RE: EL: Stars, Shooting Stars

Hi Janmei! kiss

very well written....hope you are doing good.....anytime you see a shooting star...make a wish!


RE: Do we need the USA?

Hi If no-

Probably one of the most ignorant things I have read in a long time. I think you should take a long hard look at where your biases come from, and offer solutions to make this world a better place instead of spewing nonsense and hate. Every country has its pitfalls.....even yours my friend.

RE: Aphrodisiac?!

Cinnamon is one of my favorites too!! It makes everything better applause

RE: WX: The Man Who Threatened to Kill Himself

Janmei !!kiss


I happen to really like the way you express yourself, the way you are able to look at things from all different angles, and tie your thoughts together.

This 'novelist' that seems to want to give you a hard time and toot his own horn, seems to me to just be one very insecure individual. He uses his own arrogance as a shield. A weak attempt at making himself feel momentarily important, or to give the impression tht he is somehow better than everyone else.

Dont mind him. Im sure any 'novel' that he has written, is sitting in the back of an old bookstore, collecting dust. handshake

RE: waiting for answer

Sword is right....your profile is sub-par and you have that arrogant statement there......

RE: Clowns will be clowns ...

I cannot keep up with all this drama roll eyes

Are you talking about CT here? And that blog he wrote about some guy flying? From what I gathered Alfi is flying to meet you in real life? laugh thats just a guess, really, I have no clue, but I thought I read a reference to that in another blog.

Please tell me u didnt let camel get under your skin!? You writing this blog only shows him or whoever this 'clown' is that they got to you...that it made you question your choices, that it made you angry....

Good luck, with whatever it is that is going on....


RE: WX: The Man Who Threatened to Kill Himself

Jan you are very wise, and I agree with you. Many who 'threaten' suicide but do not do it, are just crying out for help. I also agree that if this guy were really going to do it, he would have done it in a different way. Thats why he stepped off that ledge.

I dont think anything you said was cold-hearted at all. It would be different if you were insensitive to this man and what he was going through, but I dont think you were.

Billy is right, sensationalism sells. Its like a bad train wreck, we dont want to look but we cant seem to pull our eyes away from seeing what happens. That, and the vast majority of people, whether they like to believe it or not, have a fascination with death. Why? Because is permanent, and there is an element of the unknown.

The media drives me nuts. That is why I dont watch the news and I barely watch TV. Too much garbage being shown and the media has a way of playing tricks on people, pushing certain agendas, and making populations of people act in a certain way.

We do live in an age where everyone wants to be famous for nothing. Look at the US Celebrities....I can name a handful of them that have little to no talent, but are disgustingly rich and famous. Alot of it is social psychology....if they run around and chase some beautiful person with cameras and plaster their face all over print media and the internet, people will think...."hmmmm this person MUST be important!" And if they dont think that, then maybe they will hate them and just follow what they do to secretly enjoy their demise.

The media also knows that once these people reach a certain status, any product they use or deal they sign can create millions in revenues. So they leach onto this person and push products to the young generation that is all about fads, style, and music.

The part they forget is that everything that rises must fall....

I think if less people believed everything they saw in the media this world would be a much better place. handshake

RE: lust is killing me please guide me


I am an evil sinner because I pointed out Rapowal's sin? confused

rolling on the floor laughing

gosh, have you gotten carpal tunnel yet? I was merely giving him constructive advice....he asked for our opinions, and I gave mine. Lets face it, the man said himself he is a hot mess, so he is one step ahead of you. handshake beer

RE: Can men and Women be friends?how about girl and bo

Having a friendship and having alterior motives are two entirely different things. Women and men can have friendships, regardless if either party gets 'hot' for each other at one point or another.

Yes there have been men in my life that I only looked at as friendship material, but then that means that at some point, even subconscously, I decided that I could never be intimate with them. Probably due to these 'dream men' you speak of. dunno

haha. But in all seriousness, men and women are just wired differently. period. Men have the ability to separate feelings from sex, and most women confuse the two. Makes for quite the interesting time......doh cheers

RE: lust is killing me please guide me

Miss V! hug

haha yeah sorry....was having a moment there.....better yet...perhaps he can date Fieldr. That would kill two birds with one stone. cool

RE: lust is killing me please guide me


GET A FRIGGIN DIVORCE ALREADY. I am tired of reading your blogs about wanting to cheat on your wife, and masterbation, etc etc. Seriously, if you are that miserable and depressed, get a friggin divorce and start dating. doh

RE: relationship and status, is it really that stress-

Hi Kasih!

Have to agree with Miss V here....and also Mjames......

first you have to figure out and define exactly what it is you want from a partner, and come to common ground on your expectations of each other, before you can have a successful relationship.

RE: why all the blank faces???

Hi Butterfly-

All due respect, who really cares? I had pictures up for quite some time and I got all sorts of ridiculous emails, marriage proposals, you name it. Even had one guy tell me he copied my pictures to his personal computer so he could masterbate to them. So then I put up a picture of my cat, and CS removed it. So I just never put a picture back up.

