RE: And I said..

applause wine

RE: Probably a stupid question but -

laugh laugh

RE: Dickey Betts RIP...

R.I.Psad flower

RE: Men start their own movement...

I can't argue laugh handshake

RE: Men start their own movement...

I'm too old fashioned for this new movement.


RE: O.J Simpson dead at 76

thumbs up
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RE: Kurt...

Kurt and Nirvana (and other bands) brought us grunge. I just read Dave Grohl's book, and his roots were punk. The amalgam of the band's music was so interesting. It's a shame Kurt killed himself. Such a great band...

Grunge was a new niche, so in that way Kurt Cobain's legacy did change the landscape of music.
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RE: Not a terrorist act

I used to drive over the Key Bridge to work in my early 20's. I still can't believe what happened...sigh
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RE: He's letting you know...

I bet eating that 26-year-old bag of Cheetos either added 10 years to his life, or subtracted 10 years...laugh

RE: Man 64 yr-old man seeking woman, 18-35

I'm 61...

It's a close calllaugh

RE: Have you ever wondered why girls are the way they are?

It is a lot of work to sift through the scammers and liars. I hope you will meet someone who you can build a relationship with. I've been off and on the site since late 2005, and I've seen many relationships happen. Keep posting to the blogs and forums.

Welcome to CScswelcome
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RE: Why men with EPILEPSY DISABILITY can not find a good girlfriend

Hang in there. My best friend is paraplegic and he found a wonderful wife when he was in his mid-40's.

Are there online groups of fellow epileptics you can chat with? Maybe the group can guide you or there is a woman there just waiting for a guy like you.handshake
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RE: Sincerity vs hypocrisy

Your point about selfishness is very insightful.

However, I believe most people have goodness in their makeup. We all tend to wear public "masks" to cover up who we really are inside. These masks can be for personal reasons such as an illness, fear or self-consciousness.

I have faith that most people are honorable deep down inside. I may be misguided but I hope I am right.

RE: a single attractive man

Jealousy is a weak man's excuse to stir up trouble. I've seen guys start BS fights because someone glimpsed at his girlfriend/wife.

I like to call them arseholes...laugh
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RE: Not punishment enough in my opinion

She's lucky the toilet didn't clog and she had to call a plumber...uh oh

RE: Louie Louie Lyrics...

Years ago, I went to a Louis Louis party. This was before the internet. The idea of the party was to try to figure out the lyrics to the song. Nobody got it right even after drinking many shotslaugh

RE: Virtual

What is a virtual toilet like?dunno

RE: 1 Year 4 Months Later

Keep up the good workthumbs up
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RE: We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

I was partly joking toolaugh

Nobody is allowed to live in the Grand Canyon or on the Great Wall of China. Israel is all of ours as a world heritage to mankind. The displacement could work...

RE: We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Noone gets to live in Israel (Palestine). Move everyone out and declare it a world monument.

Build hotels and restaurants for visitors. All proceeds go to the displaced inhabitants.

Inhabitants get to move anywhere in the world they choose paid for by the UN.

No occupancy, no war.peace

RE: Matthew Perry (Chandler Bink in Friends) died Saturday after calling 911 to say he was drowning

sad flower

RE: Life Update(s) and Bringing My A Game

There is nothing wrong about doing what makes you happy. If you feel like this is what you want to do, go for it.

It's difficult to find someone long term. We all have expectations of what we want and what we will bring to a relationship. I believe in today's society everyone is in a rush. A better approach maybe you should seek is go slow, date a few guys here and there, and find out if you can mesh with someone. You are still young enough to take your time and use patience.

In the meantime, go with what makes you happy. Find someone you want to have "fun" with. There's nothing wrong with that. It's your life and you need to live the happiest life you can. BTW, anyone who tells you to fix something about yourself is not worth listening to. You have the power to be who you want to be.hug
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RE: Life Update(s) and Bringing My A Game

I believe in live and let live so I have no judgement to make. However you may regret this decision and where does that leave you?

I'm 61 and my libido is fine. It differs in some people but keep looking for the right man to fall in love with. I have never been married nor have children. I have been on the site since 2005, but I keep hope alive.

I hope things work out for you.thumbs up
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RE: How many of you let go of the past.

My mom gave me great advice. Give all your pain from your past to God.

It worksthumbs up
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RE: Suzanne Somers, rest in peace...

sad flower

RE: Connecting Singles

Don't take the site too serious. Have some fun with it.

You may meet never know. Good luckhandshake
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RE: The word from L A..

Go Stros Gohandshake

RE: The word from L A..

I feel your pain...I'm an Orioles fan...blues

RE: D!ck Butkus R.I.P....

Hell of a linebacker...pretty good actor too.sad flower

RE: I want to go on a cruise ;)

A friend and his wife...and hopefully with someone I knowgrin

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