RE: I know another Narcissist blog...but...

correction: professor

and he's afraid of Narcs.

RE: I know another Narcissist blog...but...


some women manipulate men too. It can happen either way.

As for Narcs, I know a guy that smokes weed way too much, and he's afraid Narcs.


RE: Stepping outside of one's Comfort Zone...Top 10 Survey findings (very interesting read)

On the other hand, if one does some of those things, society these days may call a van out to come pick one up, put a straight jacket on the person and take them away. redclown


RE: Dating game

There are terms that used to mean one thing, but nowadays mean another:

1. Wooing/courting
What it used to mean: Pursuing another person romantically, trying to win their heart, often by taking her on dates to dinner, the movies, and other such outings.

What it means now: You're desperate!" Stalking accusations! uh oh Unless one works as a stocker at a grocery store, then they 'are' actually a Stocker, stocking the shelves with products, that is.

2. Going steady
What it used to mean: The next step beyond courting; taking another person on dates exclusively.

What it means now: They say, "Are you crazy? Why so serious? I don't want to be pinned down. I should be able to see other people if I want to. You can't, but I can." doh

RE: Are you aware of this manipulation...I bet not.


THAT explains it!!!

The other day I went to a "Mini-Mart Liquor Store Gas Station Movie Rental & Fix Flat Tires" place just for a quick soda with ice. But when I walked in, there was music playing at 444 hertz - or something like that.

Suddenly, for some darn reason, I found myself attracted to and buying an Artificially Flavored Imitation Cheeseburger and a big gulper 120 ounce soda with ice.

Once I left the place and the music was gone, I woke up from the sound trance and wondered why I had ordered this sh*t.

I went home and gave the cheeseburger to my dog. He didn't like it, so he made a hole and buried it.
Sheesh! doh

RE: Endless selections for mates...


After reading this blog, I took your advice. There were 3 women who actually liked me a little. So, I told one that I pick her over all the other two. I told her I'd take her to dinner next week after I sold some aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

She in turn told me, "You can go f*** yourself! And Johnny's blog is full of s**t! Don't ever call me again!" Then she hung up on me.

Sheesh! What went wrong? I was just being a nice and kind to her. confused

RE: One's shoes and shirt says so much...

Yeah Johnny,

what brought up satanely order, or something like that? And, and also, what's the deal with people saying if a guy has big feet, it means he has big private equipment too? What's that all about? dunno

RE: One's shoes and shirt says so much...


BigFoot says he knows lots of women who like guys with big feet - for some reason or another.

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RE: When you find a life inherit..

Awww, what the #@%# , that's messed up, Johnny.

I never thought of it like that.

Oh well.
. cheers

RE: Man Stores Rainwater Since 1976 and Has 6,000 Liters to Get Through Drought. WISE thinking? Yep.


I do my best to conserve water too. When it rains, I move my car to where there is no port, so it can get washed.

And when I take my little dog for a walk, he sprinkles/waters the lawn and plants around the area.

Cool, huh? cool

RE: CS Blogs

frustrated Sixth time's the charm.

typing writer's block

RE: CS Blogs

I meant "Sixth times the charm." professor

RE: CS Blogs

MARRIED 5 TIMES!!! (dramatic music here) wow

Oh well, perhaps as the ole saying goes,

"Six time's the charm."


RE: CS Blogs


I'll drink to that!

RE: Boom

RE: Boom

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RE: Should a "man" feel inadequate?


I went to the doctor, had some terrible sinus headaches. The stupid doctor gave me prescription pills that did nothing for my headache, but instead the pills gave me an er*ction for a straight 2 hours, a side effect of the pills. doh

I took the pills back to the doctor, he told me to stop using those pills immediately.

I asked, "Should I just throw them away?"

He answered, "Heck no! Give them to me, I could use them!"

Whatever that all meant. dunno

RE: Should a "man" feel inadequate?

They banned Mr Potato Head? Why? That's just crazy!

What next? Are they going to ban Mr Banana too?


RE: Should a "man" feel inadequate?

