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RE: Best group photo of all time

I was never at one of those attractions but apart from the nice idea of getting the photo, I noticed that the parents completely ignored the seal, it was just to get the photo, seems strange to me. I expected they would give it some attention before leaving, but not even a backward glance.

RE: Hydroxychloroquine perspective. Big pharma forces driving narrative?

So you take just enough Hydroxychloroquine to make reversible damage to your retinas but try not to cause worse damage than that. Sounds sensible, I suppose. This damage, as you call it, that you are trying to achieve, is it to improve your vision? I haven't heard about it before. Some people get Laser treatment for their sight. Would you consider that as an alternative. What you’re doing sounds a bit risky. Good luck with it anyway. Let us know what happens. sad flower

RE: An announcement to the Irish

RE: Roe vs wade reversed

Emergency and rape cases are excepted.

What LJ says is clearcut, Abortion is not contraception.

RE: An announcement to the Irish

Corrected my post.

Upon re-reading that last post it didn't look right.
It should have been 'we' or 'one'.


RE: An announcement to the Irish

I was in Galway for a year on a contract but I don't remember the rain. I always intended to move to the west like a lot of emigrants do from Dublin.
I do remember Teresa Mannion, I don't have a TV so I pictured her blowing off the pier in Salthill, haha.

Isn't Ireland great, you'd never be stuck for a conversion starter.

I wonder what was the longest conversation ever, about the weather, before you got down to the more serious concerns of the day.

You could always spend a few weekends in sunny Dublin with your daughters, go to some venues and forget about the rain for a while.

RE: Bio-weapon

rolling on the floor laughing professor rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Bio-weapon

I've lost track of the number of University Degrees he must have. One thing is sure and that is he is a Master of BS.

RE: 6 Lies that led to the 1973 Supreme Court ruling allowing abortions

I agree with you but it is apparently an acceptable form of birth control in America.
A woman Government Official in New York said that 34 million women would be put out by this reversal. That's more than a few emergency cases.

RE: An announcement to the Irish

We only had rain during Friday night. Before that I don't remember when it rained. I took to watering the garden, with a bucket, in case there was a hose ban.

RE: Bio-weapon

You may find that some of these bloggers get paid for reposting rubbish on social sites. They get more when it attracts attention, ie posts and comments.
So better not to feed them.

RE: Where does bad shoes go when they die

laugh Once a year whether I need to or not. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Where does bad shoes go when they die

I don't know.

Well done on doing your bit. That along with keeping old cars going must be helping. thumbs up

RE: the wonderful brightness brilliance of the guitar

It may be a demonstration of skill. There may be easier or other ways. She is tapping with her right hand fingers, not picking. Each tap gives the note at that fret. Although she may tap, pull off or pluck the string depending which note she wants combined with the relevant finger positioning on the left hand.

Another thing is that she only uses the plectrum whereas she could use thumb and fingers if she or someone else chose.

For economy of movement the electric guitar is actually better, even with plectrum only.

Take a simple downward three note progression on the high E string, A,G,F. This can be done with only the left hand in three movements.
With left hand in place, pinky over A, 2nd finger on G and 1st on F#.
Hammer pinky on A gives you A
Pull pinky off A gives you G
Pull 2nd finger off G gives you F#.

With traditional classic style it takes 5 movements.
3 (rapid) picks with right ring finger.
And lifting 2 fingers of left hand.

So all is not what it seems.

RE: Where does bad shoes go when they die

And we humans have destroyed (and made extinct I think) half of the good bacteria species in our gut. This has been progressively occurring over the past 100 years. So think about that one too. help

RE: Some things I’ve learnt along the way…(pt. 3)

I mean how women think, I've no idea, so can't advise on that topic, I'll leave that to women to figure out.

RE: Some things I’ve learnt along the way…(pt. 3)

Ok, you're the boss, but having something on your mind for 30 odd years has to have some significance.

