RE: Oh God Please?Help Us!

Not sure God has been sitting back waiting to be asked ... doesn't work that way.

Don't follow world news, it is designed to make people anxious and insecure. Nobody can shoulder the burdens of > 8 billion people and stay sane, and at least 10% of what we are told is complete BS anyway.

Follow local news and be the change in your local area when and if you can. After all if we all did what we could to secure our own corner of the world, it would be entirely made up of secure corners.

Not even sure why I am commenting, mind, but that advice about being the change in your own patch, that's the way to feel less helpless and overwhelmed.

RE: It’s not only WHAT you say, but also HOW you say it…

Well - context is important. Say I was buying something major like a car and the funds were entirely mine and my partner was trying to persuade me to get the car he fancied, yup that final decision is always mine and I might say so without thinking it could be hurtful. It IS arrogant.

If that was the way things always were, then definitely time to accept being under his / her heel, or resign as doormat. People don't abruptly become arrogant, at best they just hide it for a while, and some don't mind, some do. Some reach a breaking point and a few ill-chosen words become the final straw.

Take the husband who said 'understand this, work comes first, sport second, family third'. It was his way of laying out how a particular day would be prioritised but wife took it as his declared philosophy for their marriage. Went down like a bucket of cold sick, but that was also because that particular husband and wife didn't really 'get' each other in the first place. They're divorced now. The irony? Family was unusually important to him. dunno

Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

Colour me completely impressed, WOW good on yer. Back when I played a lot of squash I did notice after a break it took me a week or two longer to get as fit as my non-smoking opponents. I'm very competitive, got there eventually grin

And holy crap re the price, I remember going to Oz back when it was $12 a pack and being shocked THEN. $35 is INSANE.

RE: September 11, 2001

Definitely one of those "where were you" moments. I was at work when the news broke of the first tower and we all started Googling to find out what on earth was going on as rumours were going nuclear especially when the second hit happened and more planes were suddenly out of contact. I do remember our PM of the time scuttling off into a bunker and it was actually William Hague from the - at that time - opposition party who came on TV to share what information there was.

sad flower

Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

I gave up must be 10 years ago now, with patches, and stayed off for a year but although I didn't miss it per se once the habit was broken, I gained a ton of blubber. Losing a parent was the excuse to start again and for a year or two more I stuck to a few in the evenings, then was under huge stress at work and cigs were the only acceptable excuse to run and hide for 10 minutes every few hours - oh well. Losing (most of) the blubber was a definite plus. I already said I smoke more than I would want to in an ideal world but every time I cut down I plump up even though I'd swear I'm not eating more!

Cigs here are around the 5€ mark for a pack of 20, some brands cheaper. Most of that is of course tax so UK prices are a source of huge revenue to the country wow I think the actual price of production is around 1€?

RE: Where Covid is in the US today, a nuisance to those vaccinated.

First time round it was ages before anyone I actually knew got it, this variation now doing the rounds in the UK has affected many I know, including one who'd neither had it nor been vaccinated and is in her 70s. She said the bout itself wasn't bad but the lingering exhaustion took her by surprise and is proving hard to shake - she's usually a dynamo and very frustrated by her slow recovery to full energy. The other people I know who got it were disgruntled but not too affected. You know the Brits ... their reaction to most things, good OR bad, is "can't complain" ... laugh

Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

I LIKE it applause those who live by statistics rather than actual, you know, facts, or context, will be staggering rolling on the floor laughing

Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

Honestly not sure if you're using her make-up free look as a good or bad example? English skins are fabulous, hotter countries take more of a toll. As a blonde in a hot country she'd raise no eyebrows for an example of nearly-50 and she's bone-thin, nothing to plump out the crinkling?

But I'm not hotly protesting that smoking is a good thing, you know. Not at all. Just waving a gentle flag at a kneejerk prejudice grin
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Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

Yes, that's the kicker. Smoking has some horrendous side-effects, directly affects heart and lungs, and my real fear is not lung cancer (I've lost 3 to lung-cancer, one quit at 30 and died at 79, one quit at 29 and died at 68, and one died at 61 having never smoked) but hideous complications like emphysema.

