RE: Take the time

Coucou C. Oui mon petit, take the time to play wink

RE: Top five regrets of the dying

Have a good time there whenever and wherever you go and live....

Nice blog. How's your Portuguese friend in France by the way? Cou cou rolling on the floor laughing

RE: I mush have struck a nerve there, I think!

doh thumbs down

RE: When they ask me

Well, once on they are difficult to remove so people had better be sure they can live with them forever laugh

RE: Say what ?!?!?

Blood transfusion required laugh

RE: Judge single man ,by the state of his fridge!!!

Lipsee. Well, the fridge looks clean anyway laugh

RE: have u ever thought about it?

laugh thumbs up

RE: Someone who is getting LOTS of flowers for V - Day

Jim laugh

RE: where is she....?

Maybe you will meet her as you leave your house or turn a corner in the street? wink

RE: If the Devil were your friend.....?

The Devil is all in the mind and pretty much all about obsessions and addictions really JMO devil

RE: Someone who is getting LOTS of flowers for V - Day

Receive what though? Maybe as you get pinned against the wall, she will steal your wallet laugh

RE: Which direction society is leading to

Did you mean this Tiger...?

80% of searches for the word sex

RE: My cousin died. :(

Sorry to read this news Jim hug

RE: I am against racism...

thumbs up

RE: fake

Very true yazz

RE: Pictures are so important

I think it depends how you want to use them but not having one up all the time does reduce spammers, sad but true! You have a good day!

RE: Happy Australian Day

Happy Australia Day grin

RE: Happy Republic Day


RE: Date

Probably not get involved unless they were in a different department maybe.......

RE: facebook will go down soon...

You know my thoughts on facebook already (thread) so not much to add really except maybe another site will be created and everyone will start using that. Just look at how twitter hit the ground running.......grin

RE: Profile Photos.

Maybe because the people with photos view them dunno

RE: online dating

Mon petit C,

Le sentiment amoureux
se mesure à l'ampleur
du manque, à l'etat
fievreux dans lequel
l'absence de l'autre
nous plonge

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Do most women still need men or not?

@10k. You can try to spam me if you like but don't say you haven't been warned laugh wave

RE: Do most women still need men or not?

@Jana, Don't get me started on the animal kingdom and insects that have detachable Ps that can float off into space rolling on the floor laughing

@Huston, Maybe there will be no currency exactly just Gold laugh wink

RE: online dating

i guess many of you will say you never find anything from online dating .... they are the wise words for saying but you still keep your profile here that mean you still look for something ...

Hmmm and what are you looking for? Should be interesting dancing

RE: Do most women still need men or not?

Maybe humans will all go to live on a certain recently discovered planet bigger than earth and find other life forms where both men and women can be happy laugh

RE: True.. or not ??

Oh no.....laugh

RE: Traveling and Volunteering in 2012


RE: Just in case....

Ha ha very good..

RE: Men!! You Have Been Warned

Very good!laugh

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