I didn't comment on the 2nd part of your blog because 'Romantic Love' is more a womens thing.
So good luck sorting that out. uh oh

RE: Some things I’ve learnt along the way…(pt. 3)

Being aware of the affect our interaction has with others is good but not to the point where it overly troubles us.
If we are receptive to hints of our bad behaviour and our annoying habits that is a good thing because we can within reason rectify certain things for the sake of harmony. That is normal and we hope others are like minded.
You may remember our discussion on controlling behaviour. I still think that is something that needs some attention.
One shouldn't try to change others, unless it is really necessary. If your mindset is to change someone for the 'better' then this may be how you deal with your own 'flaws'. If someone tries to change you, that is not right, but if they hint or later strongly hint that something you are doing is socially bothersome then you may obsess over it.

Have I completely confused you now? laugh hug

RE: For the gun-lover!

In a perfect world you could have time to train people how to use a gun before you send them off to fight, but if you don't have time to train someone, say a 17 year old and they don't have experience because they weren't allowed own one. dunno
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RE: For the gun-lover!

I just noticed that a person must be 18 to buy a rifle and 21 to buy a handgun. Yet they can be called to serve as Militia at 17 years of age. Am I mistaken?
I'm referring to the USA.
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RE: Will Sanctions Work?

After 2014 invasion. Quote.
"The sanctions proved to only bring the Rotenbergs and the Kremlin closer together. The Russian legislature even tried to pass a law, called "the Rotenberg law," which sought to compensate citizens who had their assets stripped by foreign governments. It didn't pass. However, the Rotenbergs have been compensated generously in the form of lucrative state contacts that got even bigger after they were targeted by foreign sanctions."

For example the Crimea bridge.

After 2022 invasion. Quote.
"Western authorities are again targeting the Rotenbergs and other Russian oligarchs in response to Putin's second invasion of Ukraine. This script is similar to the prequel, but the sanctions are tougher and more coordinated than they were after Putin's first invasion of Ukraine. Last time, the sanctions proved to be largely ineffective. The people of Ukraine can only hope that this time will be different."

Who knows.


RE: CS market share in different EU countries

Quote "3758 Irish women on CS of that same age range in a population of only 5 million."

Approximately 500 active this year, less with photo.
The rest are dormant, from 1 to 10 years old.

RE: CS market share in different EU countries

CS own words in large print on their opening page.

"100% Free Online Dating Site."

RE: Jan 6 investigation is a laughable matter

I notice some people are still discussing the state of the American Republic.
If you are trying to distinguish America from all the Republican countries I already suggested that you use the words Federal Republic, which it is.
To call it a Constitutional Republic does not distinguish it because all Republics have a form of Constitution.
Calling it a Democratic country doesn’t distinguish it either.
Are people at odds with the words Republican and Democratic. I think this is the root of the problem.

America is a United Federation of Republican States.

Your Constitution is vital and unique. It sets America apart from the other Republics, but using the word Constitutional in the title does not.

RE: Jan 6 investigation is a laughable matter

You could also call the USA a Federal Republic because it is a Federation of Republican States.

The fact that it operates as a Democracy and the laws are based on a Constitution is very relevant.

The main thing to be concerned about is that it was not conceived as a Socialist Republic.

After a revolution a country usually declares itself an Independent Republic and the default new government is a Republican one. This can and does change in some cases.

The USA was one which remained pretty much as was intended. France was a different story.

RE: A B C ...... of . j feelings in A...

conversing She's gone to work on her apology. This should be good. yay

cats meow violin

RE: Favourite songs, favourite chanteuse, and what a guitarist!

Here Les Paul introduces his new Black Box.

RE: A B C ...... of . j feelings in A...

Aw shucks Witchy it's just a lovers quarrel, we'll get over it. moping blues mumbling

RE: A B C ...... of . j feelings in A...

Ok and just to finish. I remember that some time ago you (I think) advised a blogger / poster about recognising a source of information, further showing that the advice being given here was informative.

RE: A B C ...... of . j feelings in A...

I hadn't a clue what was meant by the statement.
But why miss the opportunity to promote oneself.laugh

This is a list of blog comments created by Merlot54.

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