RE: Huffington Post defender of American Democracy and Liberty

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RE: Huffington Post defender of American Democracy and Liberty

I saw that in the news.
There seems to be a lot of antivaxers succumbing to the virus.
It's sad. More natural selection at work.
Being "fit" includes mentally fit.

Yesterday President Biden signs 4 new bills to help Veterans and the families of Veterans.

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Getting far more good done in less than a year, than the "so-called" previous corrupt president did in 4 years.
Plus, he puts the focus on others, rather than claiming it's all due to him. thumbs up

RE: When your lover/fiancée/wife finds out you did a background check on her...

Was there any background on how she would react to a background check ? grin

RE: Yelp...

Sometimes competitors give the competition bad ratings as well as good ratings on their own business from several sock puppets. Unless the ratings are in the hundreds, I wouldn't give much credence to them.

Abmittedly, Biden is a somewhat boring president, which is needed at this time

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Biden is Succeeding at helping the USA citizens long term

Rather than focus on what Biden has accomplished already, which is a lot, some whiners want everything perfect in Biden's first year in office. That's never happened for any president.
Yet, they focus on transient things like the inflation rate, and the price of gasoline.
Those things seem to matter, but in reality Americans now have more disposable income despite those increases in costs. So net. they haven't really negatively affected most Americans. It just seems that way, because no one likes paying more for anything.

The inflation rate will come back down. More Americans are working than at anytime since the first few months of the pandemic and there's lots more jogs to come from the infrastructure bill that Biden passed.

The gas price is less important. This is because we are in a transitory period to switch to more renewable sources of energy, which will become more commonplace and more environmentally friendly.
So, over time, oil & gas will become less & less important. Indeed, a higher price at the pump will help hasten that. Like Obama, Biden released a lot of reserves to ensure that there will be no shortages during this transitory phase. So again, it's a temporary situation.

Remember, that the last "so-called" president promised he would pass a infrastructure bill, but never did in 4 years. He told us, he was a builder and nobody could do it better than him. roll eyes He couldn't wait to raise the national debt though, by giving the rich permanent huge tax cuts.

Biden passes a comprehensive infrastructure bill in his first year. thumbs up

It's only been less than a year since Biden took the helm. He's accomplished a lot more than a lot of people expected him to, and he's got at least 3 more years to accomplish more. Quit the whining and be part of the solution, rather than a hindrance to progress. head banger

Biden is Succeeding at helping the USA citizens long term

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New Covid Variant from South Africa

Thanks for that update. head banger

And rightly so. Fauci is a pandemic expert, who has served as an advisor to several presidents, both Republican and Democrat.

Again, he was not only retained, but Biden removed the limits on his communication to the public, restoring actual transparency. The real reason he is retained is because of his expertise and experience with pandemics.

I may be mighty, but am never high. grin

I admire and embrace the truth.
What I don't enjoy is lies and corruption.
Mic was not given a 2 week ban from my blogs for any one comment,
as he would like you to believe. But, as I already stated, it is rather a very long history
of misleading b.s. in an effort to cloud the actual truth.
He should have been banned much sooner.

I totally agree. The mutations happen by randomness.

At this stage we do know. However, some people are misled to believe b.s. from less than reputable sources instead.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

Mic - I am tired of disproving your belligerent b.s. It's not worth my effort, as the truth rarely gets through that pea brain of yours. For now, I'm giving you a 2 week ban on commenting on my blogs.
It's something I should have done long ago. We'll see what your behavior is during the next two weeks to see if a longer time-out is warranted. Have a nice 2 weeks. wave

New Covid Variant from South Africa

Yes, that is the criteria for scientist(s) submitting scientific research paper.
However, the author of the story you chose, Smriti Mallapaty is NOT a scientist, but rather a senior reporter in Sydney, Australia, who is not
submitting their research. That person doesn't even do research. The reporter is summarizing findings of others.

Why you insist on persistently arguing about things that you have no idea about is a mystery to me.
Please stop it.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

Well Mic. Thanks for finally ATTEMPTING to post a peer reviewed research article, rather than the doctored videos you often post. However, it's not a peer review research article.
It is a news summary article in a scientific journal.

Now from that article;

I fully agree with that statement.

I do not agree with this exaggerated speculation. Her research does not provide the evidence to make such a statement.

