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RE: relationship

Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. wink

RE: son or grandpa

I haven't been looking for anyone, really. I just go along day by day and take things as they come. Mostly I am contacted by men who are younger than me, but still older than my oldest son. Age is merely a state of mind, not a number. professor

RE: Lonely

Having friends and family around you doesn't fulfill a deeper need in you. At times I feel lonely when I am never alone. Until we get what we need things will remain the same. sad flower

RE: This online dating is becomming boring.

Although I am here on CS I don't hold onto any hope that I will meet someone here. I just go on living the single life and who knows someone real may surprise us. Either way I am not missing anything. thumbs up

RE: Why does she make everything my fault?

Anytime you ever find yourself in a relationship like this one there is only one thing you can do.........drop it like a bad habit. Stay in and you will get more of the same, but that can even get worse. Don't call her again as another will find your qualities endearing. professor

RE: Tradgity at Connecticut elementary school

We can no longer take for granted that whatever small town we live in is our children will be safe. The worst is that for every person who takes down our lives, there will be someone new to carry on at another school. sad flower

RE: Could you be in a relationship

When you can think way outside the box anything is possible. yay

RE: Could you be in a relationship

Unfortunately people think that "sex" is all that and a bag of potato chips. If all the best qualities exist how could sex be missed? confused


The way I see things is that children are gifts from God. When the parents of these children don't stand up to be the parents they have become, then it's up to people like me to step in and save them from a life of hell. Make the parents suffer and sterilize them. End of problem.

As for homosexuals, they are born to be who they are. It's not some form of life choice they make. Women can be as bad as any of them when it comes to promoting sexuality. I notice how often they wear skirts up to their brains and shirts down to their belly exposing more than just skin.

If sex bothers you turn the channel or turn the t.v. off. If more people were to do this, just maybe there would be less promotion of the things that offend you. cool

RE: Women are thinkers.

I for one is a thinker. I think the men I draw attention to have the misconception that they are slicker than I am. rolling on the floor laughing It's tiresome how they think they are so worth my time. My time is worth far more than they are. applause

RE: I'm thankful for...

Here in America Thanksgiving is a big holiday for family and friends to share. What makes things more special is when families share their time willingly as opposed to having to fulfill a court ordered document over children's time.

It would be a great thing if families spend time together rather than rush through their meal to get out for the Thanksgiving Day early "Black Friday" sales to shop for Christmas. I hope that the retailers desire to make money doesn't replace the spirit of Thanksgiving. grin

RE: a day of sadness

Of course this is just my opinion, but Obama inherited the problems left by George W. Bush. It has taken much of the first 4 years to weed through that and it may take the next 4 years to clean up. Considering that you have a Democratic President and a majority run Republican Congress he will have an uphill battle. I think we would all be worse off if we had Romney as our Republican President with a full Republican Congress. Rather than a landslide we may have some balance. cool

RE: When Legends Die

Although it is sad to read about her passing true legends never die. They live on through history which is passed on for generations to come. sad flower

RE: Did you miss me?

I have been thinking about you lately wondering if things are turning around for you. I'm not living high, my granddaughter and I are still getting by, and there has not been any man in our lives either. You can survive as long as you are not willing to give up. Hang in there! comfort

RE: thriller (a true haunted story)

I live in a house like that with my granddaughter. We are never afraid and just sigh saying, "This house." LOL. We rent and the entertainment is free. grin

RE: remove negative people

Closing that door opens up a door to a much happier life. grin

RE: I am here looking for love

I wouldn't say you are stupid, maybe a glutton for punishment. rolling on the floor laughing Seriously, it's cool that you haven't given up on love. I have not given up on love, but I am not looking for it. grin

RE: And the list goes on...

Oh that is too bad. I still think the way I did when I was 18 as I have reinvented my life many times over. I enjoy being a free spirit. One of the pluses is that I don't have any idea who I would like to be with and money is not in the equation. yay

RE: bad haircut day!

I had a similar experience last January. I had long and out of shape hair. I asked to have it trimmed up and before I knew it the hair dresser had cut it all off. I have that pic posted with my profile and have been told to let it grow back. Trust me I did just that. I hated that I could not do anything with it, but I told her it was alright and still tipped her anyway. I am very careful to specify that I just want the ends trimmed now that it has grown out. I figure that she was having a day and God knows I have had them too. cheers


It's refreshing to read about someone who has not only found love again, but is willing to give it a try. At some point we all have to go through the rough patches to appreciate things, and learn from the experience. All the best wishes to you. wine


I can't speak for the cowboy, cowgirl values, but as a city girl I have those same values. Some say I am a dreamer, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one. I am teaching my granddaughter the same values so it won't become a thing of the past. grin

RE: I will do anything to find my future wife :)

I see that this lovely lady has eluded you once again. May I offer some sound advice? When at first you don't succeed lower your expectations, then see what happens. grin

RE: Real Talk

I believe that men bring different things to the table so it would be difficult to specify what is attractive across the board. grin

RE: Ladies only

Cute? I will give you that much, but it takes more than good looks to get my attention. No need to hide your wallet. That isn't it either. grin

RE: new relationships

I guess I can say that I had been hurt in the past and only time can heal those wounds. If your intentions are true then you can wait for more to develop, but be mindful that there are no guarantees that things will come around. sigh

RE: I'm attracted to a straight woman

Travis, ask and you shall receive. I am a straight woman, older than you in age, but can you keep up with me? Now that is the question. yay

RE: Being a teenager again?

Very well written. I have the wisdom of experience and the heart I possessed when I was still a teen-ager. I have the chance do to things over and not repeat my past mistakes. peace

RE: If we were Satisfied, with what is Obtainable, . .

I had what was obtainable and unfortunately I made some bad choices. Maybe I will meet someone on CS and perhaps not. Either way I am at a good point in my life on my own. grin


LOL. Kudos to you! Reading the truth never gets old and you are ahead of the game with wisdom and youth. yay

RE: the clock Is ticking

I have to wonder if you are waiting for the right woman to find you or have to tried to send emails to anyone? Its all true that what you are looking for in a woman may be what other women want in a man. I suppose I am no exception and I go with the flow, but if an opening is made I will not turn it down.

Years ago I met a guy who said he wanted all the things you are looking for, but as I sat in front of him he never realized that I too wanted the same things. I moved on and for all I know he may not have found what he claimed he wanted. Food for thought. cool

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