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RE: The soul keeper

Never lied , Was always loyal and even contacted a solicitor friend about what was going on Twitter
You were upset at the time and I was as that was private pics, [using faces] and illegal.
I got it dealt with and did all I could for you.
I stood up for you. I listened to your woes and regardless of how you treated
me after my mother died [and she did RIP] and your calling me a liar and telling the world
you were sick of my calls, well I was appalled and dreadfully hurt. But then I do know from
those who wrote to me that this is your modus and you have fallen out with many many
women on here.
You can say what you want and flirt with all and sundry to feed your rampant narcissm and
perhaps that is why your face is up there on Connectingsing.1 on Twitter.
You are airbrushed in to oblivion and that is sad at your age.

I was called old and gross by a cohort of yours who came in to save you last night , a woman
of a man who accused me of moaning etc., but forget that we had a blow by blow of his
heart attack, his girlfriend from Croatia coming to see him and how exciting it was minute by
minute and you were appalled and sickened as to how this was of interest to anyone ?
Alas Water always finds its own level.

What you think of me is none of my business, and I never heard you mention friends outside
CS. You have to be a friend to have one and I think you see women as a threat.

I hope your life goes well and that your family are well and you find what you are looking
for. I have absolutely no regrets of how i treated you. I honestly thought you were trustworthy
and Boy was I wrong. Still, I am wishing you well and you probably did me a favour in the
end as 1. I will not be looking in to CS and 2 I will not be thinking about you .

In the bigger scheme of life I have things to do, friends to meet, a coursse to attend soon
Stay off the booze and try and get some nice girlfriends , join a creative writing group or
Something that would take you away from CS because it has not made you a nicer
person, just phoney and being palsy walsy with people you have nought in common with
and told me you could not stand.

heart wings Be happy, If I am such a nasty and rotten friend why bother
i just hate lies being written about me and if done again I will take it
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RE: The soul keeper

It is finished now Celtic witch who knows not one thing about Wicca.
I simpley replied to a query impulsively
You came over all autocratic and told me to stay off your blog

It made me think of the nasty way you had treated me and how you had shared private things I had confided in you, and how you had accused me of lying about my mothers death when I was at my lowest point.

If sticking up for myself makes me toxic then let the name stick.

If a man who has been banned more times than it rains in Ireland has to put his nose in here he has not changed, still an oul woman who loves gossip and discord.

I had thought he had changed as he seemd more humane but alas a leopard does not change its spots.

If I were you I would take this down but you won't, you like Drama and liek to be the centre of attention, even with L Charming whom you could not stand. you are really somthing else.

sad flower Do some soul searching yourself and ask yourself some questions here.
How come I was never barred ? I was able to write blogs here for a long time
i loved it on here, and then you became freinds with me and old blue , Kiwi came
to town, the most womanly bitchy man who had men thrown off the site, one from
London because he attracted women, Scotty. Yes what a trophy you got there !

Ironically on my FB I have many CS friends from the old gang here, before you
befriended me and before you also tore me apart emotionally in public.
Of course that was not Toxic coz itchy witch is a great laugh and is lovely to everyone
to their faces if I remember correctly.

I hate men who take part in sessions like this, he should stay out but then he is not a
man and never was. I tried and failed. Again your secrets are safe with me and I
wont give you another thought. The CS blogs have gone to the dogs and you know
why but you like to come in her for your writing...... lol.
I wish you well and hope that you may at some time reflect on how you treat and have
treated women in the past here.

Lou lou is who she is, perhaps it is the nasty picture of the Spite girls I find hard to
Fathom on her profile. I don't care who thinks what of me over my replies to you.
Those who know me well like me, I have a life outside CS and infact Social media
is a waste of time. I was out yesterday afternoon with friends and there is nothing that
beats real company. Real friends that one has had for years. You dont seem to have
any. I wish you well despite you nastiness to me. Let the hare sit now.

RE: The soul keeper

Before I close down this horrible site.
Both you Celtic and Old Blue, Kiwi whatever he is at the moment have been blocked and banned from the site more times than I can remember or care to remember.
Your reply is what I would expect and you are predictable. I will give you that.

