The Elephant In The Room

Hello Lee wave

Well...all what I've been writing about the matrix, this game of life, and our role in it etc, requires some critical thinking.

We, as Source Players (with a soul) are only 1.500.000 in total incarnated on this earth. And, maybe, only half of whom have raised their frequency.(?)
And we have our own script - which can be changed - and takes about 5 % of our energy.

The other non-player characters (soulless ones), AI/entities are the backdrop people and are here to push our buttons and provoke fear in us, and other low frequency emotions.

The world stage takes about 90% energy and, if we pay too much attention to it, we're using up our own energy, hence lowering our frequency.

We can only be observers to what's happening on the world stage cool

The Elephant In The Room

Haha Jaja...I somehow knew that you wouldn't be amongst them. wink

Re drug problem...?
What kind of drugs are you referring to?
You mean connected to the vax?

If they're taking drugs, it may be due to their state of they're affected by the world events and how they react to it, causing depression, anxiety... or...following the pandemic and the vaccinations, the unemployment etc ?

It's only going to get worse..doh sigh

Please, JaJa, do NOT get into the "fear/worry" mode!

The Elephant In The Room

As you put it, yes, it sounds drastic.

I agree, heat can drive people mad. It certainly had that effect on me.

And, on top of that, people who have survived those deadly injections, their DNA is going to alter and they will turn into zombies.
Some already have!

Hopefully you're not amongst them JajahJung?

I hope I will have left this dimension by then.
I have been working on raising my frequency for the last few years.
If you (and Butch?) want to do it too, I can certainly help you.

This world/dimension is going to be quiet chaotic, and pretty ugly!
We need to get out of this matrix/virtual reality!

Dolores Canon also talks about the "new earth" in one of her latest books.


The Elephant In The Room

That's right, Lee.

"Giving their mind to be controlled"...
I call that: Giving our power away and empowering the lower entities.

We find this, not only in the political arena, but in every day life...
And on CS!

Those in control (entities) are feeding on our fears, anxiety, worries, confusion and frustration.

RE: your body is not yours

Our body is an AVATAR during our time on earth.

RE: Stick it up your Nose: Mask it


The Elephant In The Room

That's right.
One needs to learn how to think for themselves and also use critical thinking.

I always question everything, and not just accept what I'm being told.

I like inquisitive people!

The Elephant In The Room

Whichever they will perceive, Lee. dunno

"If a tree falls in a forest and no-one is around to hear it, did it make a noise?"

There again, it's all a matter of perception, interpreted by our five senses. dunno

Nice to see you back, Lee, taking part in "deep" conversations. wink

The Elephant In The Room

Re the matrix...
He was blind and could still see...?
That's a proof that we're in a simulation.
Everything is an illusion.

The Elephant In The Room

Hmmm..interesting question???

Animals changing gender, as far as i know/heard, only reptiles can do that but, before hatching out.

As for humans...never heard of that!

RE: Stick it up your Nose: Mask it

Hi Johnny,

"Excess death"?
Well, it was all planned, wasn't it? wink

Maybe "collateral damage"? Hey?

RE: Stick it up your Nose: Mask it

"Transhumanism" has been predicted for a long time.

And now, we're seeing it with our own eyes.

Remember, Seaman, that all those children are born without a soul.
They are Non-Player characters in this Matrix game of life.

Those kids, and the AI entities, will eventually take over humanity.

The Elephant In The Room


Where have you been?
Did you read my last comments?

RE: A Blog is

Hello Pat,
Nice to see you back.bouquet

The Elephant In The Room

Back to your question JaJa...

Everything is happening on the world stage:
Politics, wars, pandemics, climate change, natural disasters...
To cause conflicts, fear, worry, confusion...

It's all part of the virtual reality and some fixed events are occurring at certain points of the script to cause emotions in this duality.

The Elephant In The Room

Hola Jaja. wave

Why do you think the elephant has gone fat?
He's been a little bit lonely lately.
So, maybe he ate too much to compensate, hey? laugh

Which part of the Matrix did you watch?
The first part?
The more you watch it, the more you will notice some parts you've missed, some symbolism.

I'll get back to you regarding the climate change....
To be cont'd...

The Elephant In The Room

Hey, RA..
I tried to contact you but...your settings won't let me???

The Elephant In The Room

Hello Itchygirlie

Yes, that Snowy guy?
True, we've always been friends- and still are!
But he's not a poet.
Not that I know of?dunno

The only Irish poet I know is that optimist guy...he has just disappeared from the face of the another dimension.

The Elephant In The Room

Hello wave

A poet from Galway?wow

I know one from Dublin.. Will that do?

And I have a friend in Galway too, but he's not a poet.

Sorry, I don't know Bill either. dunno

Now, why did the Witch directed you here, I wonder?
Does she think I know all the Irish poets?

I only know of Oscar Wilde. Will that do?

The Elephant In The Room

A question...
Has anybody ever had a "visual snow"?
Something like seeing pixels?

Apparently, on a few can. dunno

The Elephant In The Room

Hi Seaman...
There's always room for another one as my elephant is feeling a bit lonely. wink

Long Covid? you know many who have it?

Now it's the flu season and they're pushing people to have their flu shot, which is probably combined with a Covid booster.grin

Btw, Source Players, apparently, do not get infected.
They're supposed to be protected against such illnesses because of their frequency level.

(Having giving up meat, sex, and other indulgences and addictions, they are above the red zone).

If you have, Seaman, then you're safe! wink

RE: ARTlantica EcoVillage-projekt for south-portugal

Klingt gut! thumbs up

RE: What groups have you seen live?

I saw the Beatles and Rolling stones in 1967 in a concert in Bournemouth, England.
Spoke to Paul McCartney who signed my LP.

Also Cliff Richard and the Shadows, same place around that time.

Then, the famous pop festival in the Isle of Wight in the 70s, with:
Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, the Who, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, etc ...
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The Elephant In The Room

Oh well...whatever...
I'm not really worried about what he said or didn't say. dunno

The Elephant In The Room

Did you see it?
Anything special happened?

RE: Better to be pissed off than to be pissed on?

Actually, I know of some people who practise urine therapy...drink it and also use it on their face.

Also, using semen as a face mask.
Some creams actually contain some.

The Elephant In The Room

Yeah but...
He already knew what was coming.
He wrote it in his books a few years ago.

He was warning people.
And, as it happens, he has been right all along.

He is indeed a "dangerous" man...
Because he knows too much. uh oh

The Elephant In The Room

Hola chica wave

Could you please explain ?

The Elephant In The Room

Many things are happening on the world stage this month.

Presidential elections, food and fuel shortages...
a lunar eclipse today...
New revelations and disclosure...
The Elites and their agenda being exposed...
Global Energy shifts.

Remember not to get involved!
Just ride the tide...
And be an observer from a big screen.
cool teddybear

RE: Bio-weapon

Luckily for me, I never have flu shots...and never have the flu either.

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