RE: Time to Move On

Thanks to the vaccinated the world is getting back to normal and there's less risk for unvaxers. While the virus is milder now the most vulnerable can still die from it. Sure hope that's not you or someone you love.

Really sad people believe all the conspiracy theories and lies. doh sleep

RE: Gunman Attacks A Quebec Mosque...

Unfortunately all the hate that is going on in the US that is fueled by Trump is also influencing idiots in Canada. In my area for the past few months white supremacy flyers have been going around. People area fighing back with marches and protests as that kind of shite doesn't belong here.

Maybe you should hold your thought too? The name Mohamed Khadir is incorrect. His real name is Mohamed Belkhadir and he is a witness. The terrorist is a lone wolf French Canadian.

Judging by your countless negative posts on Muslims you are another one who despises them.

All the hate people spread fuels incidents like this in Quebec!

RE: Extreme Vetting For Refugees

Stats provided by the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank.

From 1975-2015

Number of Americans killed by citizens of the 7 countries banned:

Iraq - 0
Iran - 0
Syria - 0
Yemen - 0
Libya - 0
Somalia - 0
Sudan - 0

Countries not on the list:

Saudi Arabia - 2,369
United Arab Emirates - 314
Egypt - 162

It is interesting to note, countries that have a Trump hotel, building or office aren't on the list.

Including 911, the chance of American killed by foreigner in attack on US soil: 1 in 3.6 million per year.

Chance of American murdered in attack caused by a refugee: 1 in 3.64 billion per year. (1975-2015)

RE: Half of the World's Muslims are inbred due to Generations of Incest

"I was just reading it and it is not intended to offend anyone, it is very interesting......."

This sounds familiar. Always pretending you're not trying to be offensive in order to hide your racist views that you have been spouting for years now.

You should have been banned permanently.

RE: Trump lies again

It is incredible he made a such a stink about it instead of ignoring it and deal with more important issues! Just crazy.

RE: Trump lies again

We have all seen the differences of the amount of people when looking towards the Capital building. In the 2nd pic of this link it also shows a closer look at the difference looking from the building.

It's hilarious they won't admit they didn't have the best turn out and instead lie about it. What else will they lie about when they lie about something so trivial?

RE: Female athletes 2016

OK, well you're the expert on this matter. What do I know. laugh

RE: Female athletes 2016

The women are wearing sports bras. They compress the breasts against the chest to restrict movement which gives the appearance of small breasts.

See the difference at 4:25 (warning: chick swears like a trucker!)

RE: Ice Skating

You're welcome!

RE: Fake or natural?

RE: Fake or natural?

RE: Ice Skating

RE: OK Men - Here is ur chance to prove me wrong !

Snooks you have a bad idea of men and women also.doh

Having a shitty attitude acts like a repellent to the opposite sex. Continue having one and you'll always be single. No one wants to put up with negativity all the time. You get what you put out there so if you're a bitter person that's what you're going to attract!

What I don't understand is if someone hates the opposite gender so much because of their bad experiences why do they constantly hate/whine/sulk about it and not seek councelling? Why not try to get over it and let go of the bitterness?doh

RE: Happy Birthday Jam72!!!

To one funny lady! Happy Birthday Jam!wine balloons cake party

hug teddybear bouquet

RE: Boozing and Blogging

Never been drinking while on the blogs. Don't think I'd have patience for it if I was drunk. I was feeling no pain once while at a concert and tried laugh texting someone and it took me forever to type it as I kept trying to correct my mistakes.laugh And later saw what I thought was completely readable wasn't. laugh I'm not good at it.laugh

RE: Beautiful Legacy

@Johnny That's what I liked about Prince too. He stayed in Minnesota where his roots were. Didn't want to be in the spotlight.


Local radio and CNN said he passed from health issues but I see online there are rumours of an OD from gossip websites.. Wait and see I guess.

RE: Beautiful Legacy

I think we should wait for the autopsy result before making a judgement.

A couple weeks ago he cancelled one or two concerts in Atlanta and said he had the flu. He played there last week and apologized saying he had been 'under the weather'.

He was a Jehovah Witness and vegetarian. Sounds like he was trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully the autopsy will reflect that and not show drugs.


@Wolfie Typical rockstar rumour. First time I've heard it could be drugs. All day I've been hearing it was the flu.


@Calm I heard he had the flu. They made an emergency landing last Fri in Illinois. He was very dehydrated, treated and sent home. On Sat he was seen going for a bike ride and later that night put on a dance party at Paisley Park and made a brief performance. Now he's gone......

