R a n g e ....o5. { .

This is the story of magic & m k ultra...
One does not roll out of bed,
Make covfefe & make this UP.....
02.piper @ Gates of dawn./ p Floyd.
...o3..strange daze /. Doors.
O5............} ..d3.} digital dream door...psych.LP.
....29. vol.2 / west coast pop Art..
... 24. 13th floor Elevator / easter everywhere
04... anthem of the sun / grateful Dead.
01. Electrical music...../ Country Joe & Fish.
.......A o X o M o X o A./ .g. dead..[ 20.
15..5th Dimension./ Byrds.
O5. United States of America / U S of A.
........10..are you Experienced./ Hendrix exp.

..44. saucerful of secrets./ p Floyd.
39... present Tense./ $agitarius.
......7 0..space Hymn / Lothar & hand ppl.
...65....jet propelled photograph / soft machine.

Kite...} kit...steal..

Moving to . R a n g e. O5...

7 . $ymptom of Uni- verse./ blk. sabbath.
.x.2 raining blood / Slayer....). .} . . along came Metal..& [ m k. Ultra/naomi.
14. Witching hour./ Venom
...A R.] 21. Ample destruction / Jag Panzer

Standby...uh oh

.r a n g e. } . . . 04..

This conversation went down today @ 1540 local bat time..

McBob.} My angel told me not to discuss state policy w/ you anymore.
Dem. Berkeleyite Landlord.} Hallelujah.

Good times....

The wake / I Q
Lost in the dream / war on drugs
Point of know return / KS

RE: Best Message

that was good common core triangulated jargon.....laugh

this one eYe got many years ago...here is my memory at work
...[ the writer was from the Peoples republic of Exxon-Nixon China ]

hi, Im 27 at least, I think. I cannot bear snakes, so I seek individual to keep me warm.
do you have hobbies ?

there was more...but thats all i can recall...

RE: Yanking the chain or chaining the Yank

One can not always presume to find within any forum
A wide latitude of love- logic..Mcreason
Compassion et al..
Esp.in Amerika
Our F minus government gave us F double minus TV
..a war on poverty..a war on drugs..a war on Terror
..the Evidence is in the WIND...ALL THE TIME..
Truth / Washington
Stop making sense / talking heads
$nake Farm / Cooder
..A R ] A deeper Understanding / war on drugs.

RE: The word "OBSESSION" can be applied to so many scenarios

A person exhibiting a 24 /7 pattern of Mcblogments
.. usually of a copy paste NON variety..
Is exhibit A ...of the so called
Zombie life..

Time of the season / zombies
Cause of death / obituary
Bring out your dead / anti- Flag

RE: I knew it was only a matter of time . . .

The only astro Logy you need to notice..


The whole $tory of NASA
DE crypt.} McBob

RE: Warfighter relieved of Command after Speaking Truth to Inept, Corrupt Power

It is $0 disgusting..
..the comment eYe left on the other Mcblogment
..works here too..
Imagine how the Tillman family feels right about NOW...and you capture the essence of my mood as well.very mad

RE: I think he would make a great Governor of Cali!

Almost Any Thing.. would be better...blues

RE: If I were a Zombie

My bad..got the Names mixed up..
...circa 2011 per ABC news
Zodiac-astrological controversy.

RE: If I were a Zombie

I of course, am the most dangerous kind
..[ the VirgoNot ]
A genuine bored Certified Astronot to boot.
...see if you can confirm or deny this...
There is now a 13th station to ye Zodiac
Named for Asclepius { son of Apollo

( The serpent handler ).

We are preparing a Mcblog on this topic..
But it's on a back burnt non priority schedule..
Standby. ) .

RE: Effects of Covid-19 on LDD

And the $cientists
Are praying for the Spamdemic to keep us
Safe from gee. OH..Dee.

