gift happy birthday party cake

Science or wealth

thanks dear friends ..... laugh

Science or wealth

i agree with you and i think if we have wealth we can have science .......

Science or wealth

thanks dear taxidiotis ,PatchAdams ,10kOhms ,Jana28

dear Jana28 : i mean is exactly science , if you be a Scientist is better or a rich person

hi everybody

thanks my dear friend bouquet

hi everybody

and thanks dear john teddybear

hi everybody

thanks my dear friends ....... bouquet


thanks dear @virgosingle

@chocolateflavour it's not for sale wink

i like it too dear @greatvalue , it's my favorite

RE: FiRSt LiNe <===> LaSt LinE

very nice poem , i really like it teddybear

RE: friends of the blogs

i want your smile everyday teddybear

important person

thanks dear friends handshake

RE: blind

1. Love may be blind, but it can sure find its way around in the dark!
2. Love is not blind; it simply enables one to see things others fail to see.

norouz 2

thanks dear friends


thanks my dear saleh dancing

Iranian tradition before new year

thanks dear friends handshake

Iranian tradition before new year

thanks my dear friend

thirteenth month

grin hug cheers handshake thumbs up teddybear

for you john

thirteenth month

thanks my dear iamwhoiamyouseer & dear livin_the_dream

thirteenth month

dear capitantom , i like spring to cus it's so romantic season blushing
dear john so you can add spring if you like , do you like ?

your city

thanks alot dear spirit46 and Happygolucky4u for nice pics , i enjoyed handshake dancing

your city

thanks my dear aJester22 , Manhattan is nice city , i enjoyed dancing

RE: 2/17 birthday

Happy Birth day my dear john , with best wishes for you cheering banana applause dancing teddybear gift bouquet peace yay

your city

thank you dear spirit46 for your pics , i really love germany and german people , wish your pics was more , by the way thanks again , you can see my blog here , to list my blogs or this link ......

your city

where are you friends ? where's your pics ? i'm still wating dancing

RE: question ????

i think cheating is good play for some people scold

RE: Happy Valentine’s Day To all Feminine, little Ladi

hi dear aJester
happy valentine to you too gift

car accident ............

thanks john dancing

Happy Valentine's Day

dear livin_the_dream about us that we don't have LOVE , hope find it soon heart1

Happy Valentine's Day

happy valentine too gift

RE: Amateur Cooking (Bakeries)

ok my dear thesunandthesea , i will write it again thumbs up

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