RE: "Attention Seeking Whore"

You can call me a whore if ya like sugar lips

Now get ya tits out..


I always respond to mail.
Unless its scammerish of course.

RE: We will, we will block you

yay Im so singing it

RE: 100 year old men without shirts

Oh no i dont think your bad at all hug
I would say the same if it where the other way around i assure you.
I dislike fickleness.
Sorry hun. Just my sure others will agree with you xxx

RE: 100 year old men without shirts

Of course she can
To the right set of eyes.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder n all that.

RE: 100 year old men without shirts

Im with Blue.
Nothing wrong with showing some chest area.
Just be thankful its no lower sweets.
And what? being past 35 makes you old?? wow...i need to get my skates on blues

RE: What if his pecker doesn’t work?

thumbs up
Not a very nice blog to be honest.
Have noticed Jode you seem to be hung up over the weight its ageism doubled with weight?sigh

RE: where are the real men

wave Hi Venus...
Im afraid us women can be seen as the same by men!!
Its not about what gender you are but more about the individual.
Sorry to hear youve had a hard time of it. hug

RE: Let's cut to the chase

Oh and btw, you have a beautiful smile teddybear

RE: what was was wrong?

Im not sure hun....
But he seems to have a bit of an issue, i would just ignore wave

RE: New lady

wave Welcome..
What do you deem as stimulating?giggle (im in a nosy mood)

RE: Let's cut to the chase

wave Hi Hun.
Unfortunately the human race is a visual matter how we try to deny it.
It sucks bananas mumbling
The reality of it is, it shouldnt matter but to some it does. Those "some" should not be a concern for you as you are better off without anyway.hug

RE: My LooKs!!

Why do people say "no offence" and then go on to offend? dunno

RE: Is it wrong for me to want the best of both worlds

WOW..And to think i welcomed you on the forums and said there are still meanies about..
I guess i should have looked at your history.
Busy body huh? Wake up call to you...Its public, whatever you post i have a right to respond to.
Deal with it..
see ya

RE: Is it wrong for me to want the best of both worlds are very hostile arent you?
Ill leave you to it..
And thanks ive already commented on the OP's blog, seems to me your just here to stir the crap.
Enjoy wave

RE: Is it wrong for me to want the best of both worlds

Your post!!
Saying it was taken to another blog, and then saying someone showed their true colors?
I am confused over what you are talking about?

RE: Is it wrong for me to want the best of both worlds

dunno what do you mean session?

RE: So alone

blues Oh sweetheart

1stly you are NEVER alone.
Sometimes in life you may feel it but always know there are others who feel exactly the same.
You will find many people who will care..and you will find those who stick their heads in the sand and pretend its not happening. It doesnt mean they dont care, it means they dont know how to deal with the situation xxxx

RE: Is it wrong for me to want the best of both worlds

hug Good for you and your partner to be so in love and have faith in each other and know what you both want!!
I would ignore all the spite because at the end of the day you are being very honest and sincere in what you are looking for.
Good luck to you sweetheartteddybear

Dedicated to those who suffer

teddybear true

Dedicated to those who suffer

@ stephen..It is a very hard thing to battle as it is purely psychological...your body is saying one thing, your mind is telling you another.

@ Swiss teddybear Bless your heart..

I have suffered from a ED for around 15yrs now.
It is much better than say 10 yrs ago but i believe it will be with me for the rest of my life. And although i am fighting it, like most illnesses you get good days and bad ones.

I am not ashamed of my condition, and think more people should be made aware that 1 in 5 people suffer from some form of ED.

Its a battle between life and hate for yourself.

RE: what to do

Oh sweetheart...
I think right now its hard to put it into perspective.
What you need to do is see your solicitor, explain your concerns...and state you have always been willing for him to see his child but under your circumstances.
To start with he can not waltz back into her life and pretend everything is ok.
There needs to be guides to how you go about it.

I believe he has every right to see his child, so you need to work something out that he will agree with?
Maybe a third party involved? family member can take her to see him?
Or an organised meet with you present until she is older?

Dont panic..i know its scary but try to keep your emotions for him out of the situation.

RE: Do all men find porn a need or want to look at?

Hes jesting you...
Hes far more experienced in that line of entertainment than me..
But in all seriousness...i can understand a woman feeling inadequate if her partner watches porn.

But in all honesty it can be good to watch together.....spices up the sex life.

RE: Do all men find porn a need or want to look at?

Nothing wrong with porn...its not just for men yanno wine

RE: Psychic or not?

Oh wow..i love this.
applause I would love to be read...this should prove amusing laugh

RE: FYI: i am bi polar

hug You have my full admiration for your honesty

RE: It's Over

teddybear M, i went through the same thing last year.
I was utterly destroyed.

Chin up babe lips


teddybear whoever this silly cow was your better off without.

Dont be sad...celebrate who you are as a person,lips

RE: hopeing

aww so sorry.
Im hoping for a better year too.
All my love and best wishes teddybear

RE: weird

thanks jester hug

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