There's literally nothing, taken to excess, which won't kill us - I read not that long ago of a woman who died from drinking too much water. Cancer stalks us all, it is a mutation which can be triggered at any age, anywhere, and perhaps by anything - stress is increasingly being blamed and smokers can point out that they are less stressed. dunno

The dialogue should be more "smoking makes you stink, makes you breathless, will affect your physical quality of life" rather than "smoking will automatically kill you"

Apart from anything else that opens the door to anti-smoking campaigns aimed at kids, the whole emphasis can be changed to 'smoking is for old people, want to look old and uncool, wheeze shuffle?' which I reckon would stop kids in their tracks rolling on the floor laughing

RE: The humans are fading out.

Nice thought-provoking blog!

Seems to me the birthrate started dropping with the invention of the Pill in 1960 and as you said, the more intelligent and / or highly qualified people are, the less likely they are now to have children, so the big families are not always adding a lot of quality to the top end of the table. 8 billion people out there and probably still the same number of actual high-achievers as there were 50 years ago.

For what it's worth, not too clued up on Japan but I know China only restricted to one child per family in the built-up areas, farmers were allowed, even expected, to have big families. The Chinese govt even, when they noticed the boy-girl ratio was becoming a problem, allowed the rich to 'buy' the right to have more kids, so having a 2nd or 3rd child became a major status symbol. Now, anyone can have as many as they like and please get on with it as there's a bit of a panic. The aging population is bearing down heavily on one grandchild currently heading towards university age who is expected to support 4 grandparents and both parents in luxurious old age ... no pressure, eh? Chinese women who don't want to marry and have kids but would rather focus on their careers are facing real hostility.

Nearly all governments are anxious to cherrypick hard workers and anyone with useful skills from the refugees shuffling round the world because all governments are facing a top-heavy percentage of older citizens expecting pensions and a fully-staffed efficient support system. Most governments letting in all and sundry are gambling heavily on the majority of the incoming wanting to work and improve their lot in life, pay into the system, and support the future. I do agree that handouts sufficient to live on is counter-productive. If people aren't hungry they won't get out there and work their arses off. If people are starving, however, they can't. Neat trick to balance THAT one.
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Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

Wowzer I'd have quit too wow I looked it up, the condition isn't automatically caused by smoking, but sure as hell stops smoking being a good idea. handshake

The point of the blog was that there's some BS out there about smoking. We all know smokers who died young (where "young" is under 30 score + 10), but millions have quit because of health warnings, because the tax is so heavy on cigs, because they are social pariahs and tired of lurking outside for their nicotine top-up, and yet cancer is on the increase and stress kills more people every day, and it is getting harder to blame smoking when the only exposure in their lives was from the neighbour 3 houses away who must have killed them by smoking in the garden ... mumbling

I walk my dog 3 times a day, puff up hills and long flights of stairs, but do walk around my small town (which is largely built up a small mountain) to shops and cafes and friends because using the car would be ridiculous. Non-smokers for sure cope better with the steeper roads. I'd never call it a healthy habit but my life is not a series of coughing fits. snooty I definitely smoke more than I want to. In a perfect world I'd enjoy a cig with coffee and one after meals and no other cravings to bother with, but that WOULD be perfect. On the down side, I really do not want to live to a ripe old age so maybe I should quit.

Anyway. I did find the research interesting.

Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

I'm the only person I know socially who still smokes, moping so I had to mine this rich seam rolling on the floor laughing

Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

Not going to get into the shrill debate about smokers and covid because that's one giant can of worms.

Smokers who caught covid badly undeniably had a double whammy. Same is undeniably true with flu. Smokers who get it, get it bad. Fact.

But also fact - smokers are generally less likely to catch colds, flu, etc. Google crashed when I asked why. wow

Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

This is it, the last update from me on the main blog - but the first one blew my head open, I see spots if I run 100 metres -

The World’s oldest marathon runner, Buster Martin, smoked 20 a day and ran the London Marathon at the age of 101. He died at 104.

Dorothy Peel, from Hull, East Yorks turned 110 in 2012. She attributed her longevity to giving up the evil cigarettes. She quit when she was 106.

Batuli Lamichhane from Nepal was smoking thirty a day at the tender age of 112. She really ought to quit if she doesn’t want to die young.

In 2003 a satirical report was done on Italians in Milan – “two already 110, five are 109 and 12 are 106. Another 217 are only 100. 167 just turned 101, and 115 are 102. Over 35,000 Milanese are in the age range between 85 and 94, yet there, the report says, they are, indulging in despicable habits such as coffee, grease-filled brioches, alcohol and – worst of all – smoking Tuscan cigars that stink more than any diesel tailpipe, poisoning their peers. Some of them even “do” cigarettes, having indulged in the deadly habit for over 94 years.” Well, that was 20 years ago, after all. All new old people by now.