The radio said he had the flu and whooping pneumonia. He also had a hip injury and was spotted with a cane in Mar. and looked frail. Recently as you said he was at the pharmacy a few times.

Will be interesting to see what the autopsy says. I wonder if he had an underlying condition. I read he had epilepsy as a child.

It is shocking all these musicians I grew up with are passing away and they're not even that old!


@Loulou He was a unique artist for sure. Could do rock, soul, r&b, funk, pop. Also unique was the way he dressed which he didn't care what people thought.

I also liked how he fought the record companies. I remember when he wrote SLAVE on his face. Back then people thought he was out for money but it was the record companies that were. They owned him and even his name which pissed him off as his mother gave him his name. It was only 2 years ago he finally won the rights to his music and control of his own brand. Because of him artists have more control now over their music.

He was quite a humanitarian/activist apparently but he kept it hush hush as he didn't want the recognition.

When I think of him I think of his first single When Doves Cry, when the door creaks open and it shows the pigeons flying around with him in the distance in the bathtub! What an intro!


35 albums in 39 years. wow


I can't believe how many artists we've lost in the last 6 months!

So shocked to hear this today. I only liked his early stuff.

There's no doubt he was a talented musician whether you liked his style or not. Just listen to him play guitar! I heard his concerts were phenomenal.

My faves were Let's Go Crazy, Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry, Purple Rain and Kiss.

Fitting song for today:

Let's Go Crazy

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life

Electric word life
It means forever and that's a mighty long time
But I'm here to tell you
There's something else
The after world

A world of never ending happiness
You can always see the sun, day or night

So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills
You know the one, Dr. Everything'll Be Alright
Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
Ask him how much of your mind, baby

'Cause in this life
Things are much harder than in the after world
In this life
You're on your own

And if the elevator tries to bring you down
Go crazy, punch a higher floor..........

(Best Intro ever!)

RIP Prince sad flower

RE: What To Expect When One Is "Menopausing" ?


I'm not talking just about this blog but also other blogs I've read and else where on the net.

I cannot dismiss women's personal experiences here. For some women sex drive does decline during menopause, for some it increases. If it does decline women can get help for it.

I don't think anyone here said their sex drive after menopause is like that of a 30 year old or that they were hot in bed.dunno wink

It is OK, if Ken has a problem with my comment he'll let me know.wink

RE: What To Expect When One Is "Menopausing" ?

This woman is 80 now. She's very vibrant, full of life and loves sex. She dates 3x a week usually men under 35, one as young as 18! laugh They love her zest for life. I've seen her on a couple docs, she's hilarious.

Wish there were more people like her with a positive outlook on life instead of basically saying women are all washed up and ugly after a certain age. WTF!jaw drop roll eyes

Hope it's not too traumatizing for someroll eyes

Go Hattie!laugh

Wish the interview didn't cut off at the end!

RE: What To Expect When One Is "Menopausing" ?

I cannot believe a lot of men and some women (surprisingly) talk down about older women like they're a waste of space and aren't useful anymore. Like they are sexually dead once they reach a certain age. Women constantly hear this shit all the time. Why is it necessary to say such shite? To make yourselves feel better?roll eyes

RE: What To Expect When One Is "Menopausing" ?

@Jam Awww it is you!hug

Yes, vitamin D is huge for cancer to!

How's the 6' heels? laughwink Apparently after a certain age people think we should put them away?roll eyeslaugh

Nice to see you again. Hope you are well!bouquet

RE: What To Expect When One Is "Menopausing" ?


My Nana landed in the hospital she was so unwell from menopause but most women I know got through it fine but was a pain at times dealing with symptoms.

I hope not to suffer through it the way some women have (and some menlaugh My way to deal with it is to prepare for it. I'm already taking a natural supplement to keep my hormones balanced to prevent problems so when the time comes I hope to get through it fine or at least have it minimized. Important also is diet, exercise and positive outlook.

It's a shame your friend who's a woman writes other women off like that!sigh

Most people are low in magnesium. Magnesium and Vit. D help absorb calcium. If taking a calcium supplement make sure you find one with the proper ratio of magnesium/calcium and take K2 with it. K2 helps absorb it into the bones and without it the calcium goes right into your arteries. I take very little calcium as a supplement. I prefer to get it through the diet instead.

RE: ^_^

Great song!smitten

RE: Crooked Wang

Well aren't you special?laugh

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