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RE: gender equality

Yes Carol the hope2meetuguy is gross and he just loves to spread his misery on any female in the blogs..
This site seems to be full of old men who fantasize meeting hot women, players, psycos, nutjobs, scammers, ect..

It was nice talking to you and lindz, you two are ok, but Im done with this site and the bs from trolls, nutjobs and other sickos.. I have a better life offline and dont need to waste it entertaining sick nutjob guys like that who are so nasty and miserable that they want to drag others down who dont agree with them or for entertainment, because they are a psyco nutjob. thumbs down

RE: * Make-up on a woman

Hi Jim..Im just posting one last post on your blog to say I'm done with this site.. I'm tired of trolls following me onto blogs and making psyco nasty comments towards me if I dont agree with whatever psyco babble they say or if they are old enough to be someones grandfather and want a woman 18 even though the guy looks like tales from the crypt.

I'm also sick and tired of wasting my time with the negativity, in the blogs, abuse and other sordid sick garbage that lately for the past couple of months has just gotten worse made by trolls or others and i am just plain sick people who like to spread their misery on here..

I talked to you and morgen on the phone, so you two were sort of friends, but I just dont have the time for the other stuff thats happened on the blogs and its just dragged me down to the point where I feel my work and other more important things are better to focus on..wave

RE: * Make-up on a woman

wave Hi Summer.. How've you been? I hope things are going well for you..

RE: Read carefully before making judgement

hi cardio.. well if he was a "nice" guy he wouldnt have played you and hurt you.

a really nice guy would be a gentleman and not invite you to his home to get sex AND he would tell you before meeting you that he isnt ready for a relationship.

next time get to know a guy better and make him date you for awhile..dont give your feelings too soon to a guy and if you give sex to a man who doesnt love you, your taking the chance he might use you and either dump you or string you along for awhile untill he gets bored and moves on.

RE: Read carefully before making judgement

hmm, sound like you met the same german player i met..
was he 6 feet tall and blonde blue eyed?

RE: * Make-up on a woman

oh forgot to add, the claudia shiffer that you like to say is hot also uses makeup..mostly natural makeup but she also uses more sometimes than that.

well, anyways, im at the point where i dont want to post in the blogs anymore or even be on this site.. i cant seem to go on any blog where there isnt some negativity or something to bring me down..

i think i will let the trolls and nasty people just eat each other up..if i wanted to take abuse, i could go to a biker bar and let some greasy thug beat up on me..

i have better things to do than come in here and deal with this.

RE: * Make-up on a woman

na the last ones lips are obviously much more spread across her face in the no makeup and posing wont change that at all.. there has been alot of plastic surgery done on that one.

her face is also thinner in the last photo too.. losing weight can also change your face.

RE: * Make-up on a woman

yes she does but the makeup artist knew her ears are slightly big and putting her hair behind her ears made her look less attractive.. a big marketing skill he used to promote her before and after photos.

i know you wont want to hear this but, ALL of the models you guys drool over wear at least natural makeup or more.

yes women can be pretty without makeup, but most of us like to use some just for grooming to have more of a polished look.

just like you guys like to shave and get your hair styled..most men do not look handsome when they first wake up in the morning.. lol..especially before a shower most any human isnt usually at their best in looks.

if no one used toothpaste, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, we would all be next to cave man and cave women in appearance.
nothing wrong with good grooming as long as its not over done.

RE: * Make-up on a woman

the last lady, besides her nose being obviously smaller, look at her chin, its smaller and pointy in the makeup photo and no makeup can do that kind of trick, also her mouth appears smaller and fuller.. makeup cant do that either.

she found a damn good plastic surgeon.laugh

RE: * Make-up on a woman

the top lady doesnt look much better even with the makeup..sorry to sound mean but really she needs weight watchers and a nose job.

but notice ALL of the photos they have the ladies hair in the no makeup photos in a very unattractive style and not down covering their ears.. including its obvious most of them didnt have their hair cleaned, conditioned and blow dried in the no makeup photos and that will make anyone look worse, even if they are a so called natural i said, the photos are a definite marketing tool for that makeup artist..

this is how he makes his money.. i know, im in marketing and know all the tricks of that trade in sales.

RE: * Make-up on a woman

oh and the last lady has had to have had cosmetic surgery because the nose is smaller in the other photo and so is her cheekbones are makeup can do that kind of work. lmao

RE: * Make-up on a woman

for example, anjelina jolie wears natural makeup, gwenneth paltow uses it.. pamela anderson is a walking silicone job, lips are blown up with silicone and she wears regular makeup as well as lipstick.. but also if you look at all of these ladies photos, most of them without the makeup is before being showered and hair is dirty and pinned up, as well as not smiling and the light used to photograph is harsh and unflattering.

these are obviously done by a makeup artist as a marketing tool to promote his makeup skills.

not all women make a huge transformation just using some makeup. laugh

RE: * Make-up on a woman

natural makeup is like a light dusting powder to take any shine off your nose and some light earth colors that blend in with your skin tone..when used it looks like she doesnt have any makeup on.

most likely youve met ladies who used it..?

i also like a light perfume and nail polish..just some girly stuff including nylons, but in the summer i usually never wear nylons because after being out on the beach, my legs are lightly tanned and shaved and look more sexy without the nylons on.

girls like to be girls and some men like the frilly things we use or put on..its all a matter of preference.

not to mention, some women makeup does not do any changes for them.. some are so unattractive even if they plastered the stuff on, it wouldnt help..

