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RE: I’m Leaving! I Quit! I’m Done Here!

ok. thats it. i am closing the website. anyone who wants it to continue has to pay me 5 bucks each professor

RE: Back To LIFEPittsburgh

well cheers
nice to hear of Pittsburgh!

RE: Relationship Tips!

man to make u laugh. so they shld for clown then!

RE: decisions .....decisions

hi fireball. not aware. could u send a link to this news. where r the children from?

RE: Suspicious mail?

yeah. i do that a lot. I beleive everyone is a child of God. so let not me judge anyoneprofessor
now give me money

RE: Why are some rich people still extremely jealous o

<------- is rich
<------ is only jealous of ppl richer than him very mad

RE: june 29th

but jenny said, she was gonna meet me this weekend frustrated

RE: What a Surprise !!

it was me twinkle grin

RE: To convert or not to convert

you should convert to the true religion of islam

to all the pretty ladies. best way to find ur man

hey jerky. paypal is preferred mode of payment. but u and bali can club it up and send post stamps.

and bali. teeth are white. as snow. lips r better! very good fingers. suggest deep artistic instincts.
now just pay up!!

to all the pretty ladies. best way to find ur man

jarred. i got a chick in Spain lined up. just for u. now pay up. dont be lazy. just hop across to Barcelona cool

to all the pretty ladies. best way to find ur man

hiya Bali. u ought to have married me!!! why didnt u?confused
but dont u worry. i hv a guy. just for u.
he is tall. handsome. puffy cheeks. but rest of the body like Adonis. very warm hearted. the guy who u would like to show ur folks right after the 2nd date. its all set for u.
he likes REM. But crazy on Ray Charles in the evenings. likes Beethoven in the mornings. He drives a Volvo (values safety!!!)
thats the snapshot.
u pay. i tell more! grin

to all the pretty ladies. best way to find ur man

Redex, I charge 31 bucks. 37 cents. but u a 50% discount. a hottie like u i can set up in 2 days applause

to all the pretty ladies. best way to find ur man

hey angel. how r u? had been busy all these days. travelling a lot. didnt come here for a while. and then suddenly was swamped by all these women! so thought. lemme help them cool

RE: what a date!

well i can take you out to a party where 3 of my exes would be present. how about that!!!
and I will also drop you to your home without trying to get into your bedroom. and as you walk back to ur house door, i shall cover the path with flowers.
and the next day early in the morning, when u open ur door, there shall be flowers strewn all over ur path. then i shall ask you to join me for breakfast.
oh! I am the king of breakfast. no one can make better breakfast than me!! u r gonna just love it.
and then i am gonna ask u to join me for lunch in Constantinople in Turkey. On the bridge over the sea connecting the 2 sides of the city. you will be having lunch 10 metres from the sea. under the bridge. with the fish jumping in the waves and the ships lazily cruising by, and the city traffic slowly jaunting on a lazy sunday noon.

now isnt that the best date ever!!

RE: Daddy's Poem

very touching. brought me to tears as a dad of a 4 yr old girl. I am not American. But my respects to you and the marines

RE: Beautiful people

<---- is an extremely handsome, awesome looking male professor

why the heck do the girls dont agree with that confused

RE: am i a bad man?

i only sin when i have to professor
they are only counted as half sin. so I am good dancing

RE: I am Bored

I am so bored that I listened to Barak Obama speeches on youtube.


I am not with right partner. I am in love with Cindy Crawford. Waiting for her

RE: Don't surprise me when I'm in the shower

I witnessed the Lord yesterday. I was standing in front of thr mirror


But leah u said u loved me. I can prove it in the courts. U sent me so many love letters. To be frank they were so long that I fell asleep while reading them. And what about that trip to moon that ee had planned. U ditched mevery mad

RE: What do women prefer?

ask Mel Gibson. He actually told the world what women want blues

RE: I am Bored

i think i am more bored than u blues

RE: Can you see me?

nice pic. very nice.

RE: The Great Gatsby...

shitz its been years since i read gatsby. cant remember anything. confused

RE: Cookie Crazed Cow...

u can trade me for ur cow. i can sell the cow and buy 10 chickens. then we can hatch some eggs. we can sell those eggs and get some chicks. and with more eggs we can increase the sales and start a poultry farm. with the food waste we can start a bio gas plant and generate electricity. and sell it to the city. and we can become millionaires applause

RE: Decent Man

here u go. i am here cool

RE: bridging the gap from chatting to meeting....

My contact details -
[email protected]
Lrts get personal!

RE: what women like

They like someone who can make thm laugh.

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