RE: The Elephant In The Room

Yes it is all true, here and now, this is the game we play, but I think the reality is somewhat different, think, find the source, are there really players?, are you a player in their reality?, as Shakespeare observed, "The whole world is a stage, and all,,,,,,,,,(ALL) the men and women merely players, They have their exits and entrances, (death and rebirth) and you as an entity play many roles. Falling into this game is being a part of it, look way beyond to see.

RE: American way of life.....

I have decided to defend the American way of life, it's ideals and principles are right, but the people got lost in greed and affluence, the ideals are perfect but when people come into the equation whats right is only right for them, nothing will ever change unless people change and that seems improbable, so, going by our history, we can talk forever and promise soo much but tomorrow there will still be people, people who want control, wealth, and power, it seems we will live and die in this construct of life.

RE: Trump for 2024 - DRAIN THE SWAMP

So, I am in your camp?, or another camp? or my own camp, I don't think it matters, nothing ever changes, Trump is no worse or better, peace has never been, all have their agendas, it all depends on who we fall behind, and do not be fooled, tomorrow will be no better, my advice for what it's worth, sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.

RE: Honest opinion about money

Money is ok, people are the problem!

RE: The bad effects of smoking

I've known people who have died at 4, 12, 15, 18, 22. 30, 41, 53, and more, does smoking help your life expenctiency, no, but you still die, at any age, do what you enjoy, or not, dont eat mcdonalds, dont consume gm foods, dont stay in the sun too long, dont drive fast, dont be, dont drink the water, It's ok, I dont smoke because I want to live longer, unfortunatly I will probably die early from a non smoking disorder.

What old sayings do you like?

I think I'll just make up my own,

'If tomorrow never comes, why the f*ck did I bother,'


Strange but true, I actually did not lose my phone!

Agree or not?

lovecanbereal, why?

RE: A Friend For Each Purpose

Did I see TRUE friends mentioned?
All of the above are there, for now, only true friends stay, and not because of your underwear CW,

Agree or not?

CROWNAFFAIR, is it jumbled up?, or can you not understand?

RE: Do any males on this think the irish women are sha

I don't think Irish females are shallow, I think they are not stupid, and they can see through bullshit, so, guys, dont bullshit an irish woman, be real and you may find you get a reponse!

Hands up who knows what the Matrix is really about? Sorry, I have to plug myself out, I’ll be back!

So, it appears noone really knows what the Matrix is about, even though it has guided you, played all the parts, and showed you the end and the beginning, it's simplicity got lost in it's complicity, and here you are scratching your unknowing heads, asking for the answer, you won't get it until you are ready!

RE: We Survived, we really did...............against all odds, the good old days, wished you were back..

I grew up with valium, tried to choke me when I was 5, sisters saved me, she had nothing in her life, my mother, I became the future of blame, for her, anything that happened was my fault, and I became me, free without caring about life, and knowing that all is not what it seems to be.


I don't see intelligent thought here, so sorry!

What would you like written on your gravestone?

Always knew lovecanbereal, but I'm still f*cking dead!

RE: A very interesting point of view.

I'm amazed, thought I was going to be reprimanded for that comment, well done for looking further! handshake

RE: A very interesting point of view.

Armageddon is inevitable, creation starts, produces new, and we grow in that space, until, we tire of it all,
time to start again, this has been the process for millennium, civilisations born, civilisations unborn, reasons for its extinction are always looked for, it's no one's fault, it's creation, however the end occurs, it will occur, we should not look back in decades or even centuries but realise that for eternity we were and then we were not,
we try to hold on to this world only because we are afraid, afraid of what we don't know.
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RE: Why evil things happen.

That's you, and what's wrong with that?

RE: What time is it?

Sorry to tell you,'s time!

RE: Why evil things happen.

Indeed, can you help?



RE: Why evil things happen.

Evil things exist to make sense of good things, like positive and negative, if all was positive we could never experience anything else, this existance is about experience, thats why we are here, we could never know
what happiness is if we did not know what unhappiness is, peace and war, if you continually lived in peace
you could never say you were happy because you would never know what the opposite was.

Memorable moments!

I think you traumatised her, after all, she is just an innocent irish cailini, methinks you may have a spell cast upon you.

RE: Who are you?

Good question, the expection is that the YOU will be the same YOU tomorrow, but the you that exists today
will be a different you tomorrow, subtle changes you dont notice, SO, who am I?, well, I won't be the me that I
was yesterday, things that I don't notice will alter my perception, I WILL feel the same me, but my interaction
in this experience changes all so slightly, so, who I am today is not who I will be tomorrow, now, to answer
your other questions, How do you describe yourself?,.... A learning entity, ........Are you happy and content?
I am today,................ Does happiness exist?.....That depends on you.

What old sayings do you like?

I really don't like when he moons! doh

What old sayings do you like?

No, no, no, have you been reading my secret diary? laugh

If you could call your younger self…. What would you say?

Very wise phatdrummer650 you are now eligible for a discussion on the possibility of being offered
a place (if there is a cancellation) to present yourself in person, (video call won't do) to a third party
who will decide if you meet the criteria that meets the expectations of the second party,, where you shall
undergo a written test, followed by verbal communication to prove you are not phadrummer649, wherein
you may be offered a place on paper in front of the first party, now, that offer will self destruct within 30 seconds,
failure at this stage means you have to apply again. If you succeed when you reapply, you will then be part of a unique club called
humanity, where you do EVERYTHING you want when you want, but don't complain about being ticketed for illegal parking.

I agree with ninety five percent of you comment.

thumbs up

What is Success really?

I agree Ninurta.thumbs up

What is Success really?

Well said Danielle and thanks for commenting, I like the pic with the horse, they are
so easy to connect with, lovely entities.wave

RE: Some things I’ve learnt along the way…(pt. 3)

Harmony comes from you, antagonistic comes from you, love comes from you, fear comes from you, everything comes from you, I'm not saying be selfish, what I have learned is that in the end its you that
matters, noone else can feel it if you have pain, noone else can die in your stead, be harmonious if you feel
you can, be not antagonistic, but in this sphere you are solely you.

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