RE: What a wonderful world

Awesome!! thumbs up handshake grin


Here, I'll do your homework for you! dunno grin cool

RE: It's just...

A real spiritual woman, compatible in every way! happy place grin bouquet

RE: I got some last night

As some would say Jim, "A little too much information."rolling on the floor laughing grin bouquet

RE: Self Delusion

Calli is just the coolest! grin thumbs up bouquet

RE: ~ The Emerging Human ~

There are many that believe during this 4th to 5th dimensional shift that we will gain a few more DNA strands! It's all very interesting to me! grin cool bouquet

RE: spiritual

Nice list of Affirmations! Now, if I would only read that to myself daily! grin cool bouquet

RE: Confusion

Go out to the local library, bookstore, coffee shop, restaurant, shopping malls etc.. Smile, be friendly...that's where you'll find someone genuine and real..don't expect anything from the Net.
Good luck and God bless! grin bouquet

RE: Donald Trump is a .......

I think Donald Trump's publicity stunts have finally imploded! laugh rolling on the floor laughing grin

RE: Obama again...phew..whats wrong with this country?

"Wake up America..what the hell are you doing???" I think it's you, who needs to Wake-up! doh grin cool

RE: This JUST in - Ann Romney votes for Obama !

Jim, you had me going too! laugh grin thumbs up

RE: Make Love To Me...

If only the primary ingredient was there, LOVE! grin cool bouquet

RE: Who do u think is going to be the new president?

If Obama looses...the richer will continue to get richer...while the poor can only dream of a future poor dictator! grin cool


If Mitt Romney wins, the country will surely be flushed straight down the toilet. doh cool

RE: The army of the kind.....

Good blog Calli!
Nice comment DjWabbet! cheers handshake grin

RE: Before I go...

Well, nothing happened here in the middle of Connecticut. I hope you had a safe one there in NJ. angel grin peace

RE: soulmate shopping list

While a list is helpful, in the's all about love. What will you not do for love? grin cool bouquet

RE: Sacred Geometry...

Good subject! thumbs up grin bouquet

Here is an interesting Video..and website.

The Thrive Movement


Nice! thumbs up cheers grin

RE: memories good are bad we all have them !!!!!!!!!!!

RE: memories good are bad we all have them !!!!!!!!!!!

RE: memories good are bad we all have them !!!!!!!!!!!

RE: memories good are bad we all have them !!!!!!!!!!!

Careful, don't fog-up your computer screen!

rolling on the floor laughing grin cool

RE: memories good are bad we all have them !!!!!!!!!!!

grin angel

RE: memories good are bad we all have them !!!!!!!!!!!

grin cool

RE: memories good are bad we all have them !!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting that you should write this blog....this song has been on my mind...thinking of someone...memories...from long...long ago..

RE: Cooooool

I like it! thumbs up handshake

Here's mine!

RE: How was the Bible put Together?

People don't realize that God is expressing himself all the time...TODAY. He expresses himself through others like the Course in Miracles and Conversations with God...just to name a very few books.

The so called scriptures, have been modified and altered to suite the church for thousands of years....anyone who has done any real research knows it was put together by the Roman Empire to control the masses! grin cool

RE: Chaos on the Blogs

And an AMEN to that! grin cool bouquet

RE: interracial relationships

That's why god created diversity, so you can pick your taste, vanilla or chocolate! grin bouquet

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