RE: Toilet aerobics and walks of shame.

i have had two cats born with nephropathy. One little one was super bad and fell into the pond and drown. Mercy I guess. The other, Stumpy, is fine unless he tried to move fast. Then his back tries to pass the front and he even does somersaults. But, he does OK.
I have bought saris and salwar kemeeze from India. I marvel at the hand beading and workmanship. Read that much of the work is done by boys. Hours and hours and more of labor to sell to the US for a song. Too me they are art works.
I watched videos of the people who make vases and sculptures with cement. So now have a new hobby I didn't need. It is amazing to watch the wall sculptures done with no more than an outline and turn into some fantastic works. What I question is the longevity of pools and such done with cement only. That is Portland and is not to be used without sand or gravel. I do the fabric dip in cement but then switch to mortar.
One thing that drives me nuts is some of the fabric that they use that is considered trash. Bright colors with flowers, peonies, roses and they look fine to me. I have gone to search online for them by typing country or southern Asia and others. And those fabrics are not anywhere! They might be sheets or tablecloths or just fabric yardage. But, where do they come from!frustrated crying


I have lost sympathy for Israel. Originally they were happy to have a homeland CREATED for them out of lands occupied by others. Now they are greedy and want more and Putin. How would you feel if some group came and told you..get out of your house. It was ours centuries ago and we want it back. That is what is happening to the occupied area. I did see interviews with some people who were moving into the area. They said no one can stop us. We want it and will take it.
In a good world, if someone wants a home, they buy the land or buy the home. If the person refuses to sell or wants too much, you do not get the army to confiscate it for you. Mom said years ago, if she went back to Europe and said my ancestors once owned this land and I am taking it back..they would send for the men with white coats.
Yet Israel invades and takes and then wonders why people hit back?tongue mumbling frustrated

Gender insanity.

Perhaps we can blame our soy diets. Medical has put forth the idea that the high consumption of soybeans which contain estrogen is causing girls to reach puberty as early as 9. And boys to develop female characteristics like breasts. Also to lower fertility.
What is funny is the push to liberalize the world and free people to their own choice, is being legislated by government and ordered by schools. So where is the CHOICE? It used to be parents were the primary raisers of kids. Now it is society of liberal wokes and schools.
The confusing issue is that sexuality is being pushed at little kids, yet books are being banned. Which leads me to believe everyone is confused.
The emphasis on inclusions having the opposite effect and causing more mental illness. Which of course allows for more medical intervention to make money. And by yanking kids back and forth, suicides because they can please the woke. frustrated

RE: Logon required...

It is a method to get customers so they can attract ads. My attitude is fine. Can't view, go elsewhere. That is the fight with Musk. He backed away from Twitter because they falsified how many accounts. It strikes me as stupid for some companies to do biz on Facebook. Anyone who is not a member, either is limited to what they can view or worse. That is not a good way to attract a customer. I believe FB has been losing members too.
I prefer a companies own website but understand that is harder to create than just do FB. My local paper is on line. The rag is now owned by mega paper company. So local news is a joke. I check on line. On my old PC, they gave up trying to block to subscribe. I check on a tablet too. And think they expect me to pay to view one story a month that interests me? I look at the paper at the dentist. Take away the sports, take away the fluff, take away the new you get off TV and what is left? Yet they think those 6 pages are worth 250 a year. I used to buy that USA paper or whatever it is. Now it is 2.50 per paper. Pass.
Exclusivity only work when it is for a must have that tons want. Otherwise it is a path to oblivion. yawn

Gender insanity.

Jac, I know full well what a lezzy is. Also a queer. There is a difference between wanting to have sex with someone of your own gender and the woke idiots putting labels on kids who are going though the stages of growth. Just because I wanted to climb a tree didn't mean I desired to play with another girls hooha!barf Of course at that stage, wasn't into dangly bits either.laugh
Now the woke idiots are into colleges and making sure to hire ONLY those who agree with their woke agendas. So forget universities as being schools of thought, individuality, free speech and the un-sanctioned exchange of different view points.
As far as the N word goes, why is it OK for them to call each other the word? I view the anthropological classification Negro, less racist than black. Black singles a person out just by color, not physical differences, origins or any other things that nature changed to suit environment.
There is a tendency when attempting to eliminate differences, to only make them more so. Be whomever you wish. But, when it is shoved in my face, it makes it less mainstream, not more.scold
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RE: Over 50? What and How have you changed?