What you did to me was toxic, I never spewed the 'secrets' of your family or yourself you shared with me.
IT would cause you embarrassment.

I suffer from Depression but that is nothing to be ashamed of and I am sad with the ignorance toward same shown here. Of course Kiwi is here to defend you, you are allike and you always told me you had an eye for him.... maybe I have started something.

Just don't think you can get away with treating me like dirt when I simply went to help you with a query that was my sin. I ignored you on CS but you played your private bully games as I have seen you do withothers over the years. making innuendos and coming on sites up behind me.

Anyway in the bigger picture of my life, what you or your sidekick Kiwi and his muddled love life and your love hate relationship [look at the blogs and your fights] can prove.

I simply reminded you that you were horrible , and yes Toxic and nasty when my mother died and also felt you were outing me in some way by saying I was phoning you constantly this is not true.
You phoned me about Kiwi What the attraction is I don't know, he insulted and treated women on line and here and made ageist and nasty comments here for years to me so he mirrors out in his naming me toxic what he is himself
Finally madam your home life, your daughter , all this has remained in my mind and I dont gossip unlike you. You went off line yesterday because somewhere in your psyche you have to feel guilty. You can cuddle up to to your Kiwi all you like but you treated me badly and then were very very rude.

We both experienced being laughed at on Twitter and Mr. Kiwi was in with that gang. I have your nasty messages on here, to me, on file and and I also have his. I have photos taken of you and of me to make a laugh of me, I fought hard over that but you have no real empathy or sense of deceny, even going as low as writing about your sister s drink problem and at one stage puttingup her picture.

There is Al Anon for that it was the most appalling thing to do. As for me, if somebody tells me a secret it stays that way.
The most toxic people on this site are on here now. Lou lou and her picture of the spite girls on her profile page. Blue with the way he treats the women in his life and now he has come to your aid, not that you need it.
You started this.
Frankly you can say what you want, My ramblings is because I have a good IQ and I make no apologies for that. You on the other hand have not been the friene to me I was to you when I tried to help you withe the Twitter pictures of you in a supermarket with a bikini and other persons body, also me sijmilar.

Be careful of the company you keep. I am out of here and wont be looking in so say what you like.
Bird of a feather... so you have big brave Kiwi to fight your battles for you.

This is just me saying I don't and wont and should not have to put up with you or your nastiness because I answered a blog. You were nasty, you are toxic you speak about most people here and then go and be nicey nicey to them.
So I don't care what Kiwi or any one who calls me Old and Gross [which I am far from ] or nasty old women who listen to gossip I care little , and your new look sadly has not changed your plastic personality and nicey nicey new look on here.

That is all,
Lou lou is two faced and for having that picture on her profile ~ pathethic laughing at two women.
I care little for what oldblue or Kiwi who bullied men off this site as teh alpha male thinks of me, who treats women so badly of me. Or you who picks up friends but had more fights here and I was never banned once funny t


Bohemian ~ Not sure if there is a cryptic message here ~ but If I was a leader I would be fair but like
Putin , yes, or any other leader, or a human I hate fake friends and people who gossip behind my back
I also dislike and don't tolerate fork tongues. Anyway I don't want to be leader, infact I don't really
want to be on a Blog as I get obsessed with American, politics , European politics, theStateof the Earth,
it is all mad, gone mad. Nothing realistically I can do but be careful who I vote for and pray.
Thanks for dropping by.wave

RE: The soul keeper

YES ~ The SPITE GIRLS photo is on your profile, Sigmund Freud would have found that interesting.
This is the same woman you are being friendly with now haha emoticon, and I don't pull pigtails I just don't
take bullying of any typre the nastiness I entailed last year after my mother died and the diatrible that was written publcially about me here and I tried to get over it but you know, The person is not your friend, you are friendly with very few and your profile pic is at least 20 years old. You were friendly when you were in with the clique in Connectingsing.1 and laughing at women being mocked and you see yourself as a feminist. Yes, a careereist one. Now I don't want to come in here again as I still have dealings with Twitter and CS over that whole scenario of stealing pics. So I'd keep quiet lou lou and even take the pic off it is not your property.


