RE: Another one arrested for the Russia scam .

Every time one of you prints "Jimbob"
..the Volcano spits smoke & fury.
Please give the people of La Palma sum relief.

RE: Biden's (Dis) approval rating

Not to worry..
Biden on his imaginary pony is
The new state Seal of Arizona.*

( Mchint: * T shirt idea for quick
.....mcFundraising. )


Hmmm...the black pond explained a lot.
...I'm tired of Jim...your my new project...heart wings

RE: Idiots who publish non-commentable blogs

Said the one making the place most non Idealic..wink

RE: Covid SURGES Among Most Vaxxed Communities Says Harvard Study

P S A . ) CStepford Institute is a dating site with features..2 of which are Forums & McBlogs. was to the prestiferous Harvard that said study was commisioned-- Not CStepford.
...back to our loveless play list.
Your silent face / new Order
Get ready...../ New Order
Mask off / the Future.

5.4 e.Q...{ f. Black smoke

..after an UN equivocal experience of the subsisting Federal government, you are called upon to DE Liberate on a new Constitution for the U S of A.
. The subject speaks its own importance; comprehending in it's consequences nothing less than the existence of the Union, the safety and welfare of the parts of which it is composed; the fate of an Empire-- in many respects, the most interesting in the world..- Federalist 01..A. Hamilton.[ 1787.

RE: calling BS

P S A..) you romper room primates who talk..err, copy paste policy BS all day long @ CStepford Institute
Have served notice to thinking persons.
..a 24/7 full yellow court press is evidence- all by itself- you lack A LIFE..( and / or wife.

Then there is the subtle suddenness of your stupor a MAN brings up & down all manner of Evidence to bear on all your Delusion [ s.

Heres to shutting up / Superchunk
The I D. / Gray
Get ready / new Order.
..A R ] eYe Q./ The wake


Now in DOMINION mode.
...the CIA & the Catholic Church are the
...same mcThing.- Zappa, Frank ..1970

FZ...65 thru 1969, the resident of the Log Cabin Laurel Canyon & HQ of the music scene.

RE: How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children

There is a LUCIFER telescope in AZ
..where Uncle Joe holding his dark pony
Has been added to the state Seal.

RE: How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children

Ka pow & ka peace ^^ that too is called

RE: Idiots who publish non-commentable blogs

This worked out well for you TV heads..

Heres to shutting up / Superchunk
Your silent Face / new Order*
Tell her, NO. / Zombies

* A new Order...W. Wilson
A new order...IKE
..a new order of the World..- rocky Fellers
A new world Order...CFR / Kissinger
A new world order...R M Nixon
New & orderly....Charles Manson
A new world order as envisioned by it's Founders...Bush/ 41
New world Order...43...NWO...Barry $0etoro..44

@'s called PR.} Pattern recognition

RE: How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children

P S A. } .how to de Toxify from the Volcano.
Short play.} Shut the Family Up.
LP.....) Courtesy of McBob
Gold / interference
..stay Gold. / First aid kit.
Radar Love.) Gold. Earring
...A R ] Ecstasy of Gold./ Morricone

...after the gold Rush.} N. Young.

RE: How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children

Enter Volcano..}
Super massive black hole / m.??
good bye blue sky / p Floyd
Good bye Mr. Chips..
good bye yellow*brick road / E John
Later../ Hal 9000

* And good Fuching bye Yellow Journalism.


You had me...teddybear CIA Fraud...

...eYe might even PM you on a lonely night...*

*..laugh .[ McNOT.


Pssst. ) Keep this confidential...

M$NBC & CNN...could not exist without CIA ) read Cocaine.) Laundry money.

Secret agent man / Rivers
Master plan / MASTER PLAN
Covert contracts / Control Top
...A R } read - search.. lyrics for the Anthem of Great Britain..

Btw.) Pre Election Biden Rally( AZ).. drew about 33 people in case numbers ever become relevant.
In Fresno, 2016...HRC rally did not fill a measly high school Gymnasium.

RE: How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children

We Concur, sir.

Child's guide to good & evil / W coast pop Art
Clear light. / CLEAR LIGHT.
Talking book / Wonder
..A R ] Listen, Learn, read On / deep Purple

..eYe will repeat all calls from points more distant from the guardhouse than my own..- 04.


Another stellar headline.


Part 2..
..the Steve Parent murder & La Bianca murders are not so easily explained--- the latter was a copy cat Mob hit.
...the word PIG the crime scenes
Is in reference to pig's blood used on movie sets.
In 1968-9...Lookout MTN. Was still the largest studio in the world. It directly overlooked Cielo Drive & the Polanski ( director) property. This was a Lmtd. Hangout for Col. Tate & Jay Sebring.


