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RE: Cranky old bugger!

I would have thought that old buggers were in fashion this day n age. Young ones too.

RE: Oh how sad! The great Christian resurgence in China has been deleted...

Has anyone considered, though, that talking about religion might be offensive to the sensitivities of atheists? It is not unconceivable that mass irrationality may result in despair and an overwhelming sense of helplessness in some individuals. I experience this when I watch trump fans arguing their pro-trump babble, for instance.

RE: Stop typing ect.


RE: Oh how sad! The great Christian resurgence in China has been deleted...

Yeah. Especially given that such a thing happens every day innit?

tsk tsk tsk.

RE: Who would win in a fight, Pelosi or Trump?

Would you still say the same thing about him if the ole creep had to tell your daughter or wife that it would be a pretty picture to see her drop to her knees?

RE: Oh how sad! The great Christian resurgence in China has been deleted...

I remember being fascinated at first by religious studies, so I took up reading on the side and my religious excitement was soon quelled by good old hard and cold logic. Yes, religion has no rational basis *whatsoever*, I concluded, but like many other things (elves, gnomes, santa, etc) it cannot be disproven, so I chose to believe and to attend the classes anyway.

One fine day (I must have been 12 or 13), I was told (and encourage to agree) that religion and reason go hand in hand. That's when I vehemently objected. I happened to attended church school back then, so all hell broke loose. "A bad influence on his peers", the rector defined me.

Very long story short: I never backed off from my conclusion that religion is irrational, but I still choose to believe. Why? I am unable to answer this question.
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RE: Oh how sad! The great Christian resurgence in China has been deleted...

You seem to be enjoying the decline of Christianity. I, for one, am not delight by that. Truth be told, most people need to believe, so if Christianity declines, chances are that some other religion will replace it and you may not like the replacement even more than Christianity.

You'll see.
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RE: Who would win in a fight, Pelosi or Trump?

Whether he meant it or not is actually irrelevant. It sure gives a good indication of how he perceives women imo. Now, I am not gonnae condemn nor condone his behaviour, nor judge him based on that. There's plenty of other subject matter to judge him upon, and the conclusion is that he's mentally ill - irrespective of which angle you look at it.

RE: Amazing rendition

I'm sure this kid has a future in music and he's certainly got a good singung voice but I'll stick with Richie's. You know, one always takes a massive risk when trying his hand at such iconic songs imo.

RE: Who would win in a fight, Pelosi or Trump?

I think trump would win. He'd grab her by the, well, whatever...

RE: Killer Motives

That's most definitely the most complete and satisfying explanation. Thank you, d4n.

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

Educate yourself about online etiquette. This is not fn 1903, yae ole fud!

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

1. Be Civil. Stick your caps up your anus.

2. Your convention is only your own. No such thing exists in mathematics. Leading zeros are implied. That is why you can leave them out and we often do (less writing is better) but you are absolutely free to include them and would be absolutely correct in doing so.

3. Good fkn night

RE: Married men looking for women on the side

Coming from a 60 year old, I am rather impressed. Keep it up pal! No pun intended there. uh oh