RE: The soul keeper

Nurse Loulou ~ The empathic nurse who thought that making fun of your friend Celtic and myself and several others on here was funny , that site on Connectingsing.1 on Twitter who made fun of people having their leg amputated and a man from Co Dublin with mental health problems, hilarious for a nurse, and of course has a picture [perhaps taken down since I called you out on it recently, on her profile of a picture of said 'Spite girls ' inluding your pal here CW who I ended up trying to defend and stop them from making a fool of along with myself fbut you enjpyed the craic to the extent that you put Spite girls up on your profile as I said, so you were very much a part of the horrible clique that made fun of people by printing them semi nude and with other peoples gross bodies half naked on to their bodies, and even made fun of an elderly lady here except she did not see through it.
Yep Great Loulou, you are a great pal to have. Doesn't say much for nurses of a certain age in oncology .uh oh

RE: The bad effects of smoking

Lindsy ~ I smoked heavily from 18 to 27. There were no patches to put on our arms or gum to chew to help with withdrawals. I tried and failed so much I just decided they had to go [or my fiancee at the time would leave me as he hated smoking] so I went down slowly on them....
It worked, I did not talk about it, join a group, I just went down to milder types of cigarettes and eventually was off. My hints are, Drink plenty of water, Avoid Curried or highly spiced food as this brings on the urge for a ciggie. Same goes for sweet things, cookies, cakes. fizzy drinks.

If you are craving a cigarette, eat an apple and keep brushing your teeth. I did it and If I can do it anyone can. I used to have a cigarette before my breakfast !!blushing

RE: At least, he DID know his name...

I saw that on American TV and indeed our own here in Ireland last night. It seems counter productive to take the 5th Amendment to so many questions, is this not just prolonging the agony ?

RE: What constitute a good society?

A decent , honourable and righteous Government.
A Government that is concerned for all the peoples heatlh and welfare and who are fiscally able to
look after the needy in our society, the sick, the old, the mentally ill, the addicted, the homeles.

Who take a good Salary but don't live like kings.
A Society starts with the Govt. If the Govt, is rampantly corrupt, then it will trickle down to society and community at large.
If it is the opposte , there will be unrest , fighting, dirty deals etc.,
Democracy of course and freedom of speech.

RE: The Days He Ran Away..

Kalpataru ~ Contrary to what you hear. A cat can be just as affectionate and as grateful as a dog.
I really hope you keep him. I had a rescue cat and called him Poppy, just on my window and terrified but yet came each day, fed him at same time daily, left out water and dry food and a wooden box to sleep in.
Eventually he was in the house. I had a Cat litter tray but he went outside . A beautiful cat lived for many years.cats meow

RE: The soul keeper

satoraxismund ~ I can actually give you all the verses if you like. As you know I studied Wicca and still do some healing on animals but I studied Judaism as you know and then on from there Christianity and Q'uran because I do a lot of online work with converting same. I am going out today, I will send you those verses

RE: The soul keeper

Actually I haven' finished ~ It was not my opinion so much as how you treated me. I need your brains would be you on the phone. I had a friend here, it did not matter, you seemed to live your life on here , it was important to you, it was your life. It was not mine. The loneliness I told you in confidence was to do with Depression [clinical ] and I told you in confidence, to spew it all over the CS pages was low.
Secondly you knew my mother had abandoned me at 5 months. I thought stupidly we had a modicum of friendship and I did not phone you incessantly as you made out at the time. I am aware you have a full house and I also have a life but it is outside of C.S.
Because of a pretty understandable error in my past tense present tense with my mother you came in and scathed me 24 hours after my 94 year old mother had died. You had no empathy or understanding what it is like to be the one out of seven [2nd eldest] to be given away.

Finally , the very people you warned me about are those you are sucking up to now. Sad, so sad.
You gave out about certain people who used filters and photo shopping and now you have your self photoshopped out of existence.
The greatest mistake I did was becoming a friend and when a certain Twitter account started taking photos of you in supermarkets and me [both of us semi naked and with other peoples bodies on us , I was the one who stuck up for you.
But eaten bread is still forgotten. I know you have had many friends here and fallen out with them.

