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RE: to all the man online

hmmm Interesting.

A blank head with a blog that is barely legible....

Telling us to get real.roll eyes

RE: Stuck Up Users!!!!

So JB. When you say "everybody" I assume you are referring to the women here.

Either that or you had a big problem during ya high school years.

RE: converstaion during sex?

It's the moaning and the groaning when not having sex that turns me off.roll eyes

RE: brainrot

Dunno about brainrot....

I do know I've chucked out an expensive wine that had corkrot.

That ain't very humourous either.roll eyes

G'day Smitts.wave

Long time, no

RE: what your opinion about sex before marriage ??

Well there's one way of getting around that little obstacle....

Don't get

RE: Would a poem touch your centre??

I'm wishing like hell I hadn't made my initial comment. Didn't think it was going to blow up to be some big deal like it has.

I was going to suggest to Livin to delete the blog..... until Mummy's Boy came up with his dummy spit.

Now I want the whole world to see

RE: Would a poem touch your centre??

Showing ya true colours now.

You really are a basket case.roll eyes

RE: Shit I just burnt the noodle

I blame it on the time zone Carol. Having to catch up with all the overnight goings on here is distracting.

I was about to sit down, have some breakfast and read the Sunday paper. Only problem is.... I clean forgot that I hadn't even bought the paper yet!doh

We need help!laugh

RE: Would a poem touch your centre??

Don't let it get to ya Livin. You made an error, you apologized and that should be it.

The certain miscreant giving you a hard time here has absolutely no credibility and should not be taken seriously.

Stick around, keep blogging and have fun.cheers

RE: Come Check Me Out

Don't worry Livin. I don't normally drop my toast from the top of a 30 story building.

The cat should be fine.laughbeer

RE: Come Check Me Out

Well Dustin. You see... it works like this.

This is your blog. You do the talking.... we do the listening. And some of us may respond.

And by the way. I do have a question. If you butter a piece of toast and drop it, it lands butter side down. If you drop a cat it always lands on it's feet. What would happen if you buttered the back of a cat and dropped it?beer

RE: Would a poem touch your centre??

Very nice. You should get it published.

RE: ........hello world

Yeah? Mick, a few blogs below ya will be pleased to hear

RE: WX: Tsangyang Gyatso, This Life

Hi Jan. Another good blog you've put together. And I've said my fair share of farewells over the years. Yeah.... they come and they go.

I never say goodbye. It's always been a habit of mine to say "see ya later" even though I know the chances of that happening in some cases is miniscule. It's amazing though how many times I have bumped into someone 20 years down the track. Sometimes I wish I hadn't; I preferred them they way they were.

The one and only time I got booked for speeding, the policeman wished me a good day when departing. Off course I replied with "Thanks. See ya later". Well I wasn't having a good day and I sure as hell hoped I never saw him again. Two weeks later my social cricket team were playing a police team.... and guess who was their opening batsman!

So.... see ya later.laugh

RE: Three words you should never say to women

I had to take a peek at ya profile. Just wanted to get an idea of the genius behind this blog.

Yeah.... it explains it all.roll eyes


Turn it into a positive Skikoomuch.

It's better to know early what the bloke is like... and is not worth wasting ya time on.

Just forget it, move on and go get 'em!beer

RE: Helicopters and Dirigibles

So... there's a doorstop out there with a few good secrets.laugh

Another good yarn Rev.

RE: What ticks me/you off?

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...

Yep Angel. That's the sound that drove me nuts when I couldn't sleep. There was only one way of fixing that up....

I bought a digital

RE: Did you ever have one of those mornings

You're not going to get anywhere if ya sitting down writing a blog about not getting anywhere!laugh

confused So Carol... is anywhere somewhere near nowhere?

If so....

I know what ya mean....roll eyes

RE: This site is worthless!

See ya.

And don't slam the door on the way out!beer

RE: The Fuzzy Slippers

Now the question is Rev. Where's the other slipper?laugh

I once had a neighbor who's Kelpie had a fetish for footwear. He'd roam up and down the street, and grab any shoe, slipper, thong, boot or sandal that happened to be outside anyone's front door and bring it home. And his collection consisted of only odd ones... never a

RE: An ODE to singles everywhere.

Must have gone in hard to make ya nose bleed Angel.laugh

Kissing in the dark can be a bit of hit and miss though. Like the time I was thinking "Geez... this woman's grown a mustache!".

When I had planted one on her eyebrow.doh

RE: Dating sites and the people

It's a free site and there's money to be made.

Not very nice... but that's the way it

RE: what are doing here married men?

And all married men were so loyal and trustworthy before the internet came along...roll eyes

RE: One Day At A Time

Hmm. I've been in existence for roughly 19,000 days.

And now ya tell me!uh oh

RE: At least I can laugh at it

Well done mate. This is a change from the usual boring whines we get from people who are in your predicament.

You're probably not doing much wrong. I don't know about others but I don't take much notice of mail from people I know nothing off.

I reckon most success stories here are from those who participate in the blogs and forums. Get yourself known.... and the fact you can string a few sentences together that make sense holds ya in good stead.cheers

RE: To you my dear and forgive my mistake.

roll eyes

Boy... are you in a pickle.

First ya sent her running....

and now ya forgot what country she comes from.uh oh

Good luck.

RE: WX: The Vanishing Shaolin Monasteries & the Monks

Hi Jan. This brings back memories of a Shaolin monk, Kwai Chang Caine, who smashed up half the bad guys in America's old west in the 70's. Off course it was only a television series staring David Carradine but it made a lot of us aware that these people actually existed.

It's always sad to see old traditions wane or die... but I wouldn't say it's Darwin's theory.

I'd call it progress... and we're kinda stuck with

RE: Every Cowman's Nightmare...

Oh well. At least the cows and the bull got a short reprieve. I bet they were in no hurry to go anywhere.laugh

Nice piece of writing

RE: is it just me

Yeah Carol. I'm blowed if I know why they call it Spring..... cos there ain't much in me when I do a spot of gardening after a long cold winter. Sitting on my arse while connecting with singles doesn't help although my right index finger is as fit as a fiddle.

I suppose I'm lucky in that with my metabolism it doesn't take long to get back into shape.

And I never worry about things that I can't control. Besides, my age doesn't stop the 20 somethings in CS throwing themselves at me. I can't keep up with all this fan mail.cheers

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