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

I guess the solution you are after is:
S=9 E=5 N=6 D=7 M=1 O=0 R=8 Y=2

But really, in addition to the one above, the following are all solutions:
S=6 E=4 N=1 D=9 M=0 O=7 R=2 Y=3
S=3 E=7 N=1 D=2 M=0 O=4 R=6 Y=9
S=8 E=4 N=3 D=2 M=0 O=9 R=1 Y=6
S=3 E=8 N=2 D=1 M=0 O=4 R=6 Y=9
S=8 E=3 N=2 D=4 M=0 O=9 R=1 Y=7
S=7 E=4 N=2 D=9 M=0 O=8 R=1 Y=3
S=7 E=5 N=3 D=1 M=0 O=8 R=2 Y=6
S=6 E=8 N=5 D=3 M=0 O=7 R=2 Y=1
S=2 E=8 N=1 D=7 M=0 O=3 R=6 Y=5
S=7 E=3 N=1 D=6 M=0 O=8 R=2 Y=9
S=2 E=8 N=1 D=9 M=0 O=3 R=6 Y=7
S=8 E=5 N=4 D=2 M=0 O=9 R=1 Y=7
S=5 E=7 N=3 D=1 M=0 O=6 R=4 Y=8
S=6 E=4 N=1 D=5 M=0 O=7 R=3 Y=9
S=3 E=7 N=1 D=9 M=0 O=4 R=5 Y=6
S=7 E=5 N=3 D=9 M=0 O=8 R=1 Y=4
S=6 E=8 N=5 D=1 M=0 O=7 R=3 Y=9
S=7 E=6 N=4 D=9 M=0 O=8 R=1 Y=5
S=6 E=5 N=2 D=4 M=0 O=7 R=3 Y=9
S=5 E=7 N=3 D=2 M=0 O=6 R=4 Y=9
S=7 E=5 N=3 D=4 M=0 O=8 R=2 Y=9
S=3 E=8 N=2 D=9 M=0 O=4 R=5 Y=7
S=7 E=6 N=4 D=3 M=0 O=8 R=2 Y=9
S=5 E=8 N=4 D=9 M=0 O=6 R=3 Y=7

When the Going Gets Weird!

Why do I find it so hard to believe that the CIA would in any way, shape or form have any sort of interaction with a geezer as unstable as Jones? Hm.

I think Jones is a quack. He's a charlatan. He talks a lot of rubbish simply because that makes (made) him cash. He don't give much of a shite about the repercussions of his babble and that's criminal. The victims' families suffer years of abuse and threats because of his completely baseless allegation! Shame!


aw. This is so racist. There's no such thing as a black cloud anyway. Clouds scatter light. If they scatter light too much, then they might appear dark.

Did I just go off on a massive tangent there? uh oh

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

Fargo did but he didn't give us all the answers. By the definition of the equality sign, I still sustain that the two other solutions I proposed, which require L to be 0, are valid. laugh

RE: GOING GREY… and embracing my ‘roots’.

Without going into much detail, the hair don't impress me as much as other things in women. Of course I am talking about their intellect and so on. Most definitely so.

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

Robert, pal, init time you stop bugging this fargo chap here, aye? Lets all try to get along, shalt we?

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

These puzzles are only for boring old bstrds like us three, pal. I find them kinda better than you typical pub quizz though. We ole geezers should meet up somewhere, someday and have a nerding session over a few pints of guinness and handfuls of peanuts.

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

Agreed. Though mathematically, the following holds:

(0+4+9+1+3)^3 = 4913 = 04913 = 004913 = 0004913 = etc.

Anyhows. Good puzzle/s. Cheers.

When the Going Gets Weird!

The kiddies cannae speak because of the lockdown? Like, don't you think that that is a slightly exaggeration? I think them kids ought thank us cause they'd either have died or never been born in the first place (their parents would have croaked) was it not for the lockdown!

On a different note, I wonder how many kids were conceived during the lockdown. I bet everyone was hump like hamsters to kill time.

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC


L=7, O=8, G=1, I=2, C=5

Why cannae L be zero? Is there a specific reason or is that just a condition/restriction?

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

Alright. I get it from Merlot post. This is not an equation and it is not math either. Is a puzzle I suppose. So, LOGIC =/= L*O*G*I*C. That defies math convention which throws me off immediately.

Anyhow, if I understood correctly, then the followings are all solutions:


RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

Well, frankly, if L, O, etc are digits (single), then this equation does not have a solution. dunno

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

Well, assuming that L, O, etc are single digit whole numbers, then L, O, G, I, C elementOf [0, 1, ..., 9]. There is 10C5 = 252 combinations. So, if we had to take a brute force approach, we'd have a few computations to deal with.

RE: Anyone want to try (L+O+G+I+C)^3 =LOGIC

So, the L, O, etc would be unknowns?

When the Going Gets Weird!

Well, well, well. Worthy (and others) would undoubtedly have a lot to substantiate in front of a judge. Luckily, we don't have much of an audience here, so he's pretty safe. laugh

RE: What do i have to do or change on my profile to get noticed?


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