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Quote: "Connecting Singles Blogs
A Blog is a journal you may enter about your life, your thoughts, interesting experiences, or lessons you have learned. It's your own page on Connecting Singles that you can update on a regular basis, or just whenever you have something to say. You can write about an opinion, impart words of wisdom, or talk about something interesting in your day. Creating a blog is a good way to share something of yourself with Connecting Singles members. Reading blogs is a good way to learn more about members you have met here."

Ibotabo, you are free to post whatever thing crosses your mind.professor If it's a political torque that runs your engine, so be it. One narrow mind couldn't possibly understand that sharing something like this could also lead to a dating issue. People like these think that if a post have nothing syrupy...is absurd. My [email protected] them !handshake

RE: A great fact, people come in to ur life for a reas

Pixels&all.LTD grin
To you too, Goodlucktoall !wave

RE: A great fact, people come in to ur life for a reas

It's true Pixels..they come for a reason and they left for so manylaugh I think it's a matter of balancetongue laugh

Second thought...Yeah...maybe i'm exaggerating...someone please slap medrinking

RE: What would you do?


RE: Love

MamitaMorena...don't be rudescold She speaks lasvegasianlaugh

RE: A Reason to Cheat

Why don't we relax and not judge...just because we disagree ?confused

RE: everything is b4u

caka maka bapartz sprugrustruia shrinkenrickenfranken !peace

RE: Life after death.

I died...therefore i exist !drinking

RE: Don't just wait. Make it happen.

5...4...3...2...1... Go ! Kamrani...i already started !dancing
But whatta heck...even so...waiting it's like a shadow sometimesuh oh

RE: Where are all the european Bloggers?

Hi Morgenwave I think they're all in Europe...unless they already parted in some islands under a friendly sun !wink

RE: I feel sorry for you girls out there...

Well...seeing that English language is a serious problemtongue i thought is better to askgrin
I had magic moments indeed, i took many pictures and finally, these kids came down from the stage and gathered all of us to join them back up there. So we danced together and had a lot of fun...on the stage. It was fantastic. Just imagine that i was dancing with Arabs, Indians, Chinese, French, American and who know what other might have been. dancing
Truly a nice evening !thumbs up

RE: I feel sorry for you girls out there...

Is it safe to comment ?uh oh

laugh I better salute Iam and 10k !wave wine
I just got back from Verona, where i assisted a very sensitive show with dance/music/multimedia. It was about being kind and honest to each other professor sustained by a group of very young people.
Then the rain came while at the Colosseum Aida by Verdi carried on with the show !wine

RE: Question for the guys

Morning.wave Just to say i agree with Cafetwo, he said it all and to add that women are nice by their nature anyway, therefore a sane man should be proud to find himself a woman who fights him over principles, points of view and convictions. Could be a powerful source for mutual respect !tip hat

RE: Lending a helping hand is the best gift.....

You see Titsy...beside this disturbing story, your post is posing to our attention a very sensitive problem. People always tent to think that family, love, understanding, harmony (just few examples) are things endowed with good values...by default and we definitely must find inside a family . Which is, so often, a mistake.
When something wrong happen in society(generally speaking) the guilt and the responsibility are so disperse, that no one could ever point the finger saying : This is the problem and this is the cause !
In a house, with family, things are completely different. There's never too much space to escape individualization. Is a tiny place where humans are exercising their power, guidance, character, weaknesses, guilt, fear, obedience, abuse, tolerance and so on. Unfortunately, many of these places, too many families...represent the mirror of society we live in. Driven by interests, money, greed, control, suspicion, lack of coherence, lack of balance between words and facts and many other factors. There are movies, books, essays, poetry about this reality. But most of all, unfortunately...there's much more reality in reality itself, every day !

I really hope that lady is fine now. She's thinking of you, that's a sure thing. handshake

RE: Is It Normal for Men to Ogle Women?

Some ten years ago, i was out for a coffee with my ex-wife and this "wild creature" appeared.wow I must admit i remained with the cup of coffee stuck on my lips on a never ending sip.doh
2 weeks were needed to make my apologies taking effect.uh oh
It wasn't nice of me...but sometimes education is simply not enough.

RE: Some help please.....

Tricky enterprise , Sunrise. Being in London, last year, with two telephone numbers on my possession and a name, didn't got me the opportunity to meet someone i didn't see for years. Unlike you, i didn't wanted so hard to meet that person. I just wanted to give it a try. Which i did, but with no results. I know , sound discouraging so...keep it real but keep the faith. You never know !handshake

RE: Love isn't complicated, people are.

@African...i gave my answer on the matter on that blog conversing

RE: Love isn't complicated, people are.

Kamrani...tip hat wine

RE: can dreams come true?

Well...Good night ladies !wave The most pleasant visits are the shortest !wink I wish you...wet dreams ! You'll decide in the morning...how to classify them !grin


RE: can dreams come true?

Barbara dear, dreams are dreams. We discriminate nightmares because we have a second strong reason to take a Holy Shower in the morning, avoiding bathroom mirror in several ostentatious ways. I'd say...beware of..."daymares" ! Much more disgraceful...isn't it ?confused

RE: can dreams come true?

Itchywitch, wave I just escaped a bit from golden fields of Poetry to join these charming ladies (yet another just joinedwink ) on a pursuit for a dream. Or a nightmare. Or both !grin

RE: can dreams come true?

Barbara...there you go !

Enjoy it !wink

RE: can dreams come true?

I'd say...nightmares comes true. Dreams pass nearby indulging our transiency !grin

RE: can dreams come true?

Hello ladies !tip hat This is for you !popcorn

RE: can dreams come true?

Mannaggia...come faccio a sapere ?dunno

Well Lordarun...here's a little story. A boy was born in a village and the custom was that fate-maidens were present on that moment. They predicted that when he will be 14yo his father will die ! The boy family got upset, but yet they decided to enjoy the event so they get through with ease. The time flew and when the boy turned 14, his father dressed nice and lied on the bed...waiting to die !
His wife came home and found him.
- "What are doing ? Why are you dress like that lying in bed ?"
- "Well dear, don't you remember the fate-maidens prediction ? Our boy is 14 yo today..so i'm preparing to die !"
- "Oh darling, don't be silly...our neighbor passed out this morning !"

tongue tongue

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This is a list of blog comments created by DaBomb72.

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