Oddly, I have gotten MORE inhibited with age.confused As far as memory is not lost. It is just buried in the massive file cabinets we have filled up in our brain for decades. I know its in here somewhere. Just give me a minute to search and find it.
I feel better when I see people on TV who can't think of a word. And that is young and old.peace

Gender insanity.

My issue is society and schools pushing all of it. I was an only child. Told I could do anything a boy could except write my name in snow. When dad needed the help of a son, I had to fill that place. But, I never was told I was anything but a girl. s*xual orientation had nothing to do with my place in the world. Mom taught me to sew and cook and how to be a lady. Climbing a tree, I wore jeans. Shopping in town, dress and heels. I fell in love with a man and thought of no other way.
Now a days..what?dunno Some woke telling me because I climbed a tree and wore pants, I MUST be bi or les or whatever handle they think...cause they know me better?
Children have phases. They dont need woke trapping them in a temporary one or making them feel bad because they wish to move out of it.
The issue with lockers and bathrooms? My guy jokes, he should put on a wig and makeup and flounce into them and get a free show. Do we need card carrying trans to prove they are not after that free show?
With the hazing of guys from guys, do we need a trans with a hooha in a mens locker room?
I appreciated the old Sears store. They still had a large lounge attached to the ladies room because it was a habit that women needed a private area to adjust clothes, rest, feed babies or kids and just have a break. We didn't need a guy claiming his space in ours.
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RE: Over 50? What and How have you changed?

I see changes with the aging process. But, a lot as I always was. One thing that puzzles me is I rarely listen to any music anymore. I was raised on classical and opera, went big on Folk, then rock and roll and hard rock. International and anything. Now seems no patience for any kind of music. My radio is tuned to talk NPR/BBC.
I now hate to go anywhere. Avoid humans as much as possible. No patience for them anymore. Foods changed. Liked lobster, frog legs, crab, shrimp, nah..just shrimp. Hated gravy, now...yes, I'll have a bowl.laugh
Dress has changed. Never wore flats, now most of the time. Displayed feminine charms, now no mini skirts, shorts, bathing suits or halter tops. YIKES! I turned into those old ladies I didn't get!doh
Was not into politics, now more so. Hobbies changed somewhat.
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The joys of communism. I see how young men are fleeing in mass from Russia to avoid the call-up.

RE: Your daily dose of Donald... 9-22-2022

That one did take the cake.rolling on the floor laughing In that vein...hey, what do you mean...I thought paid for that. Or, I dont need a furnace..I will just think it warm.
Either Trump thinks he is Omnipotent or just tosses out babble to obfuscate things.
What I question is...OK, Trump had stuff in his house. Which I am sure is guarded like that brick *****. Now a bunch of people ransacked the house under the guise of the law. And hauled that stuff out and transported it and went over it. Wouldn't that have put it at more risk than in Trumps house that most didnt know was even there? How many people had access to it at that raid and after? dunno

RE: As the Queen passes...

News was confusing and often wrong. What I conclude is the coffin lay in state at Buckingham. Then to the Abby for funeral one. Then sank into the vault, but, did NOT stay there to join relatives, but traveled again to Windsor for another funeral. And that is where the crypts are and where she will stay. Then that night, the family finally got their private funeral time.
As far a pomp and circumstance goes...this was insane. I hate any rituals or ceremonies. Married by Judge, bury as small as can. I saw mourners and staff gather to stand and wait. Some guard yells, they move 10 feet or turn to face the other way and...STAND AND WAIT!doh frustrated It can not take that long with a rehearsed program to get the show on the road!
And that is what it was...a show. All to honor a woman who is gone and wont even know. I always say funerals are for the living cause the dead dont care nor know.
When they sang God save the King and they showed Charles face, his look made me want to cry for him. He looked so sad and forlorn. Even with his age, he still wants his mommy to not be dead.
Now I saw there is some guy who says he is the rightful heir, born of Camilla and Charles who was 17. I doubt he has rights. But, as far as does he look like them both! The guy is older than Charles so was born first. That would be one mess. Like those movies. And the guy has kids also.doh

King Charles gets peevish.

I know protocol and duty and all....but give him a break. He is 73 years old, not a child. Being a year less of his age, I no longer am up to walking and walking on sidewalks, pavement or anywhere for protracted time or distance. I just feel sorry for him having to march, walk and stand in one place. Even a soldier at the coffin fainted and I doubt he was an old man.
I believe Charles is conflicted. He was groomed to be King and then it seemed his mum would live forever, til he went on making his own life. He wanted to be King until it ceased to matter. Now as an old man, he is. He would have appreciated it more when younger, not as a crotchety old man.

