Choose your partner wisely

no sex before marriage but people can choose their own lives. I wore hijab in 2014, I joined CS in 2010 I guess, I made a lot of friends here. This shall be "She said his (HER) husband was a suspect molested her daughter." typo error shall be "her".

thanks Mimi and Bobby.wave wave

Choose your partner wisely

Yes Mimi, I live and work around Bukit Bintang area ... see you, inbox me when you are downtown KL or your contact applause applause

Choose your partner wisely

Yes Johnny_Sparton, a lesson for us .....

Choose your partner wisely

Hi MimiArt7348 nice to know you here, I am living and working in KL wave

Choose your partner wisely

Thanks mollybaby, finally we can find his family's number, his father already called the police and provided him a lawyer. Now lawyer is working. Hope he will be released soon.

RE: Sufferings of minorities in Pakistan

I am a Muslim and in Islam it is strictly prohibited to force someone to convert to Islam, it is written in Quran.
Some people like to use their power in the name of religion to avoid the world blame on them but they like to hide behind the name of religion with a big population, meaning they like to hide behind millions Muslims.
it is about to see the people with the wrong way as all religions are on the right path.

RE: Baby love

Congratulation John ... wave she is so cute and beautiful applause

Sex before Marriage

Sex is important for husband and wife. Some people are afraid if they have not done sex before marriage they never know their lovers habit in bed. Some even are afraid if their lovers are transgender persons or cannot make them satisfy in bed.
Some friends advise to touch or grab it when kissing grin
During dating we can also take a look at the photo album since we were kids, teenager etc.
An official annual medical certificates for the last 2 years from company can prove who they really are, or a couple can sit down together to hear the explanation from the doctor after their medical check up prior to marriage.
Having sex after marriage is a commitment for some people or marriage without sex or less sex coz the couple are already bored to do it ...grin
Marriage is a commitment where a couple will sign an agreement and they have to think many times to break this agreement ... Preparation for getting married is different for each person.
The important is the viion and mission in building a family.cheers

Algerian man

no algerian man here, he might register as he is from other countries

Algerian man

particolor, they look like the good boys next door, indeed he was good being patience to get the moneycool

Algerian man

I find an algerian man from other websites. CS is good for not listing Algeria here thumbs up

RE: age doesent matters on dating site why???

many younger men like to play and waste the time of the older women doh

Why a man

A love will never leave a man or a woman. A man like hiding himself and it is hard to distinguish between hide or lie wave

RE: respect your elders

if this is about bad attitude, it has nothing to do with age, if we are able to tell them then it is good if not maybe through someone else who can be understood by them by giving them some advices

RE: hangover central

here are some coffee ... coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
have a nice day john wave wave cheers

RE: Oh God

Scammer is a job for some people, there are still many real men spread all over the world. Keep searching, do not give up, good luck wave

RE: the world

remember my poem John

RE: chances missed

when there is a hope there will always be another chance wave

RE: a better tomorrow

we love peace, everyone loves peace wave wave

RE: ordanary day

All we need is to sit and to talk to each other so there will be no misunderstanding.
Routine is sometimes boring wave

RE: save Indonesia

We pray for our country, our family, friends, relatives, ourselves and all people who are here in Indonesia.
Hope God will give us the strength to face all the natural disasters around us and make us to recover soon.

RE: Jokes I've found on the web:

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing i am almost sleeping but it fresh me to laugh laugh laugh

RE: miss her

will you miss her again one day john ? wave

RE: i must confess ....i am an addict...

Hi NE,

I joined CS in Oct 2009 so now it is already 1 year, it looked like i was addicted to CS for 6-8 months, then after sometimes I get bored recently ... sorry wave

RE: catch me stars

even ben can dream cheers

RE: she's back

I am happy to hear that John wave

RE: Love life

I am afraid to lose that special someone, but it happened a lot, something I am afraid of will follow me to make it happen moping help

RE: y the western women do not respect their husbands?

really confused confused

RE: do you speak english?

I am looking for my private english teacher here good or bad his english doesn't matter to me as long as he knows how to teach me with love handshake grin

RE: A father of 2 daughters.. OMG !

Hi Laruku,
I had ever been cheated by a married man with one kid who told me that he was single.
We had a long distance relationship he worked for a mining company somewhere in another island in Indonesia. Fortunately I had my colleague who had family in his area, I finally found his status before we met wave be careful cool

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