(There’s no similar report on Spain, but cigarettes remain affordable, longevity is up there with the highest rated countries, and yes it could be the olive oil, the Med diet, the ingrained habit of preparing meals from raw ingredients, but a lot, a LOT, of Spanish smoke and that’s as at 2023)


Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

Christian Mortensen (Denmark) died at 115, a cigar smoker for most of his life, and still smoking them. He’s only officially the 2nd oldest man who ever lived and the Japanese guy who made it to 116 never smoked. dunno

Brazilian man José Aguinelo dos Santos smoked a pack of 20 a day and died at 129. However he doesn’t appear on the list of oldest verified men so take that with a pinch of salt. There are a couple of heavy smokers who claimed to be over 140 in Nepal but their birth dates couldn’t be verified.

Formerly Britain’s oldest man, George Cook, died at 108 in his sleep, having quit smoking at the age of 97 after smoking heavily for 85 years. I didn't check out the current oldest dude's habits, getting a bit bored now and suspect I'm losing my readers anyway.

Your habits will kill you – eventually. HOW many smokers died over 100??

smoking Milton Berle said he’d smoked cigars since he was 12. “I figure if George Burns can smoke 20 cigars a day his whole life and live to be 100, why should I worry if they’re bad for me” Didn’t work for him, he only made it to 93.

smoking The Philippines lost one of that country’s most prolific and beloved composers and lyricists, Levi Celerio, who wrote the lyrics for more than 4,000 folk, Christmas and love songs, and died after a bout of emphysema. Obituaries noted that Mr. Celerio was a chain smoker. He was 91.

smoking Gregorio Fuentes, who skippered Ernest Hemingway’s fabled fishing boat, the Pilar, for more than 20 years and is said to have been the writer’s inspiration for the embattled fisherman in “The Old Man and the Sea,” died at 104. Yup, smoker.

RE: If a Fly Lands in Your Drink, Should You Still Drink It?

rolling on the floor laughing applause

RE: If a Fly Lands in Your Drink, Should You Still Drink It?

Blogs are public so it is courteous (and possibly wise to avoid copyright issues) when quoting to credit the author or publication - in this case Primrose Freestone, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology, University of Leicester. (Google says) her article was republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. .

Thank you, it was interesting bouquet

RE: Wonder if this will lead to a multi million pay out ?

Another story reports "It was later confirmed by the Worcester Police Department in Massachusetts that Harris died at his home on September 1 with police and paramedics present." (note - we live now in a world where media cannot even report basic facts reliably - did he die at home or in hospital? consult your preferred source for their who-cares-tell-a-story take)

“Harris passed away unexpectedly at the age of 14 from what we suspect to be complications due to the ‘one chip challenge’ (autopsy pending),” his family’s GoFundMe said.

The GoFundMe account has already raised $21K 'towards funeral expenses'.

Funerals in Massachusetts must be VERY expensive.

RE: Stupidity or crime

There was a polaroid of me in the nude taken in my 20s (very tasteful, soft lighting, positively artistic) which fretted me for YEARS after we broke up. Now I'd now be perfectly ok with it being spread about rolling on the floor laughing

Have to say I think it's a great law. The emotional blackmail of knowing someone who once loved you and now hates you having photos they could vindictively spread about, the crashing feeling of betrayal if they did? I've been very careful since that Polaroid not to permit anything on film but did learn a bloke I'd had a fling with secretly video-taped himself with an earlier girlfriend and the sheer icy shock of thinking there could be images of me canoodling somewhere on tape ...

wow uh oh very mad frustrated

He SWORE he hadn't. I murdered him anyway. Well, that law hadn't come out. I had to. dunno
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RE: 4 zodiac signs who genuinely enjoy being alone

As it happens I know examples of all four signs well - my father a Taurus, my daughter a Virgo, a couple of close Leos, and I'm Scorpio ... so yup, I'd fully agree my Taurus was all about comfort first. Don't know about alone time, he married 3 times, twice for a better lifestyle which also involved a very hectic social life. He did insist on a study and spent time in it between gigs so, okay. Couldn't bear to be alone for too long, though (like I said, 3 marriages, 2 of them bloody stupid decisions)

Yup, my Virgo is very social but never has a dread of being alone for a while. Still, I've noticed that although the main man is encouraged to take lots of boys time including a week or longer away at frequent intervals, there's a lot she gets on with socially. Not sure she's yet ever spent substantial time alone.

