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RE: Believers and unbelievers

I'm waiting on a miracle.

RE: What could you do with 240 billion $

The more you have, the more you want.

We all know that greed, power, and status rule the world.

In America it is worst. The millionaires and billionaires may give just a little for a show while keeping people below the poverty line.

Universal health care can be found in most international countries even third world countries. frustrated

RE: Sympathy

People these days care only about themselves.

I think you are right to say that it is only a word found in the dictionary.

RE: I'm eating much healthier this new year. See !

It looks delicious, but I don't want any of it. scold

RE: Only 2 days to Trump's Impeachment !

Well, he is impeached, but nothing has change.

It appears he is leading us to war. frustrated

RE: Four little words

You forgot:

Trump banana Trump banana Trump banana

RE: Life is beautiful when shared by two

That it is (if they get along) laugh

RE: What scares you most in life?

People with mental problems who have weapons.

RE: Your partner's overweight.

Serving of large portions of food and inactivity will put on extra pounds.

Some people have medical problems that put on the pounds,

overweight + overweight = attraction. laugh

RE: Get Way More Food For Your Money

Water down food.\

To each his own.

RE: Rough night and a pretty chilled out Sunday!

Don't be a glutton. tongue

RE: Caption this........

Nice way to end the party. banana

RE: I wanna marry an EGG...

Eggs are good for ladies banana

RE: Yes, I'm in love !

I have to pay $2.00 at the supermarket to eat those.


RE: Customer goes berserk on cashier!

Free stuff always gather a crowd.

RE: trust

Trust is only important in significant relationships.

All others are just talking because we have a mouth. banana

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