RE: One's shoes and shirt says so much...

My dad usually wore a suit when we left to go into town to shop. He said one owes it to others as a sign of respect to dress clean and neat and as well as one can.
It drives me nuts to watch TV and see people interviewed on the news or talk show and they look like something the cat dragged in...AND back out again. Do women not comb their hair anymore?
Dad mentioned to mom once about a woman in the store with big rollers in her hair. In public like that??
Mom said well perhaps she has an event tonight and wants to look good for the people. Dad said isnt she with people now?doh

RE: Fiona is currently a hurricane...

Poor Puerto Rico. I think nature wants to erase humans off the island. As well as half the flora and fauna. They barely recovered from the one 5 years ago. Between the 100mph or more wind, surf, waves, foot of rain..when a hurricane gets done, it can reduce a town to rubble. Or a low island has been swept clean of everything.
Tornadoes swing and veer, hop and can last a few feet or miles. And has a path of feet or a mile or more. A hurricane can cover miles and miles in a circle and sit there for as long as it wishes. And then swirl around the eye and come back to do it

Cant scam me, I'm to dumb!

My cell is a pre-paid flip phone from Tracfone. It is a smartphone I guess. But, had all internet shut off. So I can text or call. But, when I am charged per minute and have limited minutes, do not use for calls except when desperate. The bad part of AAA is when they stick you on hold. I used my guys cell one time and AAA was on hold for 20 minutes.very mad doh I also do not answer any calls that are not in my contact list. If no name shows up, its a telemarketer.
I carry a cell for emergencies like a life line. Or if I am doing craigs so no one knows my landline and cant trace me. My cell shows me at the tower 40 miles away. Good luck finding me.
I dislike phones in general and avoid using them. I am not going to waste my few call minutes on someone yapping.roll eyes A phone is a tool, not entertainment.

RE: Aboriginal people living in Canada are Not Canadians.................this is different in America?

Now the US calls them Native Americans, not Indians. I talked to a man once and he said he thought it was all nuts. He had no issue with being called and Indian. Same I saw a website that said women were OK with squaw. That was a legit name for a woman. And only the white man used it derogatory and made it wrong.
Same goes with the classification of Negro. Just did a survey and race was listed as Caucasian, black/African American and the rest. Why not white/Caucasian? When did Negro become a bad word. It is a scientific label. Why not just black American. Many never originated in Africa.
As long as Governments, surveys, census and the rest demand what race, racism will never end.

RE: Waiting 14 hours to see the Queen...

I find it crazy to stand in line for up to 24 hours to view a coffin. She doesnt know. And 40 people ended up fainting in line. With ten days to bury, I think a closed coffin makes sense. And people can remember her smiling live face, not some corpse.
I feel sorry for the family. Instead of private mourning, they have to entertain a circus.sad flower

RE: Covid is such a f*cking pain in the a** when it comes to the job market and customer service

We stick to our vaccines for us. Now the joke is the new and improved shot what? Prevent covid like the flu shot doesnt prevent the flu? All run to get the new shot against...once again...the current version of an always evolving virus.
I hear if someone hasn't been previously vaxed, they can't get the new shot. So what then? That person is to go get 2 of the old shots, plus 2 or 3 of the boosters and THEN the new shot?doh Talk about a cash cow for Big Phama!wow
The joke is media keeps harping and a ton of people are acting like there is no threat at all. Resort towns are full. Events are packed. The only empty places are stores because no one can afford to buy anything.
Some venues still think that vaxed people are the only ones to allow. Even though it has been shown that the vax and Paxlovid do little against covid.
OH it stops death and hospital. Tell that to those hospitalized, vaxed ones who have had it 3 times. Unless you can replay that person without being vaxed, what proof do you have it did anything?
I just read that the millennials who got the shots death rate soared to 84 %! From the vaccine!
I follow my own common sense. Stay back out of range of germ bad humans outside. Wear a mask inside if around them. I dont want ANY virus. I hate runny, red, chaffed noses, coughs, vomiting, diarrhea and all those fun things from colds and flues. I dont care what name it has.


LOL. Putin says his army is not retreating or being slaughtered. They are re-grouping elsewhere.rolling on the floor laughing
I thought right from the get go...Putins excuse is fear the Ukraine would join NATO. My answer was so admit them immediately. No more fear of it. Done deal. Now what is the excuse?