Leos, well, the Leos I know best, don't know if this counts as alone time but they can SULK and hold a grudge better and longer than anyone else. A month? Please. My cousin, who used to be sister-close, won't speak to me because we fell out over covid. Doesn't probably help that I was right and lifting restrictions didn't wipe out 30% of the population ...I only know two well so could be I am entirely wrong but so far as your blog goes, alone time, they don't really like it. Self-aware? No.

I don't know many Scorpios well, although I was engaged to one once, kaboom, thrilling high-octave stuff but too much intensity is unsettling. Spending lots of time with anyone for us is unsettling, we like best unexcitable calm people but also find them exasperating without lots of alone time to re-set. I used to wish I was a happy sociable Pisces ...


RE: 4 zodiac signs who genuinely enjoy being alone

Hey, there are 3 kinds of Scorpio! There's the soaring Eagle extrovert, the grey Lizard introvert who runs and hides and the sullen vindictive Scorpion who will sting others to death even if they die in the process too. They all seem the same on the outside, only when you get to know them do you know which they are at heart. I reckon you've bumped into a couple of scorpions there ...
sad flower

RE: Not 'FOR' or 'AGAINST'

I don't automatically hate anyone but I get closest to it with extremists and you've just underlined how totally illogical this right-wing lot are. We saw the hysteria even here on CS when a cross-gender man was nominated one of the Women of The Year under Biden's watch. Now, a hint of war, they like him. Next bend-to-the-left decision and these muppets will be hanging him in effigy again. Logical? Even a whiff of actual thought involved? Uh, no.



That chilled me wow Also reminded me that 10 years ago a few French wine-farmers were already buying land in Scotland against the day France would be too hot to grow decent grapes, wonder if they've started working the Scottish farms yet. What seemed like a long-term investment for use in decades to come may be needed pretty soon.



Does suit Mimi though laugh


Here's wishing you a comfortable glowing autumn and a nice crisp not-too-cold winter with hot chocolate you can sniff at, then ...

I think we're done with savage heat for now, will let next year worry about itself, for now I have turned my life-saving 8 speed lounge fan down to 1 and my 5 speed bedroom fan ditto and in just a few months I'll be wearing long sleeves and can whinge about being chilly, whoop whoop. laugh


I think France also had its bursts of serious heat? But yup too much rain vs too much heat, that's not a bundle of fun either

Are you a white duck or one of those fancy colourful ones? daisy


Yay it rained, it rained! Actually it bucketed, and there was even a bit of hail, and I got caught out in it and was soaked and it was bloody lovely yay joy cartwheel elephant

And now it is cooler and life is worth living again cheering

RE: Ok, So . . .

That's a challenging agenda. Depression kinda beats itself when you have the rest sorted, one day you'll suddenly realize the clouds have cleared and the skies are blue but telling yourself not to be depressed is like trying to blow real clouds away by puffing at them. Been there, done that, it took a while. So put that on the back-burner to clear itself.

You're not alone, especially on CS. Lots of us putting on a brave face, strutting confidently, BS deluxe grin But you're not alone anywhere. Most people have secret anxieties. Hiding them, working round them, is part of being alive.

First big decision, get into something where you HAVE to get up get dressed get out there and if a job is not an easy option in your area, how about volunteering. EVERYWHERE needs volunteers for litter clean-ups, working with rescue animals, helpers at retirement homes, teaching English to refugees? Others will have suggestions particularly relevant to your area.

And stick to it, reliable volunteers are worth their weight in gold. The hardest part is showing up. Everything else evolves slowly but naturally in a group of regulars working together, can take time but the sense of purpose and being needed and making a difference makes you feel worthwhile during the process and that's good in itself.

Way easier said than done. handshake Like I said - been there, done that, changed my life around 10 years ago. Clouds still come and go but that living under heavy cloud 24/7, that has to go - and does.

When I logged in this blog came up as current on the right-hand side of my profile, not so much? But that's why it took so long to comment

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Don't melt!! There's a Spanish drink, tinto de verano, red wine with a mixer such as lemonade, in frosted glasses - one thing about hot Europeans, they invent lots of long cool mildly alcoholic drinks for emergency relief laugh

Enjoy, enjoy cheers wine beer hug

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