RE: Presidential Immunity

There was a South African president, Zuma, who had quite a few charges put on hold while he was in office and tried very very hard to stay in office, especially as a few more had been stacking up. When he was finally ousted he turned to ill health as his defence and was far too sick to appear in court.

I haven't been following the case and no idea the final outcome but while becoming an elected leader may be an effective defence, it's quite elitist and something of a gamble, not your average get-out-of-jail-free card. Can't see a convicted felon being allowed to become a leader, though, surely. Mind you, just Googled that, and yes not a problem.

Talking of which, and this is NOT a blog hijack, mild interest only, did you know the first ever lottery is popularly supposed to have been to raise money to fight the Spanish Armada, in QE1 times, and one of the prizes was just that, a get-out-of-jail-free card? Back in those merry Tudor days they could have done a brisk trade with "keep your head on your shoulders" cards, think on.
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RE: Why me Lord

I had a close shave donkeys years ago, could have gone either way. Since then I'm not so much puzzled as to why I lived as much as no longer afraid of dying. It was harder to turn back than it would have been to drift over the edge.

(There really was a white light, but apparently that's a common hallucination as the body shuts down dunno)
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RE: I hope this blog will be read by the men on this site, even though they NEVER try to read my profile

None of my business but ... you may over-estimate the number of men on this site, and how many who welcome the law laid down before they even blink, IN CAPITALS NO LESS, with someone asexual and therefore not remotely interested in sex?

It begs the question why join at all ... you have effectively walked into a singles bar and shouted DON'T ANYONE EVEN THINK OF MARRYING ME but hey, I never tried that, maybe it has interesting results.

For what it is worth, only people reading your profile while logged in will show. So you could be rejecting someone who was so fired up by your profile they logged in to tell you so. dunno
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We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Robrt! reunion think hard, you just need a cap grin Anything you think a perfect (or perhaps just likely) future would hold ...

RE: Study

I've studied this topic myself. Seems to ME women like men who make them feel good dunno Of course that means putting them front and centre and pandering to their every whim rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Traitors And Deserters

This from a man who totally ignores rational arguments on his own blogs rolling on the floor laughing I no longer bother but a few times in the past I've made a strong debate point on a blog of yours and awaited a response with interest but in vain. roll eyes
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Shooting is definitely taking it a bit far. Just knock them over, as in this clip.

Back in 1955 women wearing black sashes started standing quietly in public spots near South African government buildings, heads down, in silent protest against proposed legislation eroding the rights of particular members of the civilian population. They were arrested, or moved on, but quietly, slowly, and stubbornly, they changed mindsets. The laws still got passed but the ongoing silent protests started people talking, and thinking, (and yes, arguing) instead of merely accepting divisive unfair laws as "someone else's problem".

Current protests are huge, violent, destructive, or at the very least incredibly irritating, and as often as not an outlet for the attention-seeking, and the reactions provoked can be oh so OTT.

Thing is, the laws still get passed and the ongoing protests make people angry and usually anti, instead of standing together against unfair laws which are NOT always "someone else's problem". Ask not for whom the bell tolls. Go find out.

We're not always aware of things are governments are quietly doing against our liberties or rights. Me, I'd be far, far, more likely to look into why the sashes were out than if someone grinning like a hyena and high on adrenalin threw yellow powder over me, or trashed a business near me, or defaced public property. But that's obviously just me because protests are very, very fashionable.

frustrated very mad
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RE: Traitors And Deserters

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RE: Expat...

An expat, from several authoritative sources, is someone living outside their country of origin. To quote the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language as an acceptable source -

1. An expatriate.
2. An expatriate; a person who lives outside his or her own country.
3. A person who is voluntarily absent from home or country.

Citizenship is not usually a factor and expats are often temporarily in a country for a year or more for work reasons. They do need to apply for fiscal residency permits, which in Spain are issued for 5 years at a time. When those expire one can apply for another, or apply for citizenship, whichever.

Citizenship involves taking an exam in the language of the country testing knowledge of both the laws and history of the country. So I'll be applying to extend my residency, then ... I do pay full taxes, in fact as a fiscal resident I can even vote in local elections, but not in national ones.

