I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and companion, Fly.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how much money we've got, it's time to let our friends go for their benefit. Dying ain't so bad.

But loss is agony. hug

RE: Dumb Blonde Stereotype

I'll grant you the dark hair and I can be easily manipulated, too. Neither of us have been hit with stupid stick, though. laugh

RE: Dumb Blonde Stereotype

@ Zmountain...

Good point, correlation does not necessarily mean cause.

@ Mimi...

I wonder if the 'blondes have more fun' and 'gentlemen prefer blondes' stereotypes are linked with the 'dumb blonde' stereotype at all? I wonder if lack of intelligence is associated with being more easily controlled, or manipulated in some people's minds. dunno

RE: Dumb Blonde Stereotype

My sister is fair and a genius. I always thought dumb blonde jokes (at least some of them) were funny because they were plainly not true.

You know, I don't think I know any blond men (no 'e' when you're referring to men), but know quite a few blonde women. I wonder if there are more blonde women than men, or if women tend to lighten, or highlight making them more noticeable. dunno

RE: Savant Syndrome (formerly called "Idiot Savant")

I don't know what else to say other than he gets good-naturedly frustrated if there's one letter he can't work out to complete a puzzle (he won't guess, he has to sure, which is a bit of an autistic spectrum thing).

Likewise, his frustration if we tease him that he can't do them in Mandarin. giggle

I wouldn't be surprised if he could do them in Greek, or Cyrillic scripts, given half the chance, though. laugh

RE: High fat lunch

Never mind your arteries, your cooker needs serious surgery with some soap and a scourer! laugh

RE: Savant Syndrome (formerly called "Idiot Savant")

MY dad does crossword puzzles in languages he doesn't speak.

RE: Best people have or love pets?

My dog died a horrible death.

Was I good person when he was alive and am I now a bad person because I don't have a pet?

I guess you're tapping into my bereavement guilt and anger here. Sorry for getting narky, but your OP appears judgemental and inaccurate to me. dunno

RE: my first ever blog is about pretend ice cubes

A blog is somewhere where you dig someone's far out user name. rose


Of course you can't not think of your mum's prognosis as a prognosis. That's an enormous burden for you carry, Leah.

However, I'd say she's asking you to pretend a little; she's asking you to help her live.

Help her live.


RE: Lions will eat anything

I like that one. laugh

RE: To all native english speaking, please advice

Spell check is limited to you getting the word nearly right. It's not always that simple, or useful for people who are dyslexic.

The kind of dyslexia that I have makes it difficult to read large paragraphs. That's why I leave so many gaps.

I don't expect everyone to know what reading and writing is like for me, but to judge my character traits by my visual perception is a little...odd. If someone was long-sighted, would you assume they had certain character, or personality traits because of that? confused

Likewise, messy writers with their messy minds might be extraordinarily creative. Character has depth and complexity.

I do agree however, that poor English written skills in private mail is mostly attributable to scammers.

RE: What is a Racist card

I'm not trying to justify any atrocity, Teddy. I heard a tale, or two from an Israeli ex who was conscripted into the army when he was barely more than a boy and it wasn't pretty.

I'm just trying to understand.

Perhaps the people in Israel and Palestine think they're making a choice between two atrocities, just like people in the West are brainwashed into thinking the war in the East is the lesser of the two evils.

Casting the first stone, and all that jazz.

RE: Thunder thief

I can see how frustrating it is for you not being able to manage and participate in your own blogs because you don't have internet at home.

I also agree with ZMountain that this is primarily a social site, people chat for a variety of reasons, and many a happy couple have got together through this kind of socialising.

Personally, I like to see people chatting and responding to each other's comments; I like to see the topic meander and change. I feel it's my responsibility to bring the various trains of thought together from time to time, forging something greater with other people's input than I'd originally thought of myself.

I wonder if perhaps the forums would be a better medium for you? When you come back to one of your threads it will appear on everyone's homepage when you comment and the responses from others will start all over again. Forum threads don't get buried in the same way that the blogs do.

Personally I find calling people 'celebrities' and 'fans' and talking about 'stealing thunder' a bit disparaging of others. It may make people, good, loving people feel bad about themselves.dunno

Perhaps you could reflect upon what it is about their warmth and friendliness you don't enjoy? Perhaps you feel left out and excluded as it all happens when you're in work? Perhaps you could think about making the comments you want to make anyway regardless of what other people are doing? Perhaps you could join in with the laughter as well? I'm sure you'd be welcome. hug

RE: What is a Racist card

@ Teddy...

How would you regard the medics imprisoned in concentration camps who suffocated new born babies, knowing if they didn't they'd be thrown in the furnaces alive?

@ Lord Fly...

I think the 'racist card' is often used to bully a silence from someone when they say that a behaviour is racially prejudice. We should perhaps hear each other's voices and have the humility to learn.

However, to label someone as 'a racist' negates that person's reason and choice in just the same way as racial prejudice does.

RE: Why do you judge me???

Like yourself, it"ll have to be a vitual drink...I'm doing stuff and I"d be in serious danger of falling off a ladder, or out the window if I so much as sniffed the cork... wine

RE: Why do you judge me???

You don,'t have to justify yourself for having a giggle with ypur friends, Val.

Keep up the good work. You bring joy. hug

RE: I have noticed..


You have heat waves in the middle of winter??? shock

RE: my conditions!

You never see a tortoise complaining it's shell is too tight, do you?

RE: Happenings

And with that, I need to get some sleep.

Nos da, everyone. wave

RE: Happenings

Were you asking me?

Yes, I was taking the piss.

Shame. On. Me. laugh

RE: Happenings

I bet you say that to all the girls, Nam.

RE: Happenings

Your what, Nam...? uh oh

RE: Happenings

We shan't be seeing you for a while then, Pepper.

RE: Happenings

Ye-ah, nice try with that multiplying thing, Major.

Blimey, the lengths people will go to on these dating sites to get laid. doh

RE: Happenings

For goodness sake don't ask Roger for directions. He can't even find the stash, never mind our way home.

Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home...

RE: Happenings

Nam is navigating...? shock

But...but...if we get lost a bloke is genetically programmed not to ask for directions!!!

We're all dooomed! stuck (Image description: small person looking sadly stuck and desperately doooomed!!!)

RE: Happenings

I'm still here, I'm watching everyone's every move and taking notes so I can extort you all in the morning...

RE: Happenings

Hey that's better than Lord Fly, he lost his nerve altogether when me and Pepper turned up. laugh

RE: Happenings

You mean to say you put a pic on a dating site profile of you dressed as a jester, when you could have put one up of you as James Bond? doh

Unless you were dressed up as pu**y Galore, of course. uh oh

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