Not just magical...but WONDERFUL.

RE: Pfizer CEO Acknowledges The Two Jabs Provide "Very Limited Protection, IF ANY"...

Per the Pfizer video | here are my notes for a future as yet- untitled McBlog...
The sub title though to use the internet..
Step One.) Gematrix- it's ADDICTIVE.. crunch crunch numbers because they don't LIE.
The Number } 2309.
Everything hereafter has alphanumeric equivalency.
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
We . Vs. Lizard. ) 2 3 0 9
Fortune favors the brave.
Echelon based at Pine Gap is the technological spy $ystem.. ) 2 3 0 9...{ .in Jewish Gematria..
For his number is Six hundred three score and six.
A taco sure sounds good right now.
What is the function of Surrender ?
.. Original search Term....
...part 2.. same term in simple gematria. ) 294
We, the Illuminati own you.
Vaccination and Immunization
The wonderful world of Oz.

..standby. ) those were just my Notes.. }

RE: Listen min 15-min-17

And for Democrats, Lord business has made condoms...
In variant $ ..of size & color & ribs.

hmm ) .. longshoreman confidential

How is it only wing Services seems to know
Who is WHO *...and which is Witch ?
..* world health, Obviously.

RE: Listen min 15-min-17

Wing Services is here to please or provoke.
Red Medicine / Fugazi
Covert contracts / control Top
Mask off / the Future....

From the the new Order , 6th generation
Communication will allow for the monitoring of
Street conversation-- maybe even the whisper..
...see....track List..
Phone power / they might be Giants.*

Or, * they might be Nephillim.

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