Excellent statement. thumbs up

New Covid Variant from South Africa

It is what it is. It doesn't have intent. We survive, or not.
Every year, some people are born and some people die.
Humans haven't been on the planet that long, relative to many other species.
Every year we encounter more challenges. When the next big asteroid hits Earth,
it will certainly be a huge challenge. One that wiped out a lot of species in the past.
Despite what some doomsayers might push, Covid-19 will take out a lot, but it's
not going to wipe out our species. For those who want to survive, I suggest getting vaccinated. head banger

New Covid Variant from South Africa

B - Not something I care to bet on. In general the larger the pool of virus out there,
the more there will be new variants.
However, the new vaccines should include newer variants that exist at the time the vaccines are made. Like the flu situation, it's an ongoing battle, that can be won.

By the way, not all new variants are worse. Delta is because it's more infective.
But, a variant just means a different genetic sequence in the virus.
Over time, it may actually be a selective advantage for the virus to mutate to a less
lethal variant. The common cold has been highly successful, because it rarely kills
anyone and thus people don't get vaccinated for it. Indeed, before it jumped species to humans, Sars-2 may not have killed it's original host.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

Again Mic. A virus that can infect more than one species is more difficult to eradicate.
However, it does not mean that it can't be eradicated.

The bubonic plague infected several species. It is no longer a significant issue and most people are not immune to it.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

New Covid Variant from South Africa

Biden hasn't killed anyone. He hasn't lied about the pandemic, which he inherited from Trump,
who pared down the pandemic response team, hindered the communication from Fauci & Birx,
hindered testing, and flat out lied.about the severity and persistence of the pandemic.
More people died this year, because the pandemic was well under way, and Republican governors resisted against vaccinations. Texas & Florida being the largest offenders.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

I'm glad, that I will never be in a lifeboat with you Mic. It seems everything is hopeless to you.
According to you, it's too late to do anything about the environment. The virus will never be eliminated.
Biden will never get elected. Rather than look for workable solutions, the sky is always falling.
Pull your weight and row, or leave the lifeboat for someone who's willing to at least try. head banger

New Covid Variant from South Africa

The bigwig who should have been upfront was Trump. He outright lied
about the virus going away when it gets warm. He was briefed that it was serious
and could spread in the air. He purposely downplayed it. He actually urged against testing.
He didn't seem to care that more people would die. He wanted to downplay it
until his re-election. That was much more important to him than human lives.

RE: Why men shouldn't write advice columns

Yes, John's advice was appalling.
She might have simply been out of gas, or had a loose battery cable. dunno


New Covid Variant from South Africa

That's a very good point.

But so was bird flu and swine flu.
It does make is more challenging.
However, it doesn't mean it can't be conquered with annual vaccines.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

kp - It's not that the vaccine is so different.
It's that the virus is different.
The flu virus mutates at a more similar rate.
That doesn't make people hesitant to get a flu vaccine.
It's all the b.s. online and from conspiracy politicians that make people hesitant,
not that the vaccine doesn't work.
The large pool of unvaccinated people prolongs the pandemic and creates a bigger pool of virus
to mutate by randomness. This makes the situation much more challenging.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

kp - The Covid-19 vaccines work against the original variant. The Delta variant changed that.
We need an updated version of the vaccines to combat the newer variants.
However, the current vaccines are still helping to prevent serious illness and death from the Delta variant. In my book that is still 'working'.
Flu vaccines are updated every year to combat newer variants, as it also mutates.
We now need updated Covid-19 vaccines.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

Apparently, back then people didn't resist getting vaccinations as much.
They weren't being mislead by online b.s. and politicians actually embraced science, rather than conspiracy b.s. aimed at overthrowing the government. We've come a long way. thumbs down

New Covid Variant from South Africa

Apparently, back then people didn't resist getting vaccinated.

New Covid Variant from South Africa

Today from The New York Times;

RE: A COVID breathalyzer: Ohio State researchers develop new test for coronavirus.

Hopefully, it can be further tweaked to better rival the reliability on PCR tests.

RE: If you get vaccinated you are less likely to infect others, FACT not fiction

No one is being forced.
Get the shot, weekly tests, or get a job elsewhere.
Your choice.

RE: Rediscovery

That picture is good news. thumbs up

I hope the breeding effort is a success.
Perhaps restoration of the habitat is equally important.

RE: Cohen's release...

You are welcome.
I would not be surprised, if Cohen has some secret service assigned to protect him.

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