It's not just america buddy, here in the Ireland the following is typical:

A woman asking a man:

What do you do? (What's your job)
Do you drive? (What kind of car ya got)

A man such as I, asks a woman as follows:

Any road frontage? (Are you a farmer's daughter and how much land have you)

If she's no land under her feet boy she's no good to me dunno

RE: Ok... im off from this place

Ah missus, don't go...just block the peeps that are sending you unwanted mails, I for one really enjoyed your blogs cheers

RE: YOUR favorite and worst dream?

For the most part I have lucid dreams, needless to say what I choose to dream about daydream

RE: What do you think about islam and muslims

Each to their own, I'm an atheist and find it to be very liberating cheering

RE: America held hostage only 81 more days!!!

Yet another idiotic post from someone that has no knowledge whatsoever about why he is, where he is today.

You're promoting hatred and ignorance towards another religion that differs from yours if any. Have you anything constructive to say? To even try and convince people towards your point of view without coming across as a racist?

Without reference to the "good old days" because I'd imagine thats the only thing you're capable of saying. Typical of a racist to look at the past and never the future.

I Made Tea

Ah I see the homing pigeon made it to the Waterford estate last night Ben, with the ever so important 3 bag message. Eh? Just wondering there, the said pigeon should have been back by now Ben? I hope you didn't cook him again like last time did you?!

I would also like to inform you gentlemen that I purchased some rather racy undergarments for the maid last night after what became a rather perilous expedition to Dunne Stores with the nights sky lit up with many a streak of light as though the Gods themselves were striking the earths sky with swords in anger.

Hence my absense till now, I sought refuge from their wrath in a disused shack, or at least I thought it to be abandoned, but instead I happened upon a beautiful fair maiden who too was seeking shelter from the gods, she had been herding sheep eariler. Needless to say we found a bottle of scotch and spent the night inebriated and making passionate love to each other. drinking

I Made Tea

Jeez, think we dramk all the whickey last night...

*rummages through the cupboards*

Ah yes! A bottle of tequila, I found last week on my voyage during my pirate craze..drinking

I Made Tea

Thank you Billy, Yes I did well in boiling the water, although I will admit it boiled over a wee bit and as such spilt everywhere. I also burned my sleeve on the stove which I omitted from the blog, furthermore when I stubbed my toe on the table I spilled a bag of sugar. In the end I had made a rather big mess, burnt my arm and hurt my foot. It was a disaster really if I'm honest crying and the tea was too weak! blues

I Made Tea

Thank you Ben, for those pearls of wisdom. Alas I shall not be making tea again anytime soon. Although I enjoy the process, it's such a task sometimes, that I feel it's best reserved for common folk such as my maid. I shall however purchase said undergarments for my maid at the store mentioned. I wish you all the best as you set about bringing your estate workers under control and perhaps when enough blood has been spilt we can brew some tea and regale at what fine fellows we are. wine


make take confused I give up crying


@hollyberries, Excellent, top marks make take me out on a date now rolling on the floor laughing


@manroe23 , Sure he never replies to anyone, just copies & paste some random thing every few days, whats the point?

Someday, I'll have power around here and nobody will be allowed talk laugh pointing that's and evil "Mwahahaha" laugh I'm doing, don't be fooled by the happy LOL sigh

RE: life begins anew at 40

It may begin at 40 but it ends at 28?

RE: bananas

Interesting statement buddy.
I question whether you mean "because of this website?"
Surely not though since it's spelt "sight" which leads us to our perception of you. The question posed to me suggests that you, in a rather subliminal manner are asking..."Do you think we can go bananna's from the sight of you"

Adversly, I ponder your logic for asking such a complex question in such a cryptic form and I can only deduce that this is quiet simply a brilliantly minimised blog that touches on a pyschological theory of the state of one's own mind as perceived in third person by others.

The last part of blog states that you're "straight bonkers" it validates that afore mentioned, but is it contagious? I tell you what, I'm going into the kitchen now to put on the kettle and have a cup of Earl Grey while I contemplate the many diverse questions presented to me in this blog. cheers


Also, the fundamental statement that faith creates desire doesn't make any sense. How can an unconceived result which would induce desire be concieved before it's happened? The determination of such results are merely speculative on anyone's part and only in heinsight can such results be adequately percieved.

It's a grievous error on your part, one that makes me feel somewhat egregious at the manner in which you present this blog.

I'm also an arsehole that's just posting this so I can use rather nice words that you'll no doubt have to consult a dictionary on. Happy reading!


Lastly, there's a grammer mistake in the above, come on can find it kiddo! professor


And once more, I have made a spelling mistake with the last post, find it and it's 2/2 for you.


Abovee, I have made a spelling error....find it and I will give you a block of cheese my good man conversing


Correction time... professor


How fate work? How does faith work?

Fate creats Desire Faith creates desire.

Desire creats Behaviour. Desire creates behaviour.

Behaviour creats Action. Behaviour creates action.

Action Creat Results. Action creates results.

Results r Fate. Result or faith.

Firstly, you spelt destiny wrong, and it only gets a capital D.

How fate work? Doesn't make sense, You've spelt fate in the Amercanised way, which is always should be spelt faith.

Creats should be spelt create.

Again, the use of capital's is all wrong, only the first word at the beginning of a sentence gets a capital.

At the end, it is unexceptable to spell or like r.

Study this and don't make these mistakes again in the future.

RE: Be romantic online!

Thank you so much for the advice,
Finally a blog that makes sense.

RE: What it is like to be a freek

It's spelt "freak" professor

RE: my job

yawn sleep

RE: Should i paint..or just do some graphics....

You're getting an addiction to this place...

sigh I wondered in here last May for a gander and haven't being able to leave yet crying blues

RE: Ex's

ahem ahem....

Lizzie, oh Lizzie...
Ya make me feel quiet dizzy,
When I saw you on my screen
I knew love caught me clean!

Really I'm quiet smitten,
Cos I feel like I'm nineteen,
Least I hope it's a given,
Or is it just a pain in my spleen?

I like a nice accent,
But t'is the folks you see,
Their thoughts are like cement
But t'is not a problem for me!

Thanks for the advice 10k
But she likes a good poem
As for Billy, all I can say,
Is kiss my f**kin bum!

uh oh does she like me now? bouquet

RE: Ex's

@10k, good advice, I don't want to appear girly flex

@Billy, smitten so I'am, does strange things I guess, fair enough she's a Brit but I don't mind, just aslong as she drops the accent when I introduce her to my folks, we should be grand laugh smitten

RE: Ex's

@10k, Cheers man, how am I doing so far? I just get so nervous around pretty women.....uh oh .....d'ya think she likes me yet, maybe if I write her a poem??? I'll write her a poem that's what I'll do! writing

RE: be human

Which one am I? conversing

RE: Ex's

Yes I can certainly relate to this kind of thing but only in some ways. They're ex's for a reason, you really shouldn't have any contact with him at all unless he was more mature and could behave in civilized manner which it would seem he can't.

Move on, find someone new that'll make you happy. I know it's a cliche but there really is alot of fish in the sea. Some are awesome too with big eyes, colourful scales and taste great ;)

RE: A joke.

rolling on the floor laughing Normally I have a bag full of jokes with me but I'm being mesmerized by your beauty here....look away alex, you can do this....smitten


yawn sleep

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