As for Canadians moving down for their permitted 182 days before they have to pay taxes - in the same blog you say your son-in-law became a citizen in "less than a decade". That's the thing. American citizenship is neither quick nor easy. laugh It also carries a tax requirement for life. Actually any American seeking to become an expat should also be aware that the US government will tax them, too, for the rest of their lives, even if they move and take citizenship in another country. Not the only government to do so, a few non-EU others do, but quite a few American expats here hadn't realized and although their Spanish taxes are taken into the reckoning, they are still forced to do dual tax returns every year even though every penny is earned in their adopted country. So those Canadians have some factors to weigh up while they are there spending money in your community, paying rates and local taxes, and generally paying their share into local prosperity ...

Since your blog was about filling in gaps, hope this helps with that. professor


RE: Relaxed old age my foot!

You're going through a hell of a bad time hug


RE: Goodbye...

doh got you. Should have remembered your DST dates are different, we (Europe and UK) do it last weekend October and March.

Increasing numbers of people are saying it is time for it to go, the only reason it hasn't gone is that some want to stay on original time and some prefer the DST version as a permanent option. Argument continues. I'm happy enough it goes, since I spend at least a week each time being misled by kitchen clocks and the car telling me I'm either late or early.

(I like the DST version but not that fussed, just pick one and stick to it).

RE: Traitors And Deserters

Glad you finally made it home, Riz, although your heading still says "NOT in etc etc". You had to spend quite a while in That England when trapped by That Covid.

You did make the move for comfort reasons, I think, rather than to leave your countrymen in the lurch ...

RE: Traitors And Deserters

I was a tad offended by the topic, seeing as I'm living in my 4th country so far and generally to avoid those mismanaging the first 3 countries. God knows Spain isn't perfectly run but on the bright side I don't understand a word of any political arguments. dunno Sure as little fishes I could not have changed things by staying, one small voice in the wilderness, and I knew it would be tough as hell moving away from the familiar and comfortable and I gambled I had enough grit to make a new, safer, more secure life by going.

Except for the well-funded it is NEVER easy and it is ALWAYS a gamble and it is ALWAYS because things are bad and look as if they are getting worse.

That said I do think you're maybe talking more about refugees than migrants. I'm a serial migrant, if a migrant is someone who moves on by choice and not at a flat-out gallop with the dogs of Hell War and Persecution snapping at their heels?

RE: Traitors And Deserters

Oi, sunshine. You say in your profile you're a 9th generation Huguenot. So if your ancestors hadn't realized the persecution rampant in France at the time was destroying their futures you'd be blogging in French now - or never born, because certain key people in your family line had been snuffed out. At a guess they struggled big time at the start in Africa but did they do it so that 9 generations down the line you could call them traitors and deserters???


(Quite often here on CS I make brilliant debate responses (I know, modesty too) but instead of a response, I cease to exist so far as the baffled debaters are concerned. Forever more. Is this totsiens, meneer? Say it isn't so! rolling on the floor laughing)


rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Goodbye...

confused the sun?

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

I don't want a shot man bleeding all over my clean floor rolling on the floor laughing

I did realize recently that given the choice between a loving steadfast reliable bloke and a small golden dragon of my very own, I'd choose the dragon in a heartbeat love

They're as likely as each other, after all, and no question which would be more fun heart beating

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Awwww thank you hug and yup, carrot and swede mash is a DEFINITE sign you need to hibernate until strawberries reappear rolling on the floor laughing

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

A world heritage why, because of Christ? Those battling for it are not Christians, whether Jewish or Muslim they don't care that a man born and raised a Jew founded another religion. The Muslim countries involved in fighting Israel would be perfectly happy to eradicate all Jews AND all Christians.

As a point of empathy, all of us cling to our identity to some degree. I lived in Scotland for 15 years, and that, combined with being there during the independence struggles, really brought it home to me. Scots were displaced by the conquering English taking their ancestral homes and dividing up much of the country into sheep farms, from around 1750 onwards. They scattered all over the world - there are only 5 million in Scotland, it's estimated there are over 50 million people who identify as Scottish (my granny was Scottish, you'd be surprised how many have some trace of Scottish blood) and they STILL violently resent that landgrab. They don't want or need to return to Scotland, they've been settled worldwide for generations, but Scotland is their country of the heart and there for them, at least in theory.