I came back on CS when things were quiet. I never went near you blogs and yet you were up my a** on the other blogs and passing comments with emoticon winks. You have no dignity and your whole thing is to be the c*ck of the walk, at your age you need to grow up, get rid of the photo shopping and be your age.
It is sad to think that you can't let me be alone, I have heard the stories back and I in particular want nothing to do with you.
I have no bad feelings and I am glad I was of help on the phone when you wanted to use your my brains usually something to do with CS and a man.

As I said I helped you fight your corner but In giving you the answer to the question regarding soul keepers I had no intention of ever being a friend again, the comment was nasty and I am 71 now.
You used to give out about the the very women you are sucking up to now here on line. I have no trust in ou as human being and you [as I said before ] should stick to things you know about, music, etc., Writng about Zelensky when you know nothing about the history of Russia or Crimea or what is hactually happening in Ukraine is pathetic.

I am leaving C.S. I hope yo uget all the support and hugs and don't mind her you cherish and get off on.
I for one will put his down to being too stupid for a cunning and tough Galway woman who would not know Wicca that is the study of witchcraft ] from a hole in the wall.

HAve a good life. Gone.
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Chatillion ~ I was saying I was writing from Dublin, there did seem to be nastiness and horrible comments between our more 'esteemed ' Bloggers of sound intellect, laugh
Isn't it possible to speak about Trump and the who issue of FBI going to Trumps house to check on Files which was just a way of trying to get his more fiesty followers to go on Capital hill ? or at least to rise up
against it. There is something in the air alright. Thanks for reply.

RE: Getting To Know Someone Better..

Kalpataru ~ Romance is different for everyone. I loved both your blogs. The Cat one especially as I work part time in a Cat Sanctuary and have taken in orphans as a kid and all my life. My local Vet often calls me and collects me to help with a very fritghtened cat. Slow movements and a soft voice and to realise they are terrified I wish you look with that little bundle of fear and love.

I really loved your blog Getting to know somebone better was really an education for me. I do ask questions in a relationship but I would want to know more laugh I am glad you are happybouquet heart beating
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RE: The Days He Ran Away..

Kalpatcru ~ I am guessing you are the only human who bothers to feed this little orphaned kitten. He was obviously unwanted and perhaps is used to being shoooooo ed away or roard at. Many do no like or understand Cats.
As a kitten it is quite vulnerable out there, a small fluffy ball , thin and depending on you for food. If you look at teh kitten next time, and you meet eyes , close your eyes for about 3 seconds not moving, in cat language this is 'I trust you , I won't hurt you ' Try and feed the little mite each day at the same time and even a little place to sleep with something soft on it. Cats are clean and eventually he will allow you to pet him,
He has known no love. Just because he is afraid of you [as he has probably been dumped by humans ] does not mean that this cat does not love you. Lucky is an obvious name but calling him and for him/her to get to know your voice will work.
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RE: Just an observation....people are getting pissed off.

Johnny S Unlike the war years before we became relatively comfortable, having a house, or at least renting an apartment, we have become sophisticated people who have more education and expect more from life than those in the last world war did.
They had vegetables growing where they could and knew how to live frugally. People had one coat and one pair of shoes, there was more community and without cars people got to know each other.
TVs were not invented yet and it was a radio with the latest War news.
Why I sam saying this is that we have become used to comforts and modern appliances. Spoit perhaps when you consider the 3rd World. You are probably correct, when prices of basics [Food, Gas, Electricity and fuel for your cars goes down ] as do rents, perhaps people will come back to being not as angry and worrried about the possibility of war and the effect on America. Take care .wave

RE: Atlantic op-ed claims Catholic rosary has become ‘an extremist symbol’

Willy ~ Most soldiers hang something of their faith over their armour or around their necks, Crucifix, or medal or Rosary. The Muslim faith have a rosary of sorts to pray with as have other cultures and religious belief.

