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RE: Someone that you like

i believe you should always speak your heart...let the pieces fall where they may....otherwise, you may never know...but then again, i know about being shy...believe it or not, i'm shy too...blushing laugh

RE: Stammer

confused can somebody please tell me what a stammer is ??..uh oh wink grin laugh

RE: chocolate lover ?

that cat would'nt have gotten any of my chocolate...especially white chocolate....oooooh chocolate....i wish i had'nt read i need some chocolate...sigh

oh wait, there's a little chocolate flavour in my coffee...i'll have to make it stronger now...grin

RE: ~The Cold Chill~

no, thats never happend to me, not that i remember though...i geuss i would've remembered something like that...uh oh

bouquet teddybear kiss

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