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RE: Obamacare nightmare...


You are an absolute scream, thanks for entertainment! Where on earth did you crawl out of???

Perhaps a good idea would be for you to listen and learn for a change, instead of coming out with all these ridiculous comments.... you're letting yourself down pretty badly !!!

Can you explain to me how you are so confident that the next Republican president, (especially since you have no idea who he will be), will be sensible???? ...... and that's just ONE of your blunders!

Think before you write, I would delete that last sentence if I were you, and quickly! You're a complete embarassment!

Perhaps you should try comedy! You've certainly given me a good laugh!!

RE: Another Obama blunder...and counting...LOL..

Could you do any better!!!!

RE: The need for a relationship

Thank you feelinglost!
I will agree with you..... making a meal and sitting down to eat alone is one of the times I wish there was someone there to enjoy it with me......Going to bed at night on your own can also be a lonely time!

All the best, I hope you meet someone special!

RE: The need for a relationship

I've said the same thing....... I would LIKE TO HAVE someone in my life (someone special that is), but I don't necessarily NEED to have someone in my life. There's a big difference!
It is nice to have your own space from time to time, but many things are more enjoyable shared!

RE: hummm...

Just a way of getting attention I suppose and looking for compliments... why else?

No-one can write anybody else's profile, no-body knows you as you know yourself!

RE: True

I like that!! Well, she still gets the bargain, whether she needs it or not! lol


Brilliant blog!
We are in charge of our own happiness, that is not to say that people will try and spoil that happiness from time to time but..... No-one can make us unhappy without our permission!

RE: Life experiences

Good on you Guitarbuilder, you should definitely value those experiences!


I like your blog Piers, and I think you've hit the nail on the head!

Stress is inevitable, misery is optional!

You should be proud you've managed to break the chains of your family trait!

All the best!

RE: is love is neccessary for life partener?

Of course you need love, if you stay together in a partnership without love (I'm not saying it's not possible), but if you don't love one another, sooner or later either one of you will fall in love with someone else!
Just no point at all!

RE: Is it true?

You can't possibly believe all that is written as there are Geminis who are born on different dates, so we are bound to differ............ having said that, I am a Gemini and have a lot of the traits they mention in the sign.

We are mostly free spirits and because many of us are changeable and get bored very quickly, we move on to new things!

It's not that we're insincere or scitsophrenic (not sure how that's spelt), it's simply that we enjoy meeting people and like to keep stimulated and interested at all times.

We love learning new things and can adapt to many situations!

The worst thing for a Gemini, is to become bored, we are better at handling stress and living on the edge!

That's me, I can't speak for the rest!

RE: Death of Bin Laden

Actually I'm tired of hearing his name over and over, don't worry about it, we'll soon know for sure, if he is, I'm sure there'll be retaliation... just hope more innocent people won't suffer due to his murder!!!

RE: Where on earth is Malbarido?

Judging by his comments in a previous blog, I wouldn't be surprised if he had no say in the matter!

RE: why do women want babies?

What a ridiculous question!!! Try another blog please, and something more intelligent, (if that's possible)!!!


Thanks feelinglost, I will do!

RE: Turning 40

Wow, if only I was turning 40 instead of 67.... I'd be celebrating not depressed!

Remember life begins at 40, it's true, I've proved it!

Happy 40th, enjoy but if you carry on the way you did this birthday, chances are you may not reach 50! lol


Yeh feelinglost, Bournemouth is a great place with beautiful beaches. I lived in Parkstone too for a while.
I'm sure it's warmer were you are though!

RE: Do you believe in love at the first sight ?

It happened to me, so YES absolutely!!
The first time I set eyes on my husband I knew he was the one I was going to marry, and he felt the same..... Within 3 months we were engaged and married!

Unfortunately he passed away 5 years later with a heart attack..... I do believe though, I would still have been with him today, had he lived!


You're absolutely right, it does cost nothing to be polite and thank someone if you've received a flower or email, though not all people think the same! That unfortunately is just the way things are.

I think we've all experienced people chatting then disappearing and cutting off contact, if that's the case then they never were interested in the first place.

Don't worry too much, there are all types on these sites, you just need to take the good with the bad..... some time someone special may turn up, never give up!

All the best


Well said! I like that!

RE: making love is better than falling in love.

Unless you've been in love.

RE: making love is better than falling in love.

Don't agree I'm afraid.......... It's not called making love if you're not in love..... It's called having sex....... there's a vast difference.
Having sex is easy and pretty empty most of the time, but making love to someone you're in love with, is something so much deeper and wonderful!

You'll never know of course until you've never been in love!

RE: Looking for a good man and true loves!

To zianeammer.... In an ideal world yes, but not always the case!

Too many temptations out there for men, and women alike.
Would take a very strong man to say no when being tempted!!

RE: Brazilian man seeks new wife.

Fantastic answer from the candidate (the snake)...... what a great sense of humour!!! ll

RE: What Old People Do For Fun...

All the same things you young people do!!!
You don't stop playing because you're old, you get old if you stop playing!!!

RE: Strange Dates

Well, strange is definitely the word!!

10 out of 10 for being different though, you're probably the only man ever to do that... makes you quite unique really! lol

One thing is for sure, your girlfriend really cares a lot about you. Actually I find it quite interesting looking at old gravestones and trying to make out what's written on them, some are so ancient and weather beaten, you can hardly make them out........ Still, on a date, I think I'd draw the line there! lol

RE: Finding Happiness

Thanks for a beautiful blog liebling!!

Everyone goes through tough times at some time in their lives, but if we have faith and hand our burdens over completely to the Lord, although the situation may not change straight away, he somehow seems to lift the burden from us and help us get through these times in a way we would not have normally been able to do without breaking down completely!

It has worked so many times for me!

RE: Golden Quotes

Really sorry to hear about your dogs, it certainly wasn't a good day for you at all!

Love your quotes!

Here are a few more of my favourites:

The only thing you can control in life, is your attitude!

Growing old is Mandatory, growing up is optional!

Life is 10% what you make it, and 90% how you take it!

Stress is inevitable, misery is optional!

You don't stop living because you're old, you get old when you stop living.

RE: Oh no!

Agreed particolor, it's great talking to people from different parts of the world!

RE: wedding

Yes you're right Makis, it is a big subject and big discussion, and we're both entitled to our own opinion, there's nothing wrong with that!

Just to clear something up, I didn't imply that you hadn't helped homeless people, I asked you whether you'd ever spent a night on the street with a homeless person!

I have no way of knowing what you do and don't do, as I have never met you, so am not in a position to judge you!


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