As for the Rosary becoming an ;extremist Symbol ' I think those who disagree with the Rosary and who are not tolerant of others religions and beliefs are the ones who may call it that.

The Rosary became a life saver in Ireland when our country was taken over and when things were bad and the Roman catholics could not say mass so had to go to hedges and say them in secret, when they had to denounce their language, their wonderful crafts and other customs.

At the time, most people could not read and write, The Rosary was a way of learning about scripture for those who otherwise wouldnot have known. I disagree with praying direct to Mary mother of Jesus and God made it very clear that you pray to nobody but him. Apart from that, these people have and still do gain great soccour and relief from saying the Rosary and invoking Jesus , Blessed is the womb of thy womb jesus.
Roman catholics believe Mary brings catholics to God.

What worries me is those who think it is an extremist symbol. It does not incite people to violence, far from it, it is a mantra, there are the various different rosaries , the sorrowful mysteries, etc, which means the people had the knowledge of much of the Bible. God bless

RE: Why Trump is running for President again

lyndsy ~ There was a time i would have politely disagreed but events and appalling behavior on behalf of Democrats and other information that has come my way have changed my mind about Donald T. I hope he gets back in . I really do. Especially with us on the edge of WW3.


Is there something in the air ? So much nastiness on here tonight. [tonight here in Dublin ]

Take care all,

RE: The soul keeper

Celticwitch ~ The woman who phoned me when it suited, who accused me of lying about my dead mother and said so publically, [sadly I can still remember, how you told the world I had told You I had a loneliness inside. In times of wars and hatred, it is sad to see you perpetuate it.
I tried being human as I do know a lot about above and you had asked the question.
How sad you keep hatred in your heart. Your blogs ? mostly drawing attention to yourself and writing about subjects you know nothing about, you over esteimate yourself and I found you on phone to be uncouth and rough, Sorry that is the truth.
For being loyal I got kicked in teeth publically, Alas I admire your over inflated sense of who you are, your a tough Galway one that is for sure, and I don't wish to have anything to do with you at all, you are not particularly good company and you suck up to people you hate, what a hypocrite.
You should try and age with some modicum of manners, Just delete and do me a favour.
I over estimate you but alas leopards don'e change their spots. You have fallen out with so many on here over the years [women ]


Bohemian ~ Can I take it you don't like Trump much ?hmmm hmmm

RE: Just an observation....people are getting pissed off.

Myself and many more people have noticed that people have become very rude, impatient and unfriendly and have no manners for older people. Driving is awful and road rage is worse. I speak of Ireland . We have more knifings [ramdom attacks on innocent people coming from work ] by gangs just for fun, cruelty to animals has gone up and an example would be a young woman in the park jogging was murdered for no reason. This used to be very rare but now commonplace.

RE: If the Bible is correct...

There are good spirits and of course God and the Holy spirit look after us but there are also Evil spirits too.
This is if you believe in Evil and in Good
I think if you look around today you can see how much Evil is in the world, and certain leaders could even come under that description. At all times we can turn ans speak to God, Jesus, always there and ready to listen to us. In our sorrows, pain, loneliness, happiness, and just to thank God for all we have or to pray for protection.

RE: The soul keeper

There are over 100 verses about Soul keepers in the Bible. They are referred to as Shepherd Keepers.
Hebrews 13 verse 17 1 Peter verse 25 1 Peter 5: 4

RE: Low Carb Diet, Fountain Of Youth

Satorax ~ I fast from approx 8pm to 12.30 the following day. I drink water though. I have cut down big time on Coffee/Tea and drink Green Tea. I try to keep my diet anti inflammatory which means certain meats are out. I hate Fish, Crab and can only eat Tuna and sardines tinned. i just can't tolerate Fish.
I am a bread junkie and that is the hardest. The foods you mention are expensive here but I am sure I could get a specialised shop. I use cold pressed olive oil on salads and sometimes take a spoon to stay regular.
Giving up Oats and blueberries [my favourite food ] was hard in the morning. I find from 8pm to 12 or 12. 30 is easy enough, Sometimes I have tea.
You are a great advert for it as your skin is magnificent, so beautiful.
Sometimes I wonder is DNA a big thing in how we age.
My GP absolutely disagrees with how I am eating. Says Carbs [the ones she speaks about are Bread, etc., are necessary.

