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RE: What life throws at you.

It has always been my impression that the people who have the most are the unhappiest those of us that need to struggle to survive seem to find happiness in the face of adversity

RE: Sheesh!

To “seriouslyguys” Relationships that are strong are built on the ability to communicate. If either person feels that they are unable to talk about various topics (usually s*xual) for fear of rebuke then a lack of trust prevails

RE: Sheesh!

I liked your blog however what you wrote did not come as a surprise to me as you live in America. My impression is that the majority of American men are loud, shallow and full of themselves. You may also like to think about the fault being yours, maybe your profile or picture attracts the complainers, have you tried contacting a few men whose profile suggests a more stable attitude or character?

RE: Do all men find porn a need or want to look at?

If you know your man is looking at porn, then you have lost him sexually (and probably your relationship as well).
This is because of one or more of the following:
1) He no longer finds having sex with you enjoyable or satisfying
2) You no longer physically attract him sexually
3) He is not having sex regularly enough with you
4) He feels intimidated by proposing sex because of previous rejections
5) Sex has become just m**turbation with a woman (boring)
There several other reasons but I think you get the point

RE: In all seriousness...

There are many good men on this site contact a few that live in your area you may find just what you are looking for. Luck!


To remind you why women need men, well without men there would be no hen nights, no-one to criticize, no-one to take out the rubbish etc, etc, etc


If men understood women then life would be easy but boring we men need women to keep us confused, agitated, always relishing the chase then when rebuked coming back for more


Why do women always give men a hard time… see above (it is called jealously)

RE: to all the single guys out there...

Every guy will tell you that they are the one but in reality it is for you to decide, when he comes along you will know.

RE: What do you really want?

I joined to chat but have found someone special, going to meet her soon, cant wait!

RE: Do you search for "A Real Man" Are you "A Real Man

OK so you find a "real man" who is as you have described, what are you going to do that makes you think you can keep him?

RE: older women felt so real

Hey! send a few of those womens addresses my way.


It’s a myth Alaska has less men than any other state because all the women there look like men, they are stronger, have tougher skin and can beat the s**t out of any mammal

RE: Do you reply?

When I joined this site I did not post a photo because I did not want to be judged on my photo alone (I am not that handsome) Following a request from a woman I posted a few photos since then the contacts have dried up.
I also know a woman who after posting a photo on my request told me she wanted to delete the photo as she had recieved too many s*xual advances from men much younger than she was.

RE: sometimes wishes come true....

Dreams come true but wishes do not. The secret is to know what you want so when it comes along you will realize you have found what you are looking for. The man you seek may even live next door or be someone you have known for years. Look deeper at the men you know, men with whom you come into contact with when visiting your places of interest try to make your dream come true rather than wait for him to pass by.

RE: It's Over

You are blaming yourself for reasons given to you by this person, have you considered that these reasons (that you say are not true) are just an excuse as he wants to be with another woman but does not have the courage to tell you honestly.
Their are always two sides to every coin unfortunately we tend only to see the coin from our side thus blaming ourselves when effectively the fault is not ours.

RE: Couger

There are three reaons why you do not attract men of your own age.
1) They are married and kept on a tight leash by their women
2) They are concentrating on their careers.
3) They are being seduced by younger girls who prefer older men.

The reason you attract young men (especially for sex) is because young men do not have the patience to enter into a relationship with girls of their own age, they see elder women as an easier conquest plus women of your age are regularly accused of dating young men as this makes them feel younger whilst making their friends jealous.

RE: Am I Dateble !!? LOL

Sorry Babe.....not my type! Good hunting

RE: Boobs!!

If you know of any profiles showing really BIG TITS perhaps would send me a list!!

RE: Cyber love? What's it all about?

The advantage of cyber dating is that a person is able to express oneself without other emotions complicating the situation. For example when two people meet there is an element of shyness, hesitation and fear. Another big plus is it is possible to get to know and understand better a potential partner, girlfriend/boyfriend before you actually meet as it affords the opportunity to ask questions a person perhaps would not ask in a face to face encounter. Likewise as I have experienced it is possible to judge (to a certain degree) whether there is any long term future with the person whom you are initially attracted too. You cited two situations in your blog whereby there is a guy who you feel totally at ease with and trust and another where a romantic connection would be pleasant, combine the two into one and you could say you have pretty much found what you are looking for.

RE: Cyber love? What's it all about?

My story
Many people search many tings but cyberlove exists I know I have been there and am doing that. There are no rules or parameters it comes down to two things, attraction via words and honesty. I met a woman on another site we chatted, teased, laughed and played online for several months without having even seen her face I had strong feelings for her and she told me she had strong feelings for me amounting to love. Eventually we met and for the last year and a half have enjoyed a wonderful relationship together. I live apart from her and this keeps the relationship alive although we are there for each other in times of illness or despair although most of the time we are happy, spend precious moments together at the beach, dining out and with friends. We send messages to each other pretty much every day even though we may have seen each other the same day. Yes at first it was a mutual lust for sex but now our relationship has matured into much more, the sex is still good but is not the main reason for us continuing to spend time together.

RE: The Age of Lost Innocense

I did say it was just my opinion, works for me!

RE: The Age of Lost Innocense

One advantage of blogging is that a person can write about a subject that would never see the light of day in a face to face encounter. It offers the opportunity to ask questions and talk about subjects that are traditionally regarded as taboo. Depending on your point of view the discussion of such subjects are either informative or disgusting. I appreciate that men are particularly guilty but we live in awe of women and wish to understand better the way women think and to hear their opinions on these subjects in an effort to be a more accomplished lover, companion or whatever. I do not agree society has lost its innocence and that the mystery of an intimate relationship has been compromised, after all if you regard these subjects as degrading you are not forced in any way to read the blogs. Of course that is just my opinion…..and you know what they say about opinions!!


A guy was dating a girl for the first time, all through the date the girl talked about herself, seeing that the guy was getting bored she says "well that is enough about me", "What do you think about me?"
People that bug me are those that are full of their own importance as though everone else are just "little people".


Does this mean you are debt free? or that you are hocked up to the gills?
It is good advice though....nice one.

RE: looking to a future of lottery and love ...

Hey! you do yourself an injustice, you are trying to mask what you really feel, be cool, things have a way of working themselves out, be patient, good men are like waiting at the bus stop, seems forever before they come along then there are too many to choose from.
Think positive, eat chocolate or whatever, do not dwell on depressive thoughts.

RE: looking to a future of lottery and love ...

What does "true love" mean to you? Before you can find it you have to be able to answer that question (believe me it is not easy). Once you have done that you will have a set of values by which you will be able to judge a man so that you know he will be able to give you what you are looking for. When you talk of happiness do you mean being happy with the man you have chosen or you just want your life to be worry free? As for winning the lottery then I wish you luck bearing in mind most people that win the lottery wish they hadn’t.

RE: Things not to do ...

Excuse me, I have forgotten my phone number…..can I have yours?

Hi, can we talk or do we have to continue flirting from a distance?

Aussie guy goes into a bar and sees a “chick” sitting alone at the far end, he approaches the girl and says “Hi Sheila (all girls in Australia are referred to as Sheila’s or so I am told) fancy a F***”, The girl replies “ Why Bruce (likewise all men are referred to as Bruce) you smooth talking B*****d”!!

I like your style Babe!! (I suppose you consider being called a "Babe" degrading too!!! hahahaha


RE: Im a mean girl ... :)

Treat them mean keep them keen!!

RE: Why are men seeking beautiful women ?

What is beauty? Is it the structure of a face or body or the age of a person, or is it a persons character? I am beautiful but not necessarily good looking.

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