As an English-speaker living in Spain, tolerated by the Spanish rather than exuberantly welcomed, I kind of get it. And if I was ever persecuted for being English-speaking, I have English-speaking countries to escape to. Even if they are not MY country we share a language, beliefs, lifestyle, I could make a home there, even go back to Scotland although I cringe away from 6 month winters! Israel is the only country that >16 million people can think of as their ultimate home although only 7 million live there

Arab Muslims have many Arab countries - 22, Google says - but Israelis have only Israel. The wandering Jews, when originally displaced well over 1000 years ago, have worldwide been at the very least resented for stubbornly being 'different' and often historically isolated in ghettos and persecuted. To get back their own country at last in 1948 has an importance it is hard for the never-displaced to understand. They will fight and die to keep that tiny toehold of desert intact as home because they had too long as rootless wanderers. Whether one approves of their religion or lifestyle or beliefs or determination is not really their concern. Israel was theirs in biblical times and it is finally theirs again and where else, with roots stretching back thousands of years, could they call theirs?

Anyway, sorry. Damn my default tendency to get all serious! frustrated Moving on ...

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Me too although I did notice the scammers backed off, philistines rolling on the floor laughing wait till you see my Christmas one. Even more gorgeous wow

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

I'll be mumbling through porridge by then or insisting on hard-boiled eggs. I suppose silly to fuss, I do eat sausages and I do know one must never ever look up what is ground into sausages. All those leftover bits, waste not want not ...

uh oh

RE: Feminism has wrecked homes, families...and now the planet.

Of course, this is just meant to be some comedy...hope we all get a good laugh from it.

You could try moving to a country where women aren't educated and know their place, happiness is important and you owe it to yourself to look for a place where you could be happy. There has to be a male paradise out there which is financially dynamic AND successful AND totally male dominated, and women are the gentle background comfort they should be. I mean there must be dozens.
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We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

I'd also heard the number of spiders and flying bugs we swallow in our sleep is alarming. Yuk.

Insects are seriously considered as meeting protein needs in the future but not necessarily looking like themselves - ground up into tasty powder. No shortage of bugs, after all.

Do yourself a favour and don't look up the 'permitted' content of bugs in regulated foods. barf some are really, really gross. Mushrooms are grown in pretty mucky conditions but I still didn't need to know up to 20 maggots "of any size" permitted in just a four-ounce tin / can. Citrus juices can have five or more fruit fly eggs and one maggot per cup. A chocolate bar could contain up to 30 insect parts before the manufacturer starts raising eyebrows and breaking health and safety rules.

I may never eat again.

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Pass ... uh oh

Although it is true enough beer is never bought, merely rented rolling on the floor laughing

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Write very very small or use more postcards rolling on the floor laughing

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Trouble is there will always be wars. You have something here, though. Take it further? Shift everyone around? Forget history and tradition and beliefs which cause nothing but trouble, and make everyone move to another country - while we're at it, since we're talking the future, hey, send all lawbreakers dissidents and troublemakers to another planet, end of THAT problem rolling on the floor laughing

The huge advantage is that no society could be hostile to newcomers, or be offended that they want to keep to their own customs and beliefs instead of fitting into their new country, because EVERYONE would be displaced. SORTED.

I've also thought before that sorting people by age could end a lot of grumbles. The UK has a mild climate, turn it into a land for the elderly (over 80?)and put them all there. No more 'the young of today' rants.

I am of course joking. Well, partly joking.

RE: The difference between a Human and an Animal.

Cats are the only animals I can think of offhand that torment and kill for fun.

RE: The difference between a Human and an Animal.

Ah well we kill off those we don't like while trying to find ways of prolonging the lives of those we do?

But it does puzzle me that abortion is against the law in so many places that have capital punishment. Those most likely to be hanged or generally terminated tend to be the ones that were unwanted, neglected, or badly treated, children growing up to hate the world.

RE: A World Without Crime

Didn't intend to derail your blog, just to say there's not only a lot of employment through crime, as you said, but actual profits being made which would be lost if crime was eradicated. laugh

Also didn't intend to offend other readers. US facts and figures are transparent where other countries aren't, and a solution is a solution. I did say I didn't have a problem with it as a solution. My bad to also comment it could be abused. Should have left that to be pointed out.

Born with my foot in my mouth. foot in mouth only open it to change feet. sigh


We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Suggestions on a postcard please.

We need help. Add suggestions for an orderly future

Population - even with people having fewer kids on average, there are so many of us already many more people will be born.

Inevitably in about twenty years time flesh-eating aliens will start gathering hungrily around the planet. People with money or connections could be concealed for the duration of the emergency, with a good supply of GM patties and dried, pickled, preserved and tinned food. When they emerge there will be a few million at most.

Start over


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