RE: is this fair?

Many people want their perspective partners to go in a direction which they are not comfortable with. Be true to yourself and your comfort zone.

RE: Could you tell me, about men and their feelings

The prospect of living out the rest of your life alone will make many a grown man cry.

RE: shy girls

Shy girls are good listeners. When they come out of their shells everyone gets to benefit. Learning a new language takes time. Be patient and resourceful.

RE: Why are woman so fickle

Women follow an "All or Nothing" Concept in their quest for a mate. They manipulate an older man's ego until they decide to go for the jugular (Asking for money). They refuse to be patient and communicate with a person for an extended period of time. They talk constantly about love ignoring the other person's interests. They use phony names and photos to place themselves location wise all over the globe. They complain continuously that a website does not meet their needs even though they turned down numerous overtures from "Nice Guys". Many of them do nothing to improve their appearance. Photos are of poor taste or are nonexistent. That my friend is why women are so fickle.

RE: what is loneliness?

Being alone serves as a shield against rejection. Being alone also gives one the opportunity to go over their mistakes in trying to relate to someone. Learning to relax, not to act desperate, or nervous helps one to grow in stature in attempting to connect with other people. I enjoy being alone to work on hobbies; yet I see the need to interact with people also. One has to discover their comfort zone a happy medium and proper usage of time.

RE: What a woman really needs is a good companionship

Workaholics always cause the flower of romance to wither away into dust.

RE: collecting women!

After 27 months on this site the only items I've collected in large numbers are scam artists and rejections.

RE: How to Find your One True love

Connect with potential suitors through emails. Discover their interests. Share your interests with them. Ask lots of questions. After a period of time inquire about meeting this special person. Be patient and sincere in your efforts.

RE: Colonoscopy on Its Way

Health maintenance is important in the quest to maintain your health. Rumors that create fear hurt people more than benefiting them. Have had three (3) Colon Procedures so far. "A Piece of Cake"

RE: Does an Online Dating help you find the right one?

Girls don't want to be pen pals. They refuse to spend time getting to know someone. They find any small excuse to drop communication with someone so that they can say the website is no good. Ask questions. Be curious. Invest time. Share your interests. Be a friend so that love can bloom.

RE: Robin Started A Joke

The Bee Gees are one of the greatest groups of all time. Their music will live on.

RE: ... ended up broken instead .

Our emotions vary sometimes from minute to minute. We feel good; then we feel down like we failed to inspire others. We wear our feelings on our human shield and hope for the best. Honesty is a catalyst for happiness or ongoing sorrow. When quick fixes replace patience in our pattern of thought we must remember that scotch tape and paper clips are a poor substitute for cement and steel.

RE: sometimes the sweetest thing ..

Someone suffers for a period of time. They almost surrender in defeat. They keep going and suddenly the clouds part and the sun reappears. Confidence enters the bloodstream and smiles replace frowns.

RE: Learning how to love yourself ..

Good thought. Many men myself included when being rejected by girls always ask themselves "What's wrong with me?" We poison our system of self esteem and confidence therefore appealing to no one in the process.

RE: why do men go for looks?

Looks are part of the total package. Personality is still the most important item on the social resume. No matter what I do to doctor up my photos I will always look like an old man to many female viewers.


Optimism comes in a nice gift wrapped package with the arrival of a new year. At the end of the year many of us cast an emotional gaze at an empty location once again hoping for the arrival of another gift wrapped package.

RE: You've got mail...

The little rectangle lights up to tell me a scam artist is moving in on me for the kill. Women don't want to be pen pals. If they sense a man is not committing to them they move on quickly.

RE: hi

Scammers ruin this site for all the sincere people. A guy puts his interests down via a message. Girls never use this info to create a pen pal situation. No website works if girls continue to be picky as to their wants and desires. Age and distance remain big obstacles to love and connection.

RE: What's happen to this country???

Congress is on strike. No solutions coming out of that body at all.

RE: what really hurts

I used to be depressed. I always asked myself the question "What's wrong with me?" when faced with rejection from a woman. After careful analysis I realized I was acting like a desperate person to perspective dates, acting anxious, and acting nervous in the presence of women; a real turnoff. I decided to remove the weight of the world from my shoulders. I began to relax; to learn how to make small talk, and not worry at all about marriage or finding the right person. Thus I am in a better frame of mind. People I thought were friends turned against me too. Friendship is best defined in terms of quality over quantity. I had been in therapy for many years and was told I did not know how to love anyone by a doctor. I feel much better now just trying to relax and not trying too hard to reach goals that may be out of my reach.

Good luck to you. Time to turn your tears into smiles one day at a time.

RE: i was advised to be a nun on my last blog

Welcome to the convent! If a new movie Sister Act III comes out; you would definitely have a starring role.teddybear heart wings

RE: It was my Birthday :)Happy birthday to me :).

Get used to it. Keep on the offensive to meet eligible guys. Pamper yourself if necessary. Love yourself and always think positive.

RE: Need a mirror or glasses by any chance?

If age is just a number none of us would be talking about this issue now would we???

It all comes down to personality and sincerity.

I can see women easily without glasses. Need glasses for reading, street signs.teddybear

RE: Getting so Tired of the fakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fakes put down one location on their profile, live somewhere else, are tied up on their job, and really want to meet you once you send them air fare in advance. Welcome to the Frustration Club. Constantly admitting new members on a daily basis.

RE: nice to be here

Welcome to CS. Watch out for scammers. Have a good time.

RE: I Need A Hug!

After receiving a hug from me Lana YOU should feel a lot better.

RE: How can you love someone you don't know and don't

Keeping busy on projects keeps your mind off women for a spell. If someone wants to meet a girl they have to travel to locations where girls hang out, relax, and see what happens. Girls too have hangups so the process of mutual attraction may take a while.

RE: I am whatever you say I am

Words on paper are just words on paper. A person has to visually see someone to begin getting to really know them and passing judgment. People arrive on CS with different priorities; seeking love, new friends, presenting opinions, bashing men, bashing women etc. Time does pass quickly by. Thus time is better spent developing relationships instead of condemning wrong turns taken in the past. Platonic is better than rejection. Intimacy is better than platonic, love is better than intimacy. Introverts, extroverts, and neutrals all mixed together like a Chef Salad.

RE: Houdini

If a girl wants a guy to show interest they should be responsive to his e mails. When a guy lists his hobbies a girl should respond with questions and information on her hobbies too. e mails are the bloodstream of this website. When a guy makes an effort to be informative and the girl responds with three words; where is the interest? Many girls want to chat but not to write. Sincere girls represent about 5% of the total girls out there.

RE: Cyber lies …

The tendencies of being used repeat themselves over and over again. Scam artists seem to own this site. Initial hopes for success are repeatedly dashed over time as sincere people seem to be getting nowhere fast as manipulators control things.

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