The only guarantee about our lives is that they will end.
The fortunate deserve their fates no more than the most wretched and slighted among us.
Perhaps you are mated, fated to be alone.
Maybe you don't have a soul.
Maybe the notion that there is someone for everyone is sweet sounding poison.
Maybe, all the above and more, put more fear and pressure on the process than many people can stand.

If we lead with our fear and anxiety, we transmit that to others and they learn that they would rather not be around that and avoid the situation, conversation, etc.

If we lead with what makes us happy, energized, excited, we transmit that too and people look for that, to be around that.
Our passion for life can generate passion for our company.
Turn to and follow your own light.

RE: Death and Fear

You can have mine, both death and fear.
I am sure you are now much the richer.

RE: The right is full of cowards, but the left is full of sick people.

Humans. Problematic at best.

RE: What are the Democrats hiding about January 6th?

Got your nose!

RE: 'Publicans Propose Security For Every School / 'Crat MI AG Makes Counter Offer -

Compromise is the heart of politics.
Armed Drag Queens. Your welcome.

RE: Evidence that Scripture is Divine

It takes a great deal of faith to believe that anyone that can read English text has not heard of this book and its claims. Only a tiny bit more to believe it is all the truth.

RE: Welcome to America - Nearly 900 inmates escape prison in Nigeria

They can just catch the ferry between Lagos and Tijuana rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Biden administration thinks the American people are stupid

No one ever lost any money on that proposition

RE: If you could call your younger self…. What would you say?

Scrub the mission.
Criteria exceeds resources.
Stand down and retire.

RE: Pig

Can't say any pigs ever made it to a list of favorites.

RE: Have a history teacher explain this if they can

Yeah, so?

RE: Jesus is my treasure.......


RE: Search Warrants Served at AZ Nonprofit in Connection to 2020 ‘Ballot Trafficking Election Scandal’

Same glurge everywhere you look for any actual information on this claim.
One does not serve a person with a search warrant only premises.
I call bs

RE: R a n g e ....[ 10

More like the pure biophysics of being off one's antipsychotic meds.

RE: Musk backed OUT on the Twitter deal


RE: Prayer

It is simply not so what you say.
I have not prayed since I was a child.
I have lived no less well or poorly than any other on this spinning rock.

You are entitled to your opinion as am I.
You are also entitled to be called out when I and many others are the living proof,
what you say is not so.

RE: 11:11 off N on

Everything is possible when you start to understand what does not work and never will.

RE: Human apple snake and ladder game....

Word salad bible magic game.

RE: Happy TWOS Day, Y'all - 22/2/2022

Good riddence

RE: Who killed Kennedy

Scanners, definitely scanners

RE: Have any white people ever been slaves in history?

Most every out group has been enslaved by one group or another in history.
It was never a racial justification all one needed to be was an enemy people.
One group enslaving the next group "over yonder" even though you or I or a gene test could not tell the difference between them.

RE: LGBT areas in cities.

No. Not a thing I have heard of muchless seen,

Someone out here wants a sympathetic ear and a clear view not their own

Thank you for the sentiment.
Sometimes even with a load of our own we can lighten the burden of others all too easily.

RE: True alien technology

Maybe it would be and maybe it would be more familiar than generally imagined.
If you have seen one meat sack in fatigues and a flight suit I bet they look more and more alike all the time.

RE: A Senior's Upgrading to Polyamory

Good points and understood.
I have had poly feelings since well before i understood the option existed.
I have lived as a polyamorous person for the last 8 years and as you have indicated, have had but few partners in that time, not for the lack of the willing but for the lack of appropriateness of potential partners themselves. Of the first two partners i met under the open status of polyamory, the first maintained the relationship for 8 months. The second i have been with for nearly 8 years. If there is such a thing as "true" polyamory I think it is something one is largely born to and is definitely not for everyone.
I hope you have had the very best of good fortune in all your relations. :)

RE: A Senior's Upgrading to Polyamory

So " you are a bad person, disrespectful and likely are going to hell... oh and good luck to you..." How sweet of you to say so...

RE: Andersoon Cooper is in da house!

I once saw a profile with his pic before, wasn't using the actual name at least. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: When Will People Finally See the Obvious?

Nothing is obvious to the self blinded attempting to lead those short of sight as to what they dimly see.

RE: If Democrats weren't so awful, we'd never have gotten Trump

That is the sort of tortured reasoning I might have expected.
Buyers remorse? That is too rich rolling on the floor laughing
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RE: Excuse Me

Personally I prefer to be formally sent off,
but then I never retaliate for having been rejected.
I have seen the same sort of sour grapes behavior with my peers in RT from time to time.
I have never understood it.

I think it is kinder to respond but it does entail the risk of retaliatory abuse.
I guess it does explain why many do not respond, when they have that to expect.dunno

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