RE: * Make-up on a woman

to be honest two of the ladies that are in the middle, probably would look pretty without makeup if they had their hair down and were smiling..not to mention a good shampoo and conditioner on their hair.

alot of women wear natural makeup just to give them a polished groomed look..i dont wear lipstick because it can be messy, get on your teeth and if you kiss a guy, he has to wipe it off. lol

most of the time in the summer i wear none or next to none, but like most women i do like to get dressed up once in awhile.

what do you think of natural makeup?

RE: * Make-up on a woman

laugh Jim the last lady looks like shes also had cosmetic surgery to reduce her nose and other features.

no amount of makeup can change the size of a womans nose if it is big..

for me, i always seem to look the same no matter if i wear makeup or not..the only difference is, i just look a little more groomed for a date.

btw, none of those ladies have the tammy fae look though. lol

RE: gender equality

@Lindz.. you can delete any troll comments on your blogs or people who come on here looking to stirr up fights..
i can email you and let you know how to do this..

Seems there must be a Full MOON out tonite cause a few of the troll blog shyte stirrers are coming out..laugh

RE: gender equality

Carol, just ignore the troll who came on here bashing all of us..hes a miserable sod who cannot find a mate if someone bribed them and his mission is to come onto blogs and vent it out on any female who actually wants a man shes "attracted" and who is NOT old enough to be her great grandfather.. laugh

RE: gender equality

your right carol, he is intelligent and hot...he doesnt need to prove his man hood either by dating a little girl.. he seems to be what most women would want..thumbs up

RE: gender equality

I have to say lindz.. you seem to be way more mature in behaviour than that lonelyguy.. puts men like that to shame when a guy half his age is more mature acting..thumbs up

RE: gender equality

I think you and sherwood are right.. my guess if the legal age to marry was 13 the lonely guy would try to find one in asia that age to marry.. makes me sick to think some people in this world take advantage of poor children..

RE: gender equality

laugh Thanks lindz and sherwood.. lol.. i guess i might be a little too straightforward but the mr lonely dude seriously does have issues..laugh

RE: WHY? WHY? WHY?....

Feck off 10k.. im not dumb enough to fall for your bs..
dont comment to me and i wont to you..bye.. thumbs down

RE: WHY? WHY? WHY?....

@FRANK.. Grow up and stop making snide comments about jim.
He isnt bothering you, im very disappointed and wont comment on any blogs you and 10 are on anymore.. get a life !!!thumbs down

RE: WHY? WHY? WHY?....

Sugar, the guy is a jerk and is only looking for sex..
Dont listen to a guy who tells you that man is trying to compliment you.

some men test a womans iq and see how much they can get away with, including if your smart enough to see who a player is and who isnt.

your a pretty girl and my advise would be to not post any photos up showing your body because it attractes the "pervs".. i had some up but deleted them because i would get nasty perverted emails from those type.

hopefully my comment wont offend you.. just trying to help.

RE: gender equality

@MrLONELY.. Obviously mr lonely you have issues and need psyciatric help.. your girlfriend is young enough to be your "grandaughter" and 40 years older is just too icky..

if the age difference between you and here was 20 years age difference it would be more reasonable and would not look so pedofilish, but alot of us just think what your doing is quite sick, and stop posting on other peoples blogs your insane bs, none of us want to read it and if your so happy with your child bride, then why dont you move there and leave other people alone?

RE: Hisssssss

lol mystryr.. thanks for the information, i think austrailia is one country i wont be visiting for a vacation.. lol..
jeesch that little spider is very dangerous. im glad none are in here in michigan.

RE: purity

teddybear your welcome lindz and thank you for the nice comment..

RE: Hisssssss

oh ok. lol.. im glad it isnt venomous.. gardner snakes are ok and arent venomous, those i recognize because we have many of them in michigan.. they keep mice population down and are good for the environment.

RE: some disgusting man

izzie83, follow jimnastics advice on how to delete unwanted comments off of your blogs and "ignore" the nasty men who post sleezy comments on your blog.

if your getting messages to your inbox, it is easy to delete and block them.

its a shame there are perverts who go on these sites, but it seems alot of them do this, especially to asian girls.

sorry to hear your having trouble with them izzie83

RE: purity

Lindz, if you apply for a college grant in a foreign country it might give you a better chance to relocate?

im not sure but i have read blogs by people who have done it.

just a thought anyways.. i would most likely be miserable living in a country where i felt i was hated.

people dont understand that racisim isnt just from whites, there are alot of blacks who hate whites..

i dont hate anyone because of their color, i judge by how they treat me and others, but i also dont bash anyone if they do feel some racisim. i just avoid any conflict with them and i feel if they think this way, maybe they got hurt by someone from another race or something?


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