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RE: cant someone love me

ohh come on Camel, Swan is a sweety friend :))

but look what we got tonite straight from Poland a new special guest ,

justinoka , round of applause pls

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: cant someone love me

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

it's ok Camel, I'm been fully tested and guaranteed up to 3 women at a time....I told you we need a hand here these girls are so smart and forward ::grin:

@swan , beauty,

lips bouquet

RE: cant someone love me

Btw sweet Swan ,

what's the sea like in doha ? do you have that beautiful coral reef and multicolor fish variety as in the Red sea ?

RE: cant someone love me

You are right dear Swan it's far away for you .Excuse for a sec...

SUNJAN ,gourgeous young lady, would you care to join me and Swan in

Sharm el Sheik for a Scuba diving week ?...well Swan is not coming


rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers comfort

RE: hello

How can you find difficult to find a girl in Amsterdam , they even do the chatting up these days ? pls explain us ...

RE: cant someone love me

My dear Swan,

after checking you out again(always for research and human development purposes) you and I appear to be incompatible signs in the long run,tough very compatible short term lovers.
what about a week together on the hot beach of Sharm el sheik my dear ? besides i love scuba diving in that area ...
cheers hug

RE: cant someone love me

well I check you out a little bit(just for research purposes), you seem ok what's the big deal ?
I'm sure you have no difficulty in finding a good lover...I 'm afraid you are not the right sign for me and a bit too young too ...all the best

RE: why do we have repeated experiences?

It's cos we tend to have patterns of thought and behaviour.And once the habit is established takes to know how to change it .
Thats what NLP teach us.Ever heard ab it ?Google it up That's my specailitybeer

RE: Xperimenting

I find hard to believe that someone who really is looking for a threesome would put their face on an worldwide ad like this ....

am I too skeptical ?

RE: You can't handle the truth...

Somehow agree with the guy above , sometimes the truth has to be sweetened a little bit suit our tastes...and in the end what 's the truth ?grin bouquet

RE: lets try 68

mmhhh I thought was called Bj laugh

Wow Ms pixel put up a pic , not bad at all ...do you mind if i check u out once again ?rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Thats Me

that's a nice ad ,well organized with 2 email addresses,excellent choice of words, I guess satchi & satchi could not do any better; the ideal candidate for my next relocation package
laugh laugh

RE: just a thought!

Hey next is me ....

just a thought ehhhh.........

laugh laugh thumbs up

RE: Charity Strip Show.....

I have not seen it yet , when is it on btw ?

RE: Hello & Great day or evening to one and all !!

Hey Camel , how are you? there's been an awfull lot of hot ladies joining in here lately , pls come back ,we cant handle all of them by ourselves we need your hand, camel toe,well... whatever rolling on the floor laughing cheers

RE: real beauty...

You are always so wise N&E ,

shall we get married one of these days ? No ? Ok ...

laugh wine cheers bouquet

RE: Obama Being Treated for Severe Depression

This blog is simply Pathetic.Should be entitled 'my ridiculous attempts to smear my President while managing only to show my emptiness.thumbs down

RE: I don't do flowery!

hey hughy sis ,

you wanna know something ab her too ?laugh

RE: IF...

What a nice view nice and easy,

yet if we were rich inside with a thick bank a/c would be the ideal

situation in this capitalistic system.Of course if we updated the system I 'd update my view too.


RE: I don't do flowery!

Hello, I liked your photo and would like to know more about you....tongue laugh

RE: Feeling Really Down !

Hey Swan,

take a look a this and you will crack up again :

laugh laugh cheers

RE: pakistani...


RE: How Far Is Too Far?

well actually i remember seeing some Italian restaurants in Italy ...yes...im not so sure anywaylaugh


Hey sis,

could nt really stay longer without you news ,Swan
wave laugh

RE: How Far Is Too Far?

Actually I 'd rather Burger King laugh

RE: The differences between friends and lovers?


definition of friendship and love is a personal , that's why I have not given my own.But if you ask for mine is clear:simple friends dont kiss each other intimately whilst the other 2 categories might do....depends where you wanna go my dear...

RE: The differences between friends and lovers?

Well basically we have 3 categories my dear Daisy :

A)simple friends : share moments of friendship

B)lovers :share moments of love

C)friends with benefit:share moments of sex w/t being really friends or lovers

for anything else just ask

laugh wine

RE: Who!!!!

Andrea , I like you constructive optimism , its contagious laugh handshake gnite

RE: BitterSweet

yawn yawn

really ?rolling on the floor laughing

RE: BitterSweet

I'd say outrageously better,scandalously better,

btw when do you wanna start ?

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