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RE: Pardon.....did I hear it right?

hey guy this girl is too smart,

she does not fall into the traps of sweet tongued skilled sex predators ,cos she 's not a prey ...
come on lets try new techniques with her ....

what do you drink Just ? the usual stuff? here it is

beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery

that's Just to warm up of course
rolling on the floor laughing

RE: to the man out there

just joking joy , dont worry wave

RE: to the man out there


care for some popcorn hug ,sister ?laugh

ps Btw i do play with you, we are just waiting for your man, dear
where's your last blog ?

RE: Wish ME Luck ;)

Btw Swan,

I cant wait to get some update on the marriage front my dear ,

Swan's price where are you ?

laugh wine

RE: to all the man online

Joy ,sorry

what's the question again ?

laugh laugh

ps: I see you are in Bahamas..forget ab the question , I love you alreadyrolling on the floor laughing

RE: Dating Site Dilemma

Mike ,

I was going to ask the same question fgs:

where are all many men women that I meet every day at pubs ,office

and clubs etc etc..?

laugh laugh

RE: Wish ME Luck ;)

hey ALL The Best Swan,

and if you throw a real party count me in .

cheers banana

RE: Here we go again!

Ohh come on Gambling, I'm sure you got that right

laugh laugh

now gotta go my sister Hug is after me and my 4th girlfriend is coming in

grin grin

RE: Here we go again!

Hey young gamblingirl,

4 blogs in 4 hours it's a lot of work for your age , dear

how many lovers do you wanna pile up ?

Btw dont you have a sister say 12-15 years older with the same

generous eyes as yours ?

laugh laugh

RE: Who really wants TRUE love and to find their Soul

You have a point.In this age everything is disposable, and partners make no exception.
Most people dont enter a relationship to make it last or build something like 20 years ago,but to exploit it and when it wears out ,replace it.It's like for their mobile phone,no matter how nice it is after a year , there's always a newer model.
After all nowadays it's so easy to find casual partners and jump from one to another.....what's the point in having 1 soul mate forever if you can have 2 a year ?

RE: When a good self esteem gets you into trouble...

shame we can't see it but I love your 2 big eyes ...

laugh laugh

Ps funny stuffwine

RE: reality

Baby ,

you would love me anyway , would nt you ?

RE: reality

Yeah I feel the woman i'd give my .....would travel the length of the coutry too cos it's worthy it


RE: reality

beck ,

what do you think of that ?

was more a no or a yes , we all know that with women some interpretation work is helpful...

I got the impression, was more a yes nevertheless

laugh laugh

RE: reality

@Beck , my friend

local is better, I's my motto !


I 'm relocating to canada to date you
is it ok ?

RE: reality

popcorn guitar

well at least these 2 girls have faith which nowadays it 's something


Cork is not too far away from you man ...

RE: reality

Hi Baby and welcome on board

let me check your profile out then

laugh laugh

RE: reality

Hughy sister,

do you have any suggestion on that ? laugh


At least put up a nice pic so that Becks can at least make a first evaluations of the risks involved .

laugh popcorn hmmm

RE: reality


RE: updated profile

Hey hugh tongue tongue

laugh laugh

RE: brainrot

and a pic would speed up the french kiss stuff too

RE: Where are the men?

Omg you are so shy that can't load even a pic ? ops ...sorry my girlfriend at the door...
laugh thumbs down

RE: what your opinion about sex before marriage ??

well if you get married when 18 yo there's nothing wrong, if you get married at 40 yo maybe it's best to start having a sex life before it's too late for having one...
what ab if you dont get married at all ?no sex ?




laugh laugh

RE: when a men loves a women

..no wonders why couples break up so easily these days , boy, how can you believe this stuff? I mean even Cinderella was more realistic ?
laugh laugh

RE: Who's Viewed Me

Yeah Gym , I like your point . It's a kind of video game for me too.A little bit more cultural and exciting as it has do to with people adn cultures around the world.Not bad at all in the right doses.

RE: Great Quotes (pt2)

I find so comical that people manage to believe in nearly everything, no matter how absurd it might be ,but dont manage to believe in themselves,in their own judgements,feelings, opinions.
They are so afraid of taking control of their life,of savouring freedom that prefer to be sheeps ....

RE: A message to MUSTY76

Yeah me too Mike , always wanted to drive mad another psychologist, it 's so much fun...

laugh laugh

any diagnosis on first impression ?


RE: my cat bite me:(

well probably your cat is not a good kisser...

laugh laugh

or you smelled like crab and wanted a bit ?

laugh laugh wine

RE: updated profile

That's a smart move , Andy
you keep improving ,that's the right attitude

thumbs up

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