RE: One's shoes and shirt says so much...

How do you tell in a time where office casual became slob daily. I was taught lazy in dress, lazy in life. I crack up at jeans that are more holes than cloth. People paying $50 to 100s for pants I deem worn out too much for the barn even.
My parents were at a lunch counter once. Sitting next was a well known lawyer in town. Later dad told mom, he had noticed frayed and dirty cuffs and worn suit. He said who wants to hire a lawyer either so poor at his job or so careless. He said he had more respect for the farmer in bleached white, carefully mended bibs and sparkling white town shirt than that lawyer.
It is nuts that the young set great store on influencer brand names that look like Goodwill rejects. And pay insanely to buy them.
Must have white teeth but shoes that look like dumpster trash.
Guess people are raised to be themselves and that includes no respect for themselves or for others.

RE: Biden regime in full desperation mode

That is not a wave. It is a guitar on its side. Swan song for Dems?dunno Notice that the Repubs are loyal to the cause, whatever you think of Trump. The Dems? They can't abandon ship fast enough. Even stating they do not want Biden to run again. And some are turning to Repub.
The way the raids are going is mimicking Germany under Hitler for sure. I am surprised they aren't just planting drugs and arresting anyone who sides with Trump.
The point they fail to see is unless they pull a Putin and jail anyone who runs for office...they are just enraging the voters. Sure there are people who pay as much attention to news and politics as they do to chess tournaments who swallow whatever they are told to do without question. But, too many people now are getting politics shoved in their faces by media and social media to not become aware of what the Dems are doing. So rather than irate the beegeebers out of voters by actin like thugs, wouldn't they be better served to just back off and show a kind, loving face? Yeah, I know. It would stick in their craw to pretend to want to help the peasants.doh
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The Queen had to deal with tons of crap. Old rules didn't count anymore so she had to get with modern it or not. Diane was not suited to the life. Acted like a spoiled brat often. The age difference between her and Charles, plus upbringing made for an ill match. He needed a virgin to bear the heir and the the spare. But, otherwise she needed to fade into the woodwork like a proper English royal wife. Speak when spoken too. But, she had other ideas. Rather like your teen today acts to your rules. So he snuck off the the old cow that was his peer and didn't make waves. Talk about the War of the Roses, that is what Charles and Di became.
In a modern world where people divorce left and right, the royals saw no reason they couldn't. And the Queen was stuck. Give in or else. Old rules are out.frustrated
Apparently she saw more eye to eye with Camilla since they were closer to age. And as any mother, what makes your son happy...well...bite your tongue.
She made an edict that she changed her mind about Camilla never being more than a Duchess. And that she be named Queen Consort.
It is 2021, not 1921 nor 1821. Of course go back farther and we end up with Henry the eighth.laugh roll eyes
So Charles gets the job cause what else can they do.frustrated

RE: Bannon and the wall...

He always gave me the feeling of being a sleazeball. One of those grifters who canoodles someone in power for personal gain. I think Trump got flim flammed into thinking the guy was his buddy. Doesn't surprise me if he did skim funds. He is for himself, first and prime most.

RE: Biden regime in full desperation mode

The only thing the Dems and Biden HAVEN'T done is take out a contract on Trump. I guess they figured it out, then everyone would know the Dems are insane.
What I wonder is how do we know ANY incriminating paper they hold up is real and not manufactured by the Dems to say Trump bad.
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RE: Queen Elizabeth II, longest-reigning British monarch, dead at 96

Compare her to the Queen Mum, her mother. In a time when women were reserved and expected to tend to health and home, she lead a nation and took on un-womanly tasks.
Think of what she did and saw in 96 years. And era ends.
No more that girlish, impish smile that warmed everyone.bouquet

RE: Trash or Treasure?

It is sad how many people think what they dont want is trash. I miss the good old days when the town had pickup for stuff that wasn't ordinary garbage. People could set out furniture and whatever big objects on the curb and the city truck came around to haul off. What it became was a free for all. When someone asked the city about it, they said PLEASE take. Saves the city landfill!
Talk about a feeding frenzy. Cars and trucks drove the streets. If you saw something and had to turn around....too late. The car you met grabbed it and it was gone.
I have a pie safe in my dining room I created. Saw a 3 drawer dresser sitting. Stopped to look. Owner came out, knew me some. Said for sure take. And you should take this ..and this...laugh roll eyes Uh...that too, but not all your junk. The dresser is solid wood. One drawer was missing. I stripped it, stained and varnished. Left one drawer on top and put a shelf in instead. Made a frame and did a punch design out of a brass sheet of metal. Added hardware and turned a blue and white painted hunk of junk into a pie safe worthy of value.
My motto is dont see what is..see what it could be.thumbs up
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RE: Biden Explains We Can Only Come Together As A Nation By Exterminating The Republican Half

