RE: don't just give up

Well if I am a have your right to try my friend....hug

RE: life sucks

life sucks indeed..but because of people....

RE: Sorry my Ex-girlfriend

Well you want it ..but I don't think so..depends on what you did to her..because we humans.have and hate..

Good luck to you!wine

RE: don't just give up

Thanks I just gave up..nothing to change..good luck!hug

RE: despair

laugh B.I.??rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: love ?

Women are emotional, men are rational....poetry I like it too..but has no base..sorry..

RE: despair

You're right...I have the same feeling..some men are just professionals in words..

RE: what happened

don't worry John..some people they left themselves..and other just got deleted..the answer I think you know it..cheers my friend..

RE: The dating book club

I find nothing wrong in it..something interesting to

RE: predictions

Predictions are sometimes true..laugh

RE: kiss my eyes to sleep

I want also kisses to sleep..yawn

Man and woman

@10klaugh cubic centimeters..laugh

McDonalds is tasty thanks!burger here one for you and cokebeverage delivery

They do not have a bottle, so take how much you want please..peace

Man and woman

@10k not overestimate yourself..intelligence it is not measured in

Man and woman

@cymbalta...nerd thanks!!

Man and woman

@livin.yeah..time is running..wisdom and knowdledge..we have to learn..and in the end..we are not chic anymore..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: love

ok nice..but why the devil smiley??

RE: old

@10klaugh ok..better early than too late laugh

Hello livin..hug

RE: old

@10k...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing ..quality+quantity...rolling on the floor laughing you dream....but pray to be so..bowing rolling on the floor laughing

cheers for getting old and wise!

RE: old

@10k..I think you will not need..the pomp and viagra..because being old it tempers also your will not want so much as now( suppose)..The quality takes quantity..but more importance and more FEELING..I thinkconfused

RE: old

laugh ofcourse I'm not old..I cannot say that..just feel on getting a bit older..more experience, knowdledge..values..etc.

Infact everyone has the age of his mind, it doesn't matter his age..
just my opinion my friend! was the shower??grin

It's your love so strong?

@iamwhoiayousee, I fully agree with you, that can be.
The situation is that they were good friends before, more a platonic friendship, they've never slept together before marriage, they were both virgin.
After they had married he observed that he is not sexually attracted to his wife, but he loves her very much and they have a child together, a daughter.
He also realised, after a party with friends that he is oriented to men , so, gay..

I really do not know what will be the end of this story, if they will remain together or not, but it is very sad, at least I see it so..

Thank you for your comment!hug

It's your love so strong?

Thank you Dr. Ash. ..I'll probably send you a private ask more,..wink

RE: old

Getting old it gives us an other perspective about life.
Life has a better taste, the real one , while everything becomes more precious..


It's your love so strong?

laugh men just smell and go..laugh

I'm not jealous..frustrated laugh

It's your love so strong?

Yes is so..nothing more than friends..he is honest and cannot change..thanksheart beating

It's your love so strong?

@ Flog, maybe he will not, I'm not sure he will, but..just because the garden is big and full of flowers, everyone has an other colour and an other smell..

What do you think ? you're a man.

My answer ..everything is not for

It's your love so strong?

Mikels..Flogmetwice..laugh It is not my date a gay..I know myself..well I know I had some weakness..before.but I didn't know anything about him..he was really looking..smitten but..there is the but..he told me just to avoid falling in love with him, and to get more emotionally involved..From this point I appreciate him..he is a good friend, but we are not in love with each other..

My blog it is a wich i cannot answer myself..

about how much we can give and receive in LOVE..can we take the risk just to help a friend?( is not my case)
And yes good point..if he will just use me for his interest?
This is un a strange couple..but in normal couples can we have trust 100%??

Ok..he may have with men...and the straight with women..
In the first case I the second I have to guess..

What is the difference if he betrays me with men or women??

It's your love so strong?

Hello're welcome!waiter

RE: Helloooooooooooooooo!

Thank you too Pink ,I like your humor..laugh

RE: Helloooooooooooooooo!

Hello Pink..very sweet your bunny..I will ask my dog if he wants to join the site's a good idea.


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