RE: Life's big picture

CC a good point of reference might be animal husbandry.Some persons are naturally prolific and from there you might discover animal parentry is equally valid to them.
rolling on the floor laughing I was thinking of George Foreman and all the little Georges.
Men can be unique!

RE: “Supportive” Husband

I hope you could elaborate, because I'm not familiar with this pageant.

Why are some Miss and others are Mrs., and Miss Gay is not gay, right.


RE: Antique

Too bad we can't listen to the master voice.


Lucky you!!

RE: Life's big picture

What you attract in your 20s should not be the same later in life because in traditional thinking that solution is:
better or worse
richer or poorer
sickness and in health
In other words,being attracted should be relatable in mind, honest and able to face your future together.

If car maintenance can be an analogy, then you already expect that you do not throw it away because you are not a mechanic.We need others to help us maintain longevity in relationships too.

No one intends to have a partner then go isolate with them and your offspring for the rest of your life.

You find your partner and the inner circle will grow beyond the couples'
needs..if you are mature and kind.


The rest of my answers are
it's just natural that we are not
clones,or trans anything in this particular scenario.

rolling on the floor laughing God knows I have met many that have tried.

RE: Feminism today.

applause good idea, goodnight

RE: Feminism today.

Well this blog was very informative again on this old chestnut, I mean
the topic IS very controversial.
Maybe it will take a new invention,like they say someone has to reinvent the wheel, or grease the wheel.

Have a great Memorial Day !
Time to chill or I will have weird dreams.

RE: Feminism today.

"Yes, a lot of ladies are turning to O.F."

doh I don't even know of O.F.

RE: Feminism today.

rolling on the floor laughing

Johnny these skills must take time.
I must write BloodyBrilliant and Ummka about these "mysteries".

The Americans forgot our true needs and put the pu**y on the pedestal.
No cats were injured in video, I can attest to that much.

RE: Feminism today.

his crotch


a threesome


Maybe it was a code wearing those sandals...hey baba want some gonush.

No hate in that.

RE: Feminism today.

Are you sure Robert didn't go to Croatia, he could launch a song or DVD set or teach them volleyball.

RE: Feminism today.

cheers I am moving to Croatia then.

RE: Feminism today.

Oh I guess you'll miss out on the eggplants then too.

RE: Feminism today.

I would say the Revelation afterwards was that the woodcutter was not a dainty or a woman either, you can not judge by the size of one's axe.

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Feminism today.

Just watch the first few minutes of woodcutting daintily,then stop.(you only see feet in sandals)

rolling on the floor laughing I was just wondering what you thought during that part of the video.
Dad and I had finished watching ninja warrior girls compete for $50,000 on TV and I went to chill in my room and saw this amazing feat.

RE: Bakhmut has fallen.

There is a livestream chat right now.
There is a wrench, moderator.
There was a live poll.

RE: RIP Willy..

Hapylady thank you for providing this link.
I have posted at this site my condolences, and honor him as a veteran.
sad flower
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RE: Ladies

doh NO!!!

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: True Love

And then...rolling on the floor laughing

RE: True Love

RE: What if we are biological robots

Yes Patti...we are heading down that path where even our thoughts are not private...

I thought this might be dubbed, or in Robert's case.. cool <-something about those glasses.
Like the FreeGuy.
I mean the re-sale guy.

Have a great weekend!!

RE: Update on my illness.

Have a happy Holiday comfort

RE: Update on my illness.

rolling on the floor laughing
This turned into one of CS's good old ugly blogs and heading for a downward spiral.

While you are sitting at home how about telling us a bit more about your trip or what you would do if you revisit the U.S.

BTW, my sister is back from another trip (Poland,Italy,etc.)and she always comes home a bit fatigued from these travels with those same symptoms.It has never been covid.
Air travel in general is a huge stressor even if you're a frequent flyer.
There are some great tips to circumvent the anxiety.
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RE: Finding a bloke in the EU or the UK; CS market shares

wave Jefke I was more intrigued by your photo of the trip to Cappadocia.
Perchance you might have blogged about that and I missed it.

Wonderful pic by the way.
coffee Have a good day and thanks for the details on distance dating.

RE: What if we are biological robots

"Through time, our creators made a deal with a universal confederation. us a soul and us the right to use our free will.

and to take it one step further...

What happens if this contract is running out, as our new model replacements begin to move in.

Perhaps a war between good and evil will ensue.

The good....the universal confederation
The evil...our creators who no longer need us."

Johnny, If you take it one more step further then the end is near of both...

Star Wars and Star Trek sequels and we can't have that.


RE: What if we are biological robots

That's entirely possible Robert.
thumbs up
You make a good point if she was ghost wired (up there) she might have that been a one trick pony and gone haywire.
Oh well back to the barn she goes..
laugh while they fix that maybe they can add some names like Roberta with the Robotatas.

Not to confuse any old timers here with UK Rob and US MyHome who used to go on dates with Ruby their inflatable doll.

love uh oh heart1

RE: What if we are biological robots

There are brain schnappsis firing now!!

RE: What if we are biological robots

Robert I think the lady that was unenthused about card tricks was
not your typical drunken audience type.
Maybe a cold demeanor interrupted this cold,errr,cool fun trick but a shot of peppermint schnapps thwarts this.
laugh frosty b*tch

RE: What if we are biological robots

RE: I am 99% sure someone gave me covid..

Everyday this place gets nuttier..


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RE: I am 99% sure someone gave me covid..

Rife...rolling on the floor laughing
No the U.S. is not rife.
Thanks Ten of Cups for your
astute assessment.

Phil I think your family is pretty amazing!
Happy Birthday and in the U.S. it was Mother's Day so double wishes to those ladies as there's a newborn.

Get well soon.

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