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RE: When rating photos, do you rate the person or the

I don't rate photos.

RE: Would you Respond?

I wouldn't care how young or old they were if they were to include their email addy I would block or delete them.

RE: What's Goin On?

All you can really do is just keep on being the kind of man you are.Someday someone will see your qualities.

RE: Why is it...

Different shades of purple were one of my fasvorite colors,but now I've chosen different shades of blue to be.

RE: almost sunday

craig Wishing you a good weekend too.Have a safe ride.wave wine

RE: ~Unhappy miserable people!~

I just let miserable people be miserable within their own little miserable world.


RE: Foto Rating

My photo rating is shut off.I also don't rate photos.I'm more concerned about how someone conducts themselves within the forums then what they look like.

Someone can be a hunk and still have a personality of a sour grape.laugh

RE: I can't believe how some people are racists here a

I read that persons comments in your thread and didn't see where they should be labeled a rascist.The person in question only asked a question which had nothing to do with race.

RE: What the must important in man looks ?

A mans looks aren't as important as how how he treats me and other people.I've known men who were really handsome but had personalities like a dead fish.

RE: Do You Believe Love First Sign?

I believe there's lust at first site not love.

RE: To (Spank) Whup a** or not to (Spank) Whup a**

Yash124g I know all about the declining in manners.I used to be a school volunteer and saw alot of behavior problems among the students.Sometimes the parents are worse then the children.

Have you ever read the item titled 'Children Learn What They Live?

RE: To (Spank) Whup a** or not to (Spank) Whup a**

Never had to spank my son.Took privliges away tho.

We as parents tell our children that it's not nice to hit but we hit them.

Or I've heard paents tell their kids that the spanking is going to hurt them worst then their child.How can be if the child's the one being hit.

My Angels Looking Down On Me.

Thanks to everyone who posted here and said such nice things.

To crazyblonde,You're welcome.That song brings a tear to my eyes whenever I hear it.teddybear

My Angels Looking Down On Me.

My mother was not just my mother she was also my best friend.My late husband was as well.Now instead of recalling the sad/bad times I now remember the good and what part they played in my life.

RE: Obama's one term presidency...

If my memory serves me correctly Bush's presidency was a flop too but he was elected for a 2nd term.

RE: Valentine's Day

I went out for dinner/movie with a guy I went to school.The date was awesome.

Just Decided To Turn Over A Brand New Leaf

Don't worry folks I'm not going to change who/what I am.It's not in my nature to be mean and nasty.

Just Decided To Turn Over A Brand New Leaf

Hi Happygolucky4u,There's no storm to blow over.rolling on the floor laughing This was just all a thought.I like being a nice person.I really couldn't be mean and nasty to anyone.

Just Decided To Turn Over A Brand New Leaf

Blanx You can have the attention I'll the mattress.laugh wave

Just Decided To Turn Over A Brand New Leaf

Hi ruendariowave I wouldn't really do it but it's mighty tempting tho.laugh

Just Decided To Turn Over A Brand New Leaf

You mean I have to continue to be nice.Bummer.laugh


Hello,Just join in on the forums and do an introduction thread.

RE: After last night experince...

I fogot to also mention that it's not really about 'You' Claudya or the People they do those awful things to it's all 'Them'( the ones who do these terrible things and their insecurities.).

RE: After last night experince...

Claudya I've been a member here since July of 2008 and have seen alot of the very things you're describing happen on pretty much on a daily basis.It seems like it's the very same group of people who seem to get their thrills in harrassing,belittling,bullying people. Mostly this seems to happen to mostly people who are new to the forums.
Or if they for some silly reason have it in for someone those groups of people will attempt to continue to drive that person they have dislike for off the forums or try to turn other people against them by exposing them within the forums which is against the rules of the site but there are those people who do seem to think that the rules don't apply to them. This also happens in the real life as well.

I guess they're so insecure in their own lives that I guess they figure it's makes them look way superior to others when they display that kind of behavior..But to me they only appear to be a very small person.

All you can really do is try to ignore those kinds of people and how they treat you and other people and just continue what you've been doing in posting those beautiful threads you post.
I believe in karma and the saying 'What goes around comes around'.And Claudya for the ones who do bad deeds towards others it seems to come back to them in two-folds and alot sooner then they think.

These mean and hateful people may think they don't have to answer for what they do right now but I do know of someone they'll have to answer to and explain to of why they did what they did when that time comes.

RE: 18 years young and hansom

Hi Join in the forum that's a very good way to get to know someone and have fun too.

RE: new guy

Hi Alex Welcome to the forums and glad to know you've had a pleasant experience so far.

Hope to see you in the forums.



I don't try to figure out men either I've just learned to love them.

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