There is the old idea that if one ignores a pest, they give up. But, Bidens hatred for Trump, along with the rest of the Dems, makes sure Trump is ALWAYS front page news. They are the best ad ever to keep him front and center and give the people reason to question the brains of the Dems.
Biden spewing hatred for MAGA and those who support it, is off the wall. Make America Great Again is a phrase that makes sense. It doesnt mean we wish to Saint Trump. It means we agree with a businessman, not of the cabal of DC, that things are screwed up and we think new directions should be taken.
The whole speech was mega creepy. From the date to the red to the backing of military, it smacked of a dictatorship. Either the speech writers are out of control, Biden showed his true colors..or the writers WANT to out Biden for what he really thinks.
I have seen hatred for the other party. Hatred for a POTUS. But the rage the Dems and Biden have against Trump is beyond normal. It borders on stalker insanity.
Why? Because he is an outsider? Because he threw a wrench into the Clinton dynastic plans? Because he woke the people up to how out of control DC is?
The Dems are outraged because the people are defying their lib ideas. We are trying to block their tax and spend policies. Like little children, they are throwing a tantrum. They sound like little Greta dare you.
Guess what? We do dare you. And this November more than ever, we will be voting Repub. Bye Bye Biden. By the way...anyone notice how he acted when he de-planed the other day. He comes down to be greeted by a woman soldier, another women and a man. He shakes hands with the soldier and hangs on. Then he goes to the other woman, shakes her hand and really hangs He moves in, making sure she can't get away. Leers at her and keeps her close longer than proper. Finally he releases her and briefly shakes hands with the man. What a creepy old uncle sam.doh
Long ago there was a shampoo names Gee your hair smells nice. If they made it today, he would be the spokesman for it.barf
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RE: Ol' Joe Attacks The Don/MAGA Political Opponents In Independence Hall Speech

Basic question..what the H were they thinking! Lets do a red background that resembles a Hitler rally. Or the devil. Then let him..order him? To rant about a man not in office anymore who gains glory every time the Dems bring him up. Tell him or let him alienate everyone he slaps a MAGA sticker on and turns Dems and Independents off with his sour grapes.
If this is the true Biden..the Sith Lord, the demon spawn or the dictator from 1939, no wonder they keep him muzzled!
Funny how everything he blames the Repbubs for is exactly what the Dems have done and are

RE: Transgender crazy

Blame media. Blame woke. Blame influencers. Attention seekers. Social workers. Schools. I never knew about LGBQ whatevers as a child. I knew about hermaphrodities because we had a piglet born with both male and female and mom explained it to me.
As an adult, became aware that the restaurant owner was queer and the "friend" that hung around from the city was his partner. My first belly dance teacher was a queer. But, no idea if he had ever been with anyone. If so, it stayed private. People back then existed. They didn't strut their stuff anymore than a hooker,pimp, or bar fly did.
Now it is the way to stand out. And we have morons who want to be so supportive, they push the agenda to the max to jump on the band wagon. Plus confuse kids who are just going through the normal part of being kids.
I was a tom boy. Why? Cause dad had no son to help on the farm. Plus boys didnt seem anything more than pests. I could do what they could. Til around 16 when I figured out if your praised them, they threw more hay bales than you had to. rolling on the floor laughing
It is normal prior to puberty for kids to be neuter. Boys are fascinated by fancy dresses and dolls and the attention girls get. Girls want to ride a scooter and hammer nails into boards cause the boys get to do it. Boys adore moms and girls adore dads. In time, they learn what they are..girl or boy. Not not binary crap.
DNA is XX or XY. What clothes one wears or surgery one does, changes that. Male. Female.
Stop cramming it down peoples throats. Be how you wish. But, dont make me praise you for it. I dont, grope privates on my guy in public and I dont want to see you doing it to your...roll eyes
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RE: More Olive Oil...

Of all the oils, extra virgin oil is the healthiest. I use some but went back to frying with plain vegetable. I use butter for pancakes. Lard some too. I plan to render beef suet and try that for fries. Found out MCD didnt use lard, they used beef fat. Which is why their fries USED to be good.

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