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RE: fathertime is a self absorbed prick loser

I would have to say that you were caught up with a narcissist. Smooth talking and once they have you engaged they plow through for the kill. It is sad that so many people find themselves victim to this personality flaw.

I have seen the name on my viewed list a few times and unless they think they can get over on you, they will not bother. Just don't allow this experience taint your feelings when someone who deserves your heart comes along. Best wishes. hug

RE: older man

Perhaps you are trying to hard to meet someone. Things like this just takes time. You never know you may find someone who is closer to where you are. Hang in there! grin

RE: for all the gals in here who lov men!!!!

Dating as a general rule does not become exclusive until after many dates and an understanding is made between two people to become exclusive. Until that time both parties are free to meet other people and see what they see. grin

RE: what to do when u cnt do anything...

Your uncle certainly does not belong at home in the condition he is in. Schizophrenia is a very debilitating disorder and can be a dangerous one for the person who suffers with it. H needs help that obviously he will not get on his own. Your mother and grandmother will need to be the ones to have him committed until he is treated. This is not to say that he should remain in an institution, but a controlled environment will be more beneficial for the time being. Living on his own may not be an option either, but with medication he may be able to live a somewhat normal life. Good luck to ya! peace

RE: life

I learned long ago that things happen for a reason. Most often these are the hardest things we can experience, but also offer great joy. For more than two years I have been through on going changes, challenges, and sacrifices. I keep going with the flow and don't stop to question why me. When the pieces do fall into place this will be a part of a much larger picture. Until that day comes I will continue to ride the wave. grin

RE: New SLUT!!!!!!!

Always be true to yourself and never try to be what others say you should. I agree that is is one thing to need someone and another to want someone in your life. I am with you on that. Many are surprised that I feel that way. I am who I am and I am very happy with that. Best to ya. cheers

RE: blogs are us

Welcome to CS. It is a lot of fun to be here and you're right, Rome wasn't built in a day. cheers

RE: Can someone get me to stop talking?

Go for it Travis because when you enter the military all you will get to say is, Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am." rolling on the floor laughing You write well and have good things to say. peace

RE: oh my god!!!

It may be in the realm of possibility that you didn't know him as you thought. Most people with a warrant will man up to the responsibility rather than hide. At least you are not with him now having to deal with this. comfort

RE: when i met you...

Very deep words. This is what I hope to have in the future. beer

RE: incompatibility?

I agree with what you are saying. The worst case scenerio is when a woman or a man stays in a relationship which the idea in mind that if they themselves change the other person will love them more. Not wanting to do something to stop a relationship in its tracks is generally a sign of low self esteem. I am certainly guilty of this, I would do anything to keep things quiet and had changed who I was to please another. In general it is not worth it. In the cases I was in communication was not an option, only leaving was. sad flower

RE: Today is My Birthday!!

Happy Birthday and may you have many more. peace

RE: What type of Girlfriend or boyfriend you're

Musicman99, I don't suppose you believe in ghosts either? LOL. I won't bother to mention Santa Clause, Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy either. LOL. It is healthier to think with an open mind rather than a closed one. Never hurts to learn. peace

RE: Create oppertunities and luck will surely follow

You make an excellent point. Although, people who do put themselves out there are not guaranteed to success either. cool

RE: my horrible situation!

Here is a suggestion from the heart. Get going to see an attorney. Legally she is not entitled to prevent you from seeing your baby. If you continue to mope around and do nothing, then you're right she will win and your baby loses. Honestly, man I do wish you all the very best. I hope you will act upon this. hug

RE: Misery

I can not fathom what it must be life for her to lose two children. I lost a brother, but it hit me as it I had lost more than a brother at the time.

It seems like her life has been tough enough without having another child taken from her. Of course she has the grandchild to raise, and she will find a way to go on once her mourning has passed. Give her a hand. Until you have walked in her shoes, you have not idea how she feels. I am raising my granddaughter, alone and I can at least relate to how tough things are on her. cool

RE: my last day using this site.

I would like to know when you were going to tell me about this decision? You have not been on CS and people like me who are your friend cannot have contact with you if you don't let us in. It is your decision, but maybe you will reconsider and give yourself time with us. comfort

RE: My Insanity

Sanity can kill you, so it is far better to be insane. In that way you can go with the flow and never notice the difference. grin

RE: What type of Girlfriend or boyfriend you're

I have learned that when you are looking you will not find anyone. Let Karma take hold of that and the rest will work its own way through.

If you have stringent ideas about who the "perfect" mate is then you will miss out on someone special. We all have something new to bring to the table if you just let them in. grin

RE: The One

You are wondering the same thing most of are, when will I meet someone. Things happen for reasons that cannot be explained. frustrated All anyone can do is to hang in there as we wait for our turn to come. Ya it hurts, but in the end we will be rewarded. hug

RE: Loneliness is an excuse...

Hmmm. Well I can say with certainty that Northwest TN is the most boring place to meet anyone. Not much goes on and that is fine, but when you talk about meeting some it isn't happening. Just the same I avoid alcohol, and any other party drugs of choice as well. There are still so much to do that keeps me from
ever feeling bored just the same. You have to make your own happiness and not wait for someone else to do it for ya. peace

RE: Its our job (Firefighters poem)

Nice poem. What the firemen and police do is very noble. Both put their lives on the line every day. They deserve more than a pat on the back, but a hug. hug

RE: The Big Secret Of Attraction!

Ya know I have done just that and either I attract guys who live too far away or are not my type. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: If you lost someone you loved

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a child must be the hardest thing to endure in a lifetime.

I suppose another way to sum up your blog would be to tell others to simply wake up and smell the coffee. sigh We have only one life to live and it does not pay to run yourself to the ground. Do well, live right, and appreciate the blessing a life is. cool

RE: Violence in a Relationship

So Prestidigitator1, if you really take time to think before writing, women have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they were a living target.

I am more than aware that men have the same problem and are too afraid to come forth or their manlyness will be scrutinized. If guys would think about it, it would make them look better because they did not strike a return blow.

Neither sex deserves mistreatment. peace

RE: Violence in a Relationship

I can relate to the advice you are giving. My first marriage was all that and then some. My second marriage was emotionally and mentally abusive. In fact, the second ex has not changed a bit, but I have. I am so much stronger and better off. These were learning experiences until I was getting help for bipolar disorder. The comfort melted in a few months after for me.

There are better people out there, but it just takes time to meet them. First give yourself time to rebuild who you are before jumping into something else. Better days are ahead. hug

RE: The Big Secret Of Attraction!

Well I am certainly glad you cleared that up for the women. rolling on the floor laughing I guess I am doing it all wrong, because I do decide who I am attracted to and who I am not. Always an original. cheering

RE: Do guys on this site have split personality

In regard to the comment made by heidistuff, a sincere subject is much better than one written about some lame subject by someone who is just bored. Rather than comment, move on. professor

RE: what's going on???

As much as I would hate to say this, they are either married, dead or we have not met them yet. sad flower

RE: Ok, this Flu stuff really sucks.

Well if you are medication roughly 4-5 days before you feel human again. If not taking anything, but for some over the counter something, it can last a week. The over the counter stuff is only good for relieving some of the symptoms as it runs its course. You will still feel rough, minus the constant sniffling, sneezing, and coughing. comfort

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