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RE: The Covid-19 Joke

It's all about the immune system.........that's the factor of how anyone will be affected by a virus, germs, disease, etc.

RE: Who likes french men, madam...

The French are good people that makes good friendship.

RE: Do you find that You have learned from the Past?

Bad habits are hard to break.

Making the same mistakes over and over again is a fools game. banana

RE: 6 Times !

laugh that is funny.

I never understood the "confession" bit.

My parents also told me that if you want something to remain confidential take it to the Lord in prayer.

I attended a Catholic school and never went into the confession booth.

I took it to the Lord in prayer. laugh

RE: The ongoing cutest 'war'.

She just can't figure out how to contain those beautiful creatures to rake the leaves.

Sometimes, humans don't think with a full deck of cards. laugh

RE: Masks

It is the sign of the times.

People's health takes priority than giving a first impression.

All ways wear a mask when in close proximity with others. banana

RE: Trump is "no longer welcomed in Michigan"

Michigan A.G : "Trump is a petulant child." laugh laugh

I have heard worst. laugh

Election is coming up, let's see what the voters will do this this petulant child. laugh

RE: Jenny's oldies.......................Italian boy goes to confession...............

laugh funny.

RE: Hoarder...

Extreme hoarders (stuff pack from floor to ceiling) have mental problems and do need help.

I was never a hoarder, but i use to keep things for years (neatly place in my house).

Three years ago, i got rid of all that excess stuff. I find that all i need to be comfortable is a bed, a kitchen and a bathroom. My house is so big, but i find that those areas are all that i use. I cover the furniture in the other rooms and dust around them.

They say with age comes wisdom. Who knew i could live comfortable with little.

It is easy to get rid of stuff, i call the Salvation army and they are always happy to take away my stuff. banana

RE: I've never had any desire to talk about religion or politics

@Cranky, those are the two subjects that can keep a conversation going for a long time.

People don't want to hear about other people's problems. Those topics drain the listeners.

Cheer up Cranky and put a smile on it. laugh

RE: When your face is covered...

I must say I like the incognito look.

Cameras are every where, so now they don't have a true picture of my face.

I heard the Chinese cameras can still identify a person under the mask.

RE: If the virus had a smell –

This is how easy ONE person spread the virus.

RE: Back to work...


I never want to work in sales (especially on commission only).

I could not sell a dog, if my life depended on it.

Well, the job will keep you busy and keep you off CS. tongue

RE: Every Home Should Have One

My goodness, how old is that house?

RE: Possibly spending some much needed time with K!

Phil, Phil, Phil !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been reading your blogs for a while now and i must say i feel so sorry for you.

All these women you wrote about put you in the "FRIEND ZONE."

I know you have several, constant PAIN.

Hope things turn around for you. frustrated

RE: I've never had any desire to talk about religion or politics

Let's talk about LOVE baby. laugh banana banana

RE: Mask Up...

Chat and Jim, dream on.

I don't think your WISH will come true.

They all received the VACCINE, so they can't get the virus.

Only Fauci is still playing the game and self quarantine. frustrated

RE: The Cruel attack by Obama on Trump

When comparing President Obama to Trump one can describe President Obama as:

"A brilliant man." thumbs up

RE: What is your SpO2 and bpm?

The oximeters are all sold out.

I'll keep on searching, but i continue to take deep breaths and long walks.

I'm waiting until it is safe to go to the gym. banana

RE: The New Normal

I welcome the change.

I hate shaking hands with people. My hands are always cold, and they always made sure i knew it.

Some people use the loo and don't wash their hands (ewwwwwww).

Relax from all the heavy debates on CS.

Primitive building.
No need for a house plan or inspection.

RE: Harshest downturn for US workers in history. Joblessness at highest levels since Great Depression.

It is being reported that 72% of the workers will return to work. thumbs up

Trump said that the last administration did not leave a supply of equipment.
I can't figure how he blames someone else when he has been president for THREE years.
Looks like he didn't take an inventory.

I hope you all are enjoying the leadership of your president.

Mine has things under control. banana

Relax from all the heavy debates on CS.

@ orzzz & Miclee: I never got the concept of auction.

I think some people are stupid. Example, I attended a car auction and people were bidding over each other and the cars where not worth that much.

They all should have come together and said which car they wanted, bid on it, and everyone leaves with something.

This guy building pools in a primitive way is smarter and more creative than bidders.

Relax from all the heavy debates on CS.

He even takes care of the dogs.

Relax from all the heavy debates on CS.

@ unfaz: whatever is use to seal the clay keeps the water clear.

It's the same concept like casting the concrete with cement (but with less tools, less cost, and less man power).

Relax from all the heavy debates on CS.

@spi123: yes, he is talented.

He must get some kind of compensation. banana

Relax from all the heavy debates on CS.

@ Chat: you are comical laugh laugh

I do believe that we as humans will find it hard to revert to TOTAL primitive times.

The Amish also has updated. They now have cell phones and drives.

Yes they still use their horse and carriage. banana

RE: Consistent Testing results for AG, Bill Barr

I didn't need a test to know that.

ALL TRUMPERS have no integrity.

They sell their soul to do as that man says. devil

RE: Unmasked...

Could it be the people at the beach voted and will vote for TRUMP??? banana

RE: What dream do you want to come true, in reality?

I have a desire, but haven't dreamt of it thus far.

Maybe that's the reason it hasn't come true? idk

I'll keep on trying. banana

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