Just between Us Jewish $cholars..
...the CIA / Catholics in Action 101% fraud / cocaine is addictive
All the time...+ 1. need an Example eYe see...
Their most successful { and very illegal
Operation | officer; Col Paul Tate
Contract players & field agents
Abagail Folger ( coffee heiress
Sharon Tate [ daughter of Paul Tate
Roman Polanski ( gettin mcObvious here
Roger Smith & Chuck Manson*
Tex Watson...Susan Atkins...Jay $ebring
... project goal.} Destroy the hippie movement & create the RACE WAR...( Black n white.
There are 2 schools of Thought on the Tate Murders & I've checked em out. One is disinfo...the other is just plain $cary...* Cause, truth be told, without Roger Smith & the CIA.. Amerika would never know of a Charley Manson.
The man who wrote the book CHAOS... couldn't be bothered to inform his readers that the project officer was Col. Paul Tate.
....have a nice day... Lightweights.

RE: How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children

Not only is he consistent, he is a Marine. the interest of science, you FF... should leave and not come back. You don't contribute anything but non Scientiferous bull shit...ka Peace.!?!

RE: Why did British Parliament prohibit Americans from printing money?

Fill your boot with grain Alcohol & rain water.- Ripper

I've not yet ....filled my boot - J P Jones.

These boots R made for walkin..- N. $inatra

RE: Laughing. Is... a good medicine...

Welcome to CStepford college.
..I am McBob, wing Commander & Dee Jay of Future Shock.

5.4 e.Q...{ f. Black smoke

Affirmative. A great mountain on Fire & tossed into the sea.
.. McBob can neither confirm or deny the H A A R P
Thingy. He is a pool man ..
..role playing as Dee Jay of Future $hock...

... foraging for crickets & worms
Pecking away at a Land between Consonants
..and eYe wait for the surfacing of the worms
Themselves; the Ancient Hebrew Vowels
..when written, rising like dark Fish in dots & dashes
From below the consonants..- H Lazer..( 1975.

RE: Perpetuating BS blogs...

Oh, the beauty pageant ?
A question with a question... in the starry blue Firmament does this
Equate to a seditious conspiracy ?

RE: Perpetuating BS blogs...

Last of the good ol commentary...
..ALL Intelligence Agencies*
..would these be the same agencies that told us about WMD ?
Or the non Conspiracy of Lee Oswald deciding to shoot the president with a $13 mail order rifle ?
...the same agencies giving us Cocaine by the kiloton thru Mena Arkansas ?
...* Certainly you forgot ONI. } Office of Naval Intel.
..hey Chat, my bad...eYe really should just get back to pet rock theory...& Hold forth with strictly Marine personnel....wink

RE: Perpetuating BS blogs...

This is how deduction works in the real world ..
All Intel. Agencies would be an easy peezy thing for Putin to control-- having thus installed his McToad.
... people like you would go- by force march- to a re Education facility.
Said McToad would then consolidate more power unto the Master & presto-- 4 more years of Dictator Trumpenstein.
The fact that Mueller and his "report" were handed their BS back to them- and repudiated by the established authority in Congress is lost on you in your vast delusion of conspiracy.

RE: DEZINFORMATSIA: What it means, Where it came from, and "Useful Idiots"

No confirmation @ Rense-- but eYe only had time for front & center column..
There was this though..
Dr. Richard Fleming: COVID shots deplete oxygen in red blood cells.

McBob.} Depletion of oxygen leads to cancer-- which was discovered by another DOCTOR in the 1930's...and for which he won sum kind of prize.
Mchint.) Otto Warburg ( ? .....this means eYe may be confused regarding name.
Said doctor noted that infusion of oxygen destroyed cancer clusters in the blood.

RE: Perpetuating BS blogs...

It's been proven over & over that Lord Putin did not install the maga Toad McTrumpenstein into power here in Amerika. Yet the B$ flows from NJ like lava.

RE: Perpetuating BS blogs...

McNote. ) A supporting link is not proof or non proof of anything-- if the de-bunker is paid off with foundation money.

RE: DEZINFORMATSIA: What it means, Where it came from, and "Useful Idiots"

44 years ago Today...I was en route to Bertchasgaden from Baumholder... destination: the Gen. Walker Hotel...a more Squared away hotel eYe have not seen-- the community at Large-- as I'm sure you know, Uber Gooder.
... disinformation..) they ( Dem Hammer head haters
Have summarily denied the Doctoral profession itself. As front line Doctors number in the Tens of thousands who are not warp speed friendly.
I'm going over to hunt down the Pfizer story.

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