RE: Effects of Covid-19 on LDD

I'm not sure what LDD is...but here
As a courtesy reminder...is the report card..
1$t ..the bad news
U $ of A
Domestic policy ..F minus
Foreign policy....F minus.
Compare this to Switzerland


I am Wing Commander McBob
64 going on 404...
My quickness, Erudition & r a n g e
Are the envy of ABC Tella Vision

Airplanes / b o b
Jet } W I N G S
Stressed out / 21 pilots
A R } jet propelled photograph / soft machine

Part 2....the Program
24,900 mph / 7 yr. Bytch } ie.warp speed
Corona / minutemen
eYe always knew / the Vaccines

RE: Who regulates this site?!

eYe regulate it. ) Standby

0012..deep [ er
3588..State...} Strong Greek diction-Air*
3600 . Sorrow
.....* that is, Grk. to English

Your commie has no regard for human life,not even his own

My big wake UP came @ the California Natl. Guard
And Ft. Riley KS.{ Reg. Army.

Very sad situation.

Your commie has no regard for human life,not even his own

As I had suspected, this book could only fool a Zombie....p.207..
."we got the 1st draft & couldn't track it with anything. It was a statement with no sourcing. It was not an intelligent document..- Secty. Of State Powell,
..on the 'Intel' viz. a viz...WMD.

Powell went on to say; "it was total bullshit."

McBob.} From your cerebellum & hippocampus
Please remove any notion that Government is run by professional S.

Your commie has no regard for human life,not even his own

I am now at station 1 Sunnyside Library big F 93727
...this is where your reporter was typically to be found @ 9 am
in pre plandemic daze of 2019/20.
..eYe also got a new library card + a new book : The Spy Masters, how the CIA Directors
shape history & the future.. Chris Whipple 2020

looks like Im the first person to check it out. detective ...cartwheel

RE: Is Fear the Real Virus?

It's Amerikan pop music..for which eYe have NO interest in or CONTROL over..
Therefore, I am De - crypting it as a public service

What did you expect from the Vaccines ?
e y e always knew....
No hope.....all 3 by the Vaccines

Standby. ) .

Your commie has no regard for human life,not even his own

Thank you


RE: Am I doomed??

Gen. Ripper called it, PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS.

THE RIPPER / stage Frite
X X Z/ R U S H..} getting rid of real men.( XY
Time to think / Torment
.A R ] what did you expect from the Vaccines ?

Your commie has no regard for human life,not even his own

7 2 4 8..rab-mag.} chief magician.
6197...W A T C H...} out.
1 0 5 1 .Beth Rapha./ House of a G I A N T.

Superposition / Young the giant
Coffin ain't big enough / spinballs
$tatue got me high / they might be GIANTS.

RE: Is Fear the Real Virus?

For newbies & the Kommisar
A R... simply means
...also ran. } And relevant.} All righty...

RE: Is Fear the Real Virus?

This happened on the Sabbath...

Completely AWARE of the pop music scene
..and reasonably informed on Bel Air / h -wood..
I had neglected 2 streams of $pelling...
..x box...play station violent zombism gaming
And MONSTER beverage VENOM ous
..chemistry altering food $tuffs.

Covert contracts / Control Top
Food & Liquor / Fiasco
Let's eat grandma / I'm all ears.
A R ] better Oblivion community center....

RE: Am I doomed??

Leave the record player ON..
..let your children hear words...- Joe.

Slaughterhouse of the soul / at the GATE$.
Medicine / bring me the Horizon
eYe always knew / the Vaccines
A R ] bring out your dead./ Anti Flag.

RE: Well that was a waste of time and money

I just got the Russian news & commentary on this.

It is $0 $hocking....we are so desperately deluded over here in Amerika.

Kite...} kit...steal..

Thank you....
The header is from the ACTUAL phonix
.of Booker elementary...where Bush
Thought he was in 6th grade..
... reading UP on goat husbandry..

Kite...} kit...steal..

7 7 0 7...b. } field of Fire
5 3 7 0..nergal./ rolling Lamp
2 3 3 7. A crack in the Earth

...4484..mene / numbered.
...3223..day of El

Note.. nergal = m'uwr = Mars.

Kite...} kit...steal..

7 7 0 7..spreader of Light.
2 3 3 2..( 3... Live, declare x show.

Set Controls to heart of Sun / p Floyd
Critical mass 1 / threshold
C o r o n a .} Minutemen.

Id est . Brute physics of a CME
..Coronal mass ejection.

RE: "Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out*"

Well done Group Captain.

The Kommisar needs to be bent over & spanked
By a licensed FEMA contractor.
It is sheer delight to real eYes you perform brilliant on your own. One of the few not needing help from wing services. Semper Fi.

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