RE: What you want in life and what you get are two dif

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing i like the word " NONE OF THAT SHIT WORKED " ...
the others are okay with me....except vodka.. peace

good day to you, ms ltd hug

RE: Helloooooooooooooooo!

Hiiiiii, Pink.. oooppss... or shd I call U, Vic or Masaru ??
Ms. Ltd... may I join into ur restaurant ? Not for the rabbit... but only for tea...innocent

RE: Its Saturday night,, I'm bored,, what do you do???

It Sunday here in Jakarta ..

Howdy Ms. Ltd ?? Haii pink...cheering

RE: Why Some Men Have Dogs And Not Wives: Ltd...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing ... I think I know the reason, why my gorgeous neighbor never get married but having so many dogs... doh

RE: Who wants me?

to sooper
I viewed seashell's profile, in her profile she mentioned that the pic isnt her. innocent

Sooner, dont lose hope..

RE: Who wants me?

maybe u should try to send flower/message to ladies here... Good luck to you..grin

RE: A moral tale

Ms Ltd, coffe is fine

RE: A moral tale

let me see.........i choose the hairy one... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I think his name is Chihuahua laugh

RE: A moral tale

AJ : never wants lost his eyes from beauty :D

Ms Ltd : ummm..I'd prefer tea, if u have, please ...

Sis Jed : Naaaahh... busy with a man ? love Can I join grin

RE: A moral tale

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing poor her ..

The enjoyment of Photography.

@ Ms Ltd : i'll try the black & white color not sephia. Sephia is more golden or soft brown isnt it ? Dunno..dunno confused
@ Sis Jedd : whoohooo.... I think ur kids would be great models for me laugh
@ Sis Pink : of course.... u could be my model..but after Sis Jed's kids... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

My boss ...

@ betaeta : well.. that's the last option if the circumstances is not getting better

My boss ...

# jeddah : i never want to join into their conversation. Not even once... All do now is stay away from them.. conversing

The enjoyment of Photography.

hiiii sis jed...hug
joy yup.. trying to get some days off to holiday and practise ..practise .. Definitely enjoy this one.. Might be someday I cud visit u, yaaah... cheering

My boss ...

@ aliyah : she's nice if that guy's not around. We talk like friend. But, she'll like an evil when he comes.. I hope they're getting married a.s.a.p. cool

My boss ...

@ 2kten : hahaha,, im not sure what would i do if u were him laugh
@ musicman : dunno. I just fell unsecure. He just wants to talk until she's finish. That's all,nothing more.

My boss ...

Everytime her man comes to office, he always sits in front of me. My boss didnt tell me directly,but the way she acts is overboard. She wants me to do this,,do that. She wont let her man near me. I always..always ask him to wait in her room or waiting room. But he always says no, he just need a friend to talk while he's waiting for her..

My boss ...

@ flyingdove : im sure ur glad u have male boss
@ pink : in other way, she tought that i'm interested in her man. My gosh, never cross my mind to do that!

My boss ...

# Hamy79...
Hahhaahha, I never think about it .. rolling on the floor laughing Always grumbling and yelling at me if her man comes to office,even I do nothing wrong...I guess..dunno

RE: photos

i didnt give u any comments, but i gave u rate for this primary pic. look funny.. thumbs up

RE: True Color

how do u know with this guy ??? Sounds like a scammer to me.doh I hope u didnt give any single cash to him

RE: The song of giving thanks and feasting.

In my country there is no Thanksgiving. But.. Happy thanksgiving to all...

Aha...I like love giving too.. rolling on the floor laughing

Good evening Pink, Ms Ltd... hug

RE: A song that won't make you cry :)

at least the song doesnt make me sad laugh
awaiting ur metal song..

Good afternoong Jeddah...
Mooorrning Ms. Ltd

teddybear teddybear

RE: Dedicated to mothers :)

nice song...

i remember my mom whose get heart cancer and still fingting with her desease.

Agree with ms LTD... u should up-load happy song cheering

Haaaai Jeddahhh.... teddybear

RE: VIVA Beaujolais Nouveau 2010.

I dont drink beer.. But i just knew that alcohol makes allergic for some people.

RE: Find Your Wings

Nice music...

RE: we are peanut???????????

Morning here, pink.....danceline

i'd prefer soy bean than peanuts... Is it okay ?? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Date...

I wont, because i'm a woman.. But, i'd love to date u if i were a man... cool hug

RE: How passionate you are on Cs !

I just viewed ur profile. And, yes,darling ..!! U are handsome ,, u are the one.. thumbs up rolling on the floor laughing teddybear

RE: Just to put a smile on your face!!!

Well, u wrote this very very specifically rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing ,,

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