RE: The reason women don't trust men online.

If only some of man not just think about woman size too laugh


RE: well you'll never guess what I just done.

And guess you'll be end like that


RE: To one of the blogs below


Ignore the negative one & share good thing that others usefull or lets fun & laugh without attach others

Wish you have day


RE: To one of the blogs below

Hi serena wave

Gotta agree with you
thumbs up

RE: To one of the blogs below

Maybe need to look at back why they being in here?.
Sometimes hard for some ppl to respect & be quite to not tell what others already told as a secret.

I hope blog back as fun & nothing take as hard feeling as before

RE: World Cancer Day

I lost member of family cos cancer & also friends in here cos of cancer sad flower sad flower

For their family, friends, & for who still fight with it


RE: Just Chilling...

I will walk around & sit at a place that give me relax feeling so I can think clear & to know what I should do

RE: What do you think about this?

Something that when you live aboard & miss that food even there is some of similar food nut tou still look for that noodles . And that food very simple way to cook when you het hungry & specially when you see you just have some penny in your pocket, so that food save your life rolling on the floor laughing

RE: ciao

@nonsmoker : Good thanks wave ,
Just wonder as you said swing ball but I didn't see where is the ball ? laugh

hey enjoy your day wink

RE: ciao

@nonsmoker: rolling on the floor laughing ......

who's father or grandfather ? laugh

RE: Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

Merry christmas Ken wine

RE: Just been for my Christmas day Swim

Merry christmas Non heart1 santa waving

Hope you won't be freezing now laugh
Enjoy your xmas day & happy holiday

RE: Anybody remember this. ?

Remind with the song 5 little monkey, but its change 1 bear jumping of the three grin

RE: Another ghost in the virtual machine.

Hi non wave ........
well sometimes fb over addict & some of info that we won't to know it but spread easy.

What ever your decision then its good for you. handshake

PS: good luck with the course & keep in touch wine

RE: I'm a Muslim

Many hug & warm for you hug

RE: Solidarity with the French people.

I meam la France

RE: Solidarity with the French people.

Mes prières pour Paris, la Drance et la monde sad flower

RE: I think I am in love...

count your leafs now, love ... no... love no ...
but as long as you enjoy the feeling then it could be yes

RE: CS soap opera

Hi biff , my self not often being in here as work most of took my time.

But I do miss how CS be about 4 year ago when first I joined to this site. Guess now I didn't see that would ve the same, not only human change also this site too.

Have a good sunday everyoneteddybear

RE: existing

Guess that the most we're in here grin


RE: Han's Blog!!

hi hans wave are you?

well i hope they won't deleted my blog grin

RE: Han's Blog!!

remuk-remuk badan awak nih laugh

Thanks good my bum is ok grin & I think what I need no, a good massage.
I ever took bus from singapore to Kuala Lumpur, hmmm it was about 5 hours if not mistake.

But always like whatever journey that you made as long as you enjoy it, by bus, train or airplane.

wish you have a great day

RE: Han's Blog!!

Hi DC wave

Hope you won't get burn of your a** while sit there laugh
as I just arrived too, form Yogyakarta to Jakarta, for 7 hour

But enjoy my journey & its sunny day and not too hot

RE: Who loves housework?

And I did some clean too specially at my room & sis she will come.

Only that i hate about cleaning is dust, make me sneeze but when see the result ahhh ^-^ , then after that tea time


RE: Crazy Story

I thought naked travel only a novel that but wait so it is true as naked travel wow


RE: Chilling...With Bee Gees

I love Bee Gees


RE: Wish list

My List hmmmmm free ticket around the world with luxury accommodation cool

grin laugh laugh laugh

RE: Sarcasm

I dunno to say.


RE: the opening

Maksud straight to the point mba.
Aduh sometimes my mind & my fingers misundertood with what i'm gonna write doh

RE: The week, so pictures.

No spoonge bob ?

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