G spot rated? doh

I think I need a drink after reading all this. drinking

RE: Should a "man" feel inadequate?

Johnny: "...because, is it fair to say, there some that like multiple pleasure spots stimulated at once."

What the heck? doh
What kind of blog is this? Talking about multiple pleasure spots simulated or stimulated."
SHEESH! Darn R rated, or X rayed blog!!! wow

RE: Should a "man" feel inadequate?

"Big Ten Inch Record" by Aerosmith

got me the strangest woman
believe me this chic's no cinch
but I really get her going
an' when I get out my big 10 inch

record of the band that plays the blues
well the band that plays the blues
she just love my big 10 inch
record of her favorite blues
na na babe
(guitar solo)

last night I tried to tease her
I gave my love a little pinch
she said, "now stop that jivin'
now whip out your big 10 inch

record of the band that plays the blues"
well a band that plays the blues
she just loves my big 10 inch
record of her favorite blues

I, I, I cover her with kisses
and when we're in a lover's clinch
she gets all excited
when she gets out my big 10 inch

record of a band that plays the blues
well a band that plays the blues
she just love my big 10 inch
record of her favorite blues
(harmonica solo)

my girl don't go for smokin'
and liquor just make her flinch
seems she don't go for nothin'
'cept for my big 10 inch

record of a band that plays the blues
a band that plays the blues
she just love my big 10 inch
record of her favorite blues

RE: Has technology played a role in the dissolution of the traditional family...

Well Hello there Crazyheart flower

Hellooo there Loulou flower

Nice to see both of you pretty ladies again. Cool! cool

RE: Just an observation....people are getting pissed off.


Sometimes people are angry and p*ssed off because they're not getting any. You know, any romantic action.

A massage, a good romantic action session or something of that sort will do wonders to ease people and make them more cool and calm.

Exercise works too. Oh, and watching your favorite sports team win can also help people feel better.

Cool, huh? cheers

RE: Has technology played a role in the dissolution of the traditional family...


And what about when the lady holds s*x out against the guy just because he didn't take her out to the new expensive restaurant in town that all her friends have been telling her is so great?

The guy's working all the time. He forgot to make the reservations for the place, and now she's holding out on s*x against him just because of that. Come on now, let's be reasonable. Anytime she doesn't get what she wants, she holds out s*x against him.

What is that all about, huh? Sheesh!! Talk about traditional ways!!! doh


RE: Positive Thoughts


Good blog. No matter how bad life gets, we HAVE TO find a way to be positive. We must find a way to overcome obstacles, to find a reason to go on in life, to find a smile in each day, to care about all others as well as the living creatures we share our lifetime with.

We must open our eyes to appreciating each day.

Life is too short for anything less.

Your blog is not just a good blog, but a great blog.

thumbs up

RE: 4th of August isss amongst other .........


I think I read somewhere that the Chocolate Chip Cookie was first invented in South Africa. Or was it? confused


RE: flossing your teeth is important


whatever happened to the fun blogs that would get 100 comments, and every comment was fun or crazy or both? grin

And the 100th commentor would get steak knives or some kind of imaginary gift.

RE: flossing your teeth is important


That is discussing! Err, I mean disgusting! doh


RE: How To Love Your Enemies


I saw an ex-girlfriend at the grocery store recently. Following your blog's advice, I went up to her, opened my arms and said, "Hey sweetie, let's forget about the past. Come give me a hug!"

She got upset, cussed me out and threw a tomato at me.

I then said, "Now, that's not nice. Haven't you ever heard the phrase, "Love your ole emenies, enemas, enemies, or something like that?"

She gave me the One Finger Salute and shouted, "Here's your darn hug! Right here!" Her finger salute trembled with anger. Then she quickly walked away mumbling, "Love your enemies? Huh! He can eat my shorts!"

Sheesh! Guess she wasn't interested in make up, or making up. Oh well.

RE: flossing your teeth is important


Scientifically, when people get a wedgie in their rear from their shorts or swim shorts or bikini bottom being too snug, is that considered a form of cavity flossing in another part of the body? confused

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