I might give it another try as did it back when I was 40 and I might try it again. I love Eggs, Eggs and Bacon.
I don't eat any junk food whatsoever and don't smoke. Take care .

RE: Being Prepared for It

Unfayzed ~ I am so so sorry to hear of the horrific hurdles you endured. to lose a toddler is so terribly sad and how you got through the rest is beyond me. You had the grit to keep going but you have been through so much grief and you went through it.
I know back then there was not the Counselling for the various grief you went through but you got through.
I am crying here as I feel some people get hit in life so hard.
Bravo , you are still here and thank you for sharing such an intimate and sad part of your life.

RE: Know when to fold them.

Orzzz What you said about your valued being someone elses thrash , that upsets me. I have seen old people die around here and there is a house for sale. Suddenly children appear that I don't remember seeing, Where there is a will there is a relative. The skip is brought in and little ornaments and books and favourite pictures are thrown mercilessly on the pile. I always think it is so disrespectful.

As for swedish Death cleaning. I don't have a farm but because I live in a small space I have clutter, It does work but it is the getting the energy and midnset to do it without being emotional about 'stuff'
I don' t think about being on a walker or zimoframe as it is too close to the bone I visited my uncle 'till he died in a 5 star home. IT was so depressing to visit him. sitting there in a lovely room but it could have been a horses stable. The main room had music and most of the people were half asleep or medicalized and falling to the side asleep. The smells of ageing were just dreadful. I would be so depressed after those visits once a week. I think you seem to be doing well on that farm and for me anyway, living in the day is what makes thing better. Take good care.


Orzzz ~ Yes it is hard to get real answers with so much fakenews . I do know a number of families still own the world. Bildenburg, Rothchilds still have a say, Windsor , you know the rest.
Deep south would be better explained to you by Chancer , It was a Turkish name and tied up with conspiracy theories, Now we have Trump who will make hay while the sun shines because of the appalling FBI swoop on his house looking for documents taken from his time as presidency. Am thinking you know all this altready. Law and order seem to have gone altogether, not just in US but in Ireland where I live and of course we face blackouts and Gas/Electricity shortages in EU because of the sanctions placed on Russia and rightly so but still it can be very cold here and blackouts will be frequent. The price of food has shot up and .... I wont go on. Hope everything going well on the Farm.

RE: Online Urban Legend

Satoraxismundi ~ you are bang on about money coming to me.... well am hoping I eventually get money
from Solicitors to cover for very bad fall I had in a supermarket, Fell over wooden pallent left on the corner turned around and whoooosh right over broke two arms Humerus, shoulder, rotator cuff, alot of damage to back, balance not good. No money would pay for that but it was negligence so was advised to take them to court as not one person knew what to do. It was and is still very painful and you are never quite the same so yep, I hope I eventually get some money from the Supermarket via the Solicitor and pay t hem too of course. Thanks a lot for a nice reading. Feetwood Mac, love them. Thanks again,heart wings


Kornblluth ~ Many thanks for replying. I am from Ireland but have taken an interest in American politics for soem time. I am no expert but just now it seems to be crazy. FBI coming in to Trumps house wearing civvies seems off to me but there is so much Conspiracy Theory and fake news that I actually subscribed to some American newspapers that are predominately Fake news /Conspiracy theory news. They also include Politics.
Interestingly, the 'Doctors ' when I go to check their credentials are not Doctors at all and are 'nutrition experts ' or Chiropractors. Politics wise, I really am trying to get a hold of the truth. I have read a good few books. Ones recommended mostly by people in Media I respect [which is few ].
Our Papers here and where you live I am sure are now owned by big business and political parties , so you don't get the truth. The same goes for CNN and Fox.

I remember the old days when we got the daily paper and we believed all it said, mind you the editor was strict and the news seemed truthful but we did not have social media and the world has become small with all the TV s tations. Thanks for your reply.

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