Anyway, point here is, everyone has their own reasons, and if you are that appalled by talking to 'faceless' people, stick to talking to those with a face.

But like someone else mentioned, half of those faces are not giving you a true picture, to each their own. I dont think it requires this much analysis...I mean, shit. cheers

RE: Toads, dung and coffee beans

Good blog definetely have an eloquence to your writing.....

the cane toad...I think I recall those from loud you would think you were at a demolition site. I believe they spray citric acid all over in order to kill them off.

Beetles, I dont know much about. But coffee....hey, I can be quite the coffee snob love coffee

My favorite coffee would have to be Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee...but its so damn expensive...Ive taken tours in the blue mountains to watch how they make it....its very interesting. Ive bought pounds of the stuff at a discount while there, but to order it here, the pure version can run around $25 a pound. I even bought an extra pound of it, as a gift for someone, but thank god I never sent it to them, because it turned out to be just a pound of dirt wrapped up in burlap, sold to unsuspecting tourists such as myself....

My next favorite would be Hawaiian Kona coffee..and yes Ive had the real stuff....and then after that I think I would go with good old folgers, and I will have to admit McDonalds does make quite a great cofeee for being such a crap hole. I also am a Chai tea addict, and now have started exploring teas, mostly for their health benefits, but also because drinking some of them just makes you feel so good.

Now onto the dung part of your blog. I recall from the movie 'the Bucket List' that Jack Nicolson would drink a certain type of coffee throughout, because he was a rich arrogant man, and he wanted the most expensive, and near the end come to find out, the coffee actually contained some sort of dung. Take a look at short link below...its true! lol

I did a quick google search, and the most expensive coffee in the world is indeed Kopi Luwak which hails from Indonesia....

So, without even knowing it, all your 'random' thoughts are really very interconnected. Anyway, what I have always wondered, is what made people who discovered coffee think, hey I can roast this bean and then mix it with water and drink

RE: I need some helps - please!

Sallaneh.....I'd be willing to help and old friend.....message me. comfort

RE: Ohh man Im sneezing!!!!!…Pls help :(

Hi Miss Melodyy! hug

Well, Ill be honest I haven really been reading much here as of late....for a while I was on vacation....that reminds me...maybe I have a few topics to write on from my travels...

and Billy was right....they say sneezing creates the same endorphins to be released as when you have an o* maybe you keep reading because it feels so good? rolling on the floor laughing

j.k. But Ill be honest, if I see about 5,000 emoticons I really just stop reading. Even the older blogs that had alot of just chatting and banter, I would read through those, because alot of times little 'nuggets' of wisdom would appear.....but I am not going to read through 10 pages of dancing banannas and head slapping emoticons beer

RE: Confused and Understood

Hi...I find it hard to believe you cant get a scholarship or grant based on being part indian. Or not even that, but there are a bazillion scholarships out there...

fundraisers...hmm.....well im assuming you could just do a raffle, and get some decent money beer


so you are an anarchist? confused is that how you spell it doh handshake


haha well I loved the greek philosophers.....but when it comes to politics I dont think they knew what was going on! laugh

RE: Tell me what's on your mind?

Well I have noticed that the blogs have been quite the sausage fest lately laugh all men, and I think someone even wrote a blog about sausages rolling on the floor laughing doh


haha.....but you are all in agreement! laugh doh handshake

and no, its only 10pm here cheers


how is it that the non-americans are mud slinging around stuff about American politics, but dont realize that the Americans are saying the same thing? confused doh

I find that funny. The pot calling the kettle black, ALFIE! laugh

RE: What is love? The story, written by jeffery hall

Jeff are you for real? confused This is a book about love you are selling on yahoo? confused

Usually when you write about a topic beaten to death, you have to come up with something unique, not just 'love is sharing and caring, love is joy and happiness' cheers

RE: What's currently fascinating me

I love astronomy! beer cool Too bad you cant really see jack here becuase of all the smog. doh Well, at least not as clear as you can see with the naked eye up in northern areas. It is still fascinating to learn about.....cheers

RE: Me confess? Never!!!

Good virgin blogging Billy! cheers

Great story telling skills you, well, I'm pretty sure I have so many stories that I am not sure which one would be best to share! uh oh

wink laugh

RE: People Watching.....

I love your descriptions, very vivid cheers

RE: suicide

John- I still dont understand why you have not gotten professional help. Seriously....sad flower

RE: u said it best, when u say nothing at all

Alison Krause sings that song, not sure if she wrote it, actually, why do I want to say Dolly Parton wrote the first version? Could be wrong, but I LOVE the Alison Krause song...reminds me of my dad handshake

RE: The consummate curse: Marriage and Family

Camel, as charming as you are, I dont buy it for a moment, this 'economic reasoning'.......but back to the ball talk lips

RE: The consummate curse: Marriage and Family

and Mike, I have heard stories of wild animals committing suicide, not in the sense that they are slitting wrists, but if their mate dies, they will